Help fight the good fight against my Haida Gwaii garden slugs and other vegetable eating pests by any means necessary, BC, Canada

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    and so children, here goes the long winded weirdo who has too much time on his hands it seems whenever writing profiles!

    On top of appreciating good honest communication, i'm a poet, a freak, a non-conformist, a long with being a fine woodworker and carpenter. I have, while i'm alive, an amazing piece of rural property on the Sangan river in northern Haida Gwaii, 100 meters from Naikoon provincial park.

    I have the beginnings of a beautiful organic garden nestled amongst some old growth cedars, and oh let me tell you, that among all the beauty there is always tons to do! lots of general landscaping and forest-sculpting, garden chores, mulch making, wood stacking, and as i also always have some sort of building project on the go i often need the use of some helping hands with the building scene. if you like to sweat or stay busy i will come up with something.

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    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

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    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    one thing you'll learn about around here is more about yourself. I really don't do so good with small talk, so be prepared to leave it at the door. it's a remote style bush life, so you're going to learn how to eat with dirty hands and learn that working in the rain is often better done without rain gear. some may think that such things aren't culture, and if that's you then all I have to say is you haven't tried to live in a situation where the only thing that matters is the culture of survival. yes, i'm being dramatic. think tinsel in my toes and mascara on my long sexy eyelashes. yeah, your going to be jealous of my eyelases. and my dear god please don't worry about being an oddball either. generally most people who come travelling through here are. certainly those who live here defineitely are. so don't worry if you're at a spiritually destitute crossroads in your life, needing to find the edge of the world(that's what we call it here) where you want to contemplate the the option of jumping off. all i ask is that you not be a thief or a jabba the hut slob, cuz then there's going to be big problems between you and I. and I'll tell ya, the dog is not going to like that either. i'm not saying i'm going to crucify your problems like I do mine, but I may just ask some questions that even your mother won't. maybe.

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    I am a self employed tradesperson (if you would like to see my creations [ it's a really big part of who i am], and because i can't insert a link directly to my website, you'll have to ask me for it and i will send the link to you via a personal message.

    and so why am i a workaway host? well, life's been good to me(i say that on all of the good days and yet still know it on the bad), and i have met many people through the years on travels of my own, people who provided good space and good experience, and now I'm at the point I can offer a way for others too to travel cheaply and integrally, fostering the opportunity for all parties involved to benefit, you get experience and i get help. I'll be the first to say that I don't have a resort here folks, there's some hard work sometimes, i'm carving my paradise out of some bush, but alas, there is a hammock, a fire heated bathtub by the river, and many other ways to enjoy life when the day is done, things to say thanks for getting the help for the stuff done that i always don't have the time for myself.

    this workaway thing should be a great give/take relationship when it works. but sometimes it doesn't, and so i'm about to mention some things that i have discovered don't work for me, the golly gee gosh darn cracker jack part that i feel just needs to be said. my polite go aways I suppose to those who know they can be flaky. I have said already that i appreciate good communication; my time is valuable, it disappears so fast, and I like that to be respected and am only saying all of this because it seems like I have to. I'm hinting at all you regular no shows out there, as i am a real small operation and these things impact me a great deal. this is for those who say you're coming on a certain date and time and i sit around at home to meet you and you dont show nor do i ever hear from you, the folk whom i contact the day before you're supposed to get here to check in, and then hear that you're not coming because you are still three provinces away!!! how many times i've heard people say that their car broke down three weeks ago and they're still in the US and somehow just didn't feel like calling. i will leave a no show review. Haida gwaii is remote folks, i'll say that now so that you know this and so you won't have to tell me that you didn't realize how far away it is from vancouver. All of this also shows respect for your fellow travelers who I have to turn away for what was/is your word. go ahead please, do send out as many emails to as many hosts as you want, i really don't care about that, go shop around, just don't commit to a time period and then flake out on me please. If ever you want to just ask me for my phone number i'll gladly provide it so we can have a good old fashioned chat (not text message) before hand. Either my non-manly crackly hick accented voice will push you over the fence or invite you to climb down and have a beer. I like wheat ales btw. those flemish folks over in belgium know how to make beer i gotta say.

    my place I should also say is not designed for one night drop by's, but for people who want to get a sense of community and place and the people who live there, and why they live here. if you want someplace for a night or two i'll recommend some great free nearby camping spots. that means i prefer longer term stays, but don't expect a commitment over a week or a week and a half or so, as i know that either of us may just not 'feel it', i mean that just happens sometimes, i get it, but you'd be amazed of what you can accomplish when you're willing to vocalize your needs. Life only works when you're willing to make it work. when that happens, and timing of course, I don't mind folks staying for a month. I certainly don't get many applicants with a profile as long winded as this one I know, but that's kind of on purpose if you at all can understand where i'm coming from. what is that old proverb, something like, 'it's about quality, not quantity'?

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    Spanish certainly interests me. An injury really shut me down for a while and I got into learning, and since December 2021 have an unbroken daily practice streak.

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    well, there's a rustic 'mushroom shack' . yes, wild mushroom pickers will know what i mean. it's got a wood stove. running water and hydro, set in the forest, and until i had the bus it's where I spent a few of my summers. such a great time, but definitely for the late spring to early fall months. I also have a small Dutchman travel camper trailer which provides a self contained area especially when it's colder. it too has running water and cooking facilities and heat.

    or you can bring your tent in the summer or camper can and use either space as a bunker. i'm not saying this is a fangbanger drive-in, and to come in the hordes, i'm just saying i'll try to be accommodating and that if you tell me not to ask certain kinds of questions i won't. i WILL NOT entice you to talk about your chakras, but will allow you the time and space to explore them. This is to say that your living area cannot be seen from my area. Different parts of the forest kids, as i like my personal space too.

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    5 minute walk from the beach, where there is surfing and clamming and crabbing. have bikes, canoe, kayaks. also fishing rods for the river that runs through the back yard. have a few extra wetsuits and gear for surfing, but you'd have to be around my size.
    My Blue Heeler pup's name is Heidi. she will always be more important to me than i am to myself.
    please don't be too normal, and don't expect normal. i really don't like normal nice fit in the box boring and vapid cesspools for souls. i'm not saying i'm an old soul, or even a special one, it's just that i like to be around people who i know are trying to be their own individuals. Take a good ribbing, give a good ribbing. Let's cook together, let's do the dishes together, you're not my babysitter and i'm bloody well not yours. I do not keep crystal meth on premise and in fact I have never even seen crystal meth. So don't bring any. That said i will address the dope issue. Yes marijuana is legal in Canada, i'm not a smoker, don't at all mind if you do, but would prefer you do it during non-work hours.

    and yes of course I can be accommodating with some people's dietary needs, but the raw food religious vegan celiac on a Paleiadian galactic prana cleanse can bring their own sprouted kosher space food please. I like seafood and any other things i can collect and kill(shoot, dig, trap, scoop, grab, and strangle) myself. you will see sometimes some protein on my plate, but it's your choice whether it goes on yours. if that means you need to cook your own meal on those nights so be it.

    lastly if you think most of this profile is all 'serious', i think it could be said that we share different senses of humor. but it could be good for ya. and vice versa. I personally like a little challenge.

    my last notes: you really should have a peek at my website, as things may really start to make sense....

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