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Help restore our family house surrounded by nature, dogs, horses and beautiful beaches on the island of Mallorca, Spain

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  • Description


    ⚠️📢 We need help as soon as possible during the month of February, all messages will be answered on the same day. We have an updated profile and the whole family is vaccinated against covid. Keep in mind that we receive dozens of messages a day and ONLY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY READ OUR PROFILE HAVE MORE CHANCES OF BEING CONSIDERED.

    Hello, our names are: Francisca, age 73, grandmother and retired, (speaks Spanish); Maria, age 53, daughter and policeman, (speaks Spanish); Nadina, age 23, granddaughter and photographer, (speaks Spanish and English); and her boyfriend, Miquel Àngel, age 24, physiotherapist and triathlon lover, (speaks Spanish and English); three generations of the same family. We decided to join Workaway the day we realised that material possessions don't bring happiness if you don't have someone to share them with.

    Our roots are in Mallorca, an island located in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands in Spain. We live in an 18th century house with more than 90,000 square metres of land and is located five kilometres away from the village of Porreres, situated in the heart of Mallorca. It is a charming village of only 5.000 inhabitants, full of life. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon young people meet in the village square until the early hours of the morning to enjoy music, friends and drinks. In our village it is typical to make wine, apricot jams, ceramics and much more. You will love it!

    Our house is surrounded by forests, wonderful mountain bike routes, ancient holm oaks, fruit trees, wildlife and vineyards. We are also very close to wonderful beaches with crystal clear water and white sand. In summer we usually go fishing by boat or go kayaking.

    The island of Mallorca is an extremely safe place for anyone who travels alone or accompanied, it is also an economical place to live. In the village it is still usual to leave some houses with their doors open. Being an island many people know each other and there are many relationships between the villages, we also have an incredible gastronomy that of course we would love to show you.

    Our house comes from our ancestors, each generation has been in charge of its construction and restoration, with a lot of effort. Pep, Francisca's husband and great pillar of the whole family (he passed away in 2020), carried out the biggest construction of the house since the 18th century. Pep was born in the Spanish post-war period, a difficult time in which there was a lack of food and money. He worked hard to build more than 13 rooms, stone by stone, with a single goal, share what he had with his friends and family. Now, it is our turn to carry on his legacy, Pep created a unique place, where you can breathe pure serenity and we want to keep it that way.

    We are far away from the pollution, cars or noises of the big cities, here you can hear birds singing every morning and the moonlight illuminates our nights, even your pillow at night sometimes. We have ridden horses during the full moon a few times, it's amazing. We are also in the place on the island where you can see the highest number of stars at night.

    Unfortunately, due to work and health reasons, it is very difficult for us to continue looking after and maintaining the house as we did before. Due to our work schedules, we often cannot have lunch or dinner together, and sometimes Maria, Nadina or Miquel Àngel even have to be away for several days due to business trips.

    It breaks our hearts that the main purpose of the construction of this house is not fulfilled. We want to share it and take care of it.We hope that our house will continue to be the home that has cost us and our ancestors so much effort. We could hire someone to take care of the maintenance of the house, simply by paying and a professional takes care of the job, whatever it is, with no worries. Simple, isn't it? But that's not what we want. That's not what our house was built for. We want to open the windows again, the piano keys to play again, the smell of freshly baked biscuits at midnight, and the fresh air to flow through the corridors again. A smile, a song or a dance to the rhythm of ABBA at 2 a.m. is something you can't pay for with money, that's why we decided to open a profile on workaway.

    Some people are on workaway to set up an online business, others to study remotely and others want to explore the world. Whatever your purposes are, we will try to adapt and help you. You will not have to pay for food or accommodation, it will be an exchange for your help, which will allow us to maintain and restore our home.
    We have three dogs, two baby goats, two horses and a very naughty pony. Sometimes the pony decides to jump over the wall and go for a walk, so we need help in building the Chinese wall, so that our neighbours can have their coffee in peace without having visits from our pony among other things.

    We may need help watering plants or removing leaves and then suddenly another day we need to build a stone wall or fix a fence. Some days the work may be exhaustively hard and other days it may be easier, the work is very variable and unpredictable depending on the time of year or the needs of the moment.

    We will try to give you back all your effort and dedication to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We really care that you are comfortable in our house and that this experience is a positive one for you. We are looking for someone versatile, willing to learn and work, who can adapt to the different jobs in our house and can stay for two weeks or more. It is not essential to have knowledge of Spanish, although it would be preferable for us to be able to understand each other better as María and Francisca do not speak English.

    We would be delighted to welcome you to our home regardless of your gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or language. You can come alone, with your partner or with a travel partner.

    You will have your own private room with private bathroom and shower, also, you will have heating, air conditioning and spectacular views of the mountains and garden. We will provide you with towels and bedsheets. You will also have a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, microwave, oven, freezer and coffee maker among other facilities.

    We can offer you a motorbike (only if you have a driving licence) so that you can visit Mallorca freely and have more independence. We can also offer you a bicycle. The nearest town, which is Porreres, is situated 5 kilometres from our house, which is equivalent to 1 hour walking or 15 minutes by bicycle. However, the island of Mallorca and the village of Porreres are very well connected by bus, so you will have no problem getting around.

    As we have such a large house, we often rent out some rooms in the summer in order to be able to financially maintain the house. We want to make it clear that we are not asking for help for any business activity and that no workaway volunteer will have to attend or provide any service to any guest. As family and hosts of the house, we are the ones in charge of providing our guests with the services they may need. Although large, it is our home and we live in it, as will the workaway volunteers and any guests we may have.

    In addition, whenever our economy allows us, we try to help women victims of forced marriages at an early age, giving them a job so that they can escape from the economic dependence of their husbands and gain experience in the labour field in order to be free. We can proudly say that there are already five women who are now free thanks to our help. They usually come from less developed countries and do not understand English or Spanish. None of them have had access to education.

    We prefer stays of two weeks or more, but the first two weeks are a trial period. Our doors are open for you to stay in our home for as long as you wish, but extending your stay beyond the first two trial weeks will depend on your effort, dedication, collaboration and on the demonstration of your real desire to be here. At the moment, we have had as many volunteers as reviews in our profile. In a year and a half six volunteers have come to our house, trhee of them (Florian, Leonie and Ines) have repeated their volunteering for the second time for almost half a year, all the others have come for 2-3 weeks and ended up extending their stays into months. Although the work can sometimes be hard, we try to give everything we can to make your stay a wonderful experience, however, we are not going to give a paid holiday to anyone for free.

    Finally, we want to clarify that we do not accept drugs, smoking, dirt, disorder or lack of hygiene. If you are not a clean and responsible person by nature this is not your place. We have built our home with a lot of effort and love, so we want it to be extremely cared for by our workawayers.

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Aide avec des éco-projets
    Bricolage et projets de construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aide dans une ferme
    Aide à la maison
    Entretien général
  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    The best thing you will get from our house will be to find yourself. Serenity, calm and adventure is what we can offer you.

    Preparing breakfast in the middle of nature while the sun rises in the morning and the birds start to sing is priceless. In Mallorca the sun rises most days of the year. You will spend hours lying in our garden listening to the birds or reading a book.

    In our house, the outside world disappears. Even if you have a motorbike at your disposal to go out, you will stay here, the calmness that you breathe in our house is hard to find.

    By working with your body, you will get to know your mental and physical capacities. For example, by building a traditional Mallorcan stone wall, you work all your muscles in all positions while playing with the balance and weight of yourself and of the stone you hold in your hands. It is a tetris in which each and every one of the stones has its place, you just have to find it. Although we had never thought of it in this way, a volunteer told us that for her, this work and exercise was very similar to yoga.

    We can share with you our language, our customs or our gastronomy. We can help you improve your pronunciation or correct some Spanish words.

    You will lose the sense of time, you will question why you are here and what will be next. You will stop going on autopilot. We are sure that you will not leave our house indifferent, although it all depends on yourself.

  • Aide


    We would need help 5 days a week from Monday to Friday for 5 hours a day from 8:00 am to 13:00 pm. Weekends and all evenings are free.

    These are the usual hours, although they may vary depending on the hours of sunlight per day, the type of work that needs to be done, our availability or your availability. (Please indicate your availability in your message).

    Willingness to help, initiative and punctuality are very important for us. We don't want or require from you to be a work machine and we don't expect you to know how to do any of the jobs listed. We will explain and teach you everything you don't know. But unfortunately, we cannot afford to keep someone who relies on the law of minimum effort, spends hours doing a 30 minute job, works less than us, stops working when we turn around or does not do the job with love and respect towards our house or to us.

    We recommend you to read these lines carefully and make sure that you really visualise yourself doing any of the jobs mentioned. We try to be as descriptive as possible in our profile, you know what you are coming for and what you are going to find. We don't have to pay for your frustration because of your bad decision to come here, and neither do we want to lose our mental stability by accepting you.

    For that reason, we want to be completely transparent about the possible work that will be done during your stay, what we expect from you and what we can offer you at this moment.

    We always try to have a playful, fun and pleasant working environment for everyone. Therefore, we want to emphasise that building a pleasant environment depends on everyone's cooperation. Therefore, we will not tolerate destructive complaints or criticisms, seeking enmity between colleagues or superiority over other members of the team. If your attitude repeatedly affects the team in a negative way, we will not hesitate to ask you to leave. We don't expect you to be a ray of sunshine 24 hours a day - nobody is - but please don't drag the whole team or your colleague into a negative atmosphere if you are in a bad mood.

    In the interest of a good working and living environment, PLEASE come and talk to us if you have any concerns. We will be open to discuss any concerns you may have, we would prefer to prevent problems rather than have them and we believe that communication is essential. Also, in this house no one is more than anyone else, neither for being a host nor for being a workaway, decisions are made between all of us and respect comes first. Everyone's voice is equal and you will always be listened to when you have an idea, a question, a problem, an insecurity, a doubt, a solution, etc.

    We want to have mutual trust between workaway and host. Being constantly checking if you respect what has been agreed or not is an added work in our lives that we don't have time or energy to assume. Communication and trust is what we are looking for. If one day you are tired, you have your period or you don't feel well, don't worry, there is nothing that a day off won't fix.

    Depending on the job or the situation we are in at the time, you may have to work alone, with other volunteers or with us. If our work schedules allow, we prefer to work together, although this is not always possible. It is more probable that you will work alone or with other volunteers due to our work schedule if your stay is between the months of April and September.

    All of the jobs listed are only guidelines to give you an idea of the level of activity or demand, as it is impossible to list all of the possible jobs that may appear, you will need to be versatile. In fact, not all of the jobs listed are required every day, some only need to be done once a year. There are volunteers who have only nourished furniture and painted doors during their stay, while others have only worked with rocks and cement. As we have said in our description, some days the work can be exhaustively hard and other days it can be very light, the work is very variable and unpredictable depending on the time of the year or the needs of the moment.

    Occasionally some jobs may involve machinery, such as a radial saw for cutting or polishing, a drill, leaf blower, water pressure machine, sander, brush cutter for grass cutting or lawn mower among others. You will not use this machinery if we consider that it is a risk for you, either because of your knowledge, weight or experience. Please indicate in your message whether or not you have experience with machinery, or if you would be able to use some of them.

    In Mallorca, during the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from 5°C to 31°C. Between the months of April and September at midday we will be at temperatures between 20°C and 30 °C. We don't mind the heat any more and continue to work as usual, but bear in mind that if you are not used to it you will have to have a period of adaptation.

    Finally, as we have indicated in our description, our house is over 90,000 square metres. So the jobs listed below are not in normal size, each of these jobs extrapolated to the size of our house can take days or even weeks. An apparently easy job can end up being exhausting and a job that seems to be harder, can be easier, more entertaining and quicker.

    📌𝗣𝗼𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗮𝘀𝗸𝘀:

    - Maintenance of the garden, path and surroundings: mowing lawns; watering plants; clearing fallen leaves and acorns from trees on terraces (may involve using a leaf blower); bringing stones where needed and placing them; cleaning terraces with water pressure machine; throwing away and organising building materials and construction waste; creating new gardens; building large fires to burn branches, furniture or wood that is no longer needed; placing soil where needed; building dry stone walls originally from Mallorca (hard and tiring, but satisfying, it's like playing tetris in real life); planting plants; cleaning and tidying the lake; removing unwanted weeds...

    - Field and forest maintenance: pruning trees and cutting branches to prevent fires (saws or similar cutting tools may be used for this purpose); land clearing; repairing stone walls; removing stones in the middle of the field in order to sow food for the horses; removing weeds, vines or climbing plants...

    - Horse care and stable maintenance: repairing fences; cleaning feces and stables (every day); nourishing harnesses; tidying stables; repairing water tanks, cleaning and filling them (daily); renewing straw (every day); removing and putting blankets on the horses day and night; putting new rolls of hay; showering the horses; going to a sawmill to get wood shavings for the horses' bedding (it is very dusty); tidying and cleaning the outside of the stables and the inside such as the tools stables, gardening stables,...

    - Swimming pool: Removing fallen leaves in the water; cleaning the bottom of the pool with a robot hoover; turning on or off a switch on the motor; cleaning the pool with a high pressure water machine; painting the pool…

    - General maintenance of garages, house and surroundings: repairing damages; painting doors and windows; nourishing furniture or wooden doors; making cement; building or repairing walls, fountains or similar; putting sheets, curtains or similar to be washed, hanging them and ironing them (you don't have to touch anyone's personal clothes); cleaning, sorting and classifying objects in the garage, kitchen or laundry among others…

    - Animal care: Showering the dogs to keep them smelling like roses and clean up their yard ; cleaning the goats' park and feeding them; …

    - Current projects in progress: Creating a horse training arena for our horses as well as building shelters to adopt rescued horses; restoring an old horse trailer; creating a new garden around the training arena; building a car park for our cars; sorting and classifying materials such as wood, tables or metal to throw away or reuse...

    - Optional extra tasks: run after the goats when they run away; make sure Blues doesn't put his white tail in the paint when you paint, try to get Petita (Pep's little boss-like dog) to accept you in our house...

  • Langues

    Langues parlées
    Catalan: Courant
    Espagnol: Courant
    Anglais: Intermédiaire

    Cet hôte propose un échange linguistique
    We can offer help in the pronunciation and correction of Spanish and Catalan without any problem.⁣⁣

  • Hébergement


    We offer food, accommodation and transport (scooter or bicycle) during the 7 days of the week in exchange for help and work. We can accommodate one or two people travelling together.

    For this purpose, we have a totally private double room which has its own bathroom, hot water, heating, air conditioning, wardrobes and television with Netflix. We will provide you towels, bedsheets and blankets; but as each person has different preferences and needs, we do not provide any type of hygiene or personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners or deodorants among others. You will also be able to use a washing machine and clothesline to wash your clothes (we would appreciate, unless it would be an inconvenience for you, if you could set up a washing machine together with other volunteers).

    Just as the whole house, the room is built by us with a lot of effort and with very delicate and limited natural materials from the island. If you are not a responsible, tidy, clean and hygienic person, who is willing to take care of our house, please do not send us a message. Any person who causes damage to the room or our house due to lack of responsibility or cleanliness will be asked to leave.

    Only you will be responsible for cleaning your own room. The cleaning and maintenance of the common areas or kitchen will be everyone's responsibility. Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and it is strictly forbidden to leave any mess or dirt for others.

    We try to maintain a clean and tidy environment, therefore, we have established some rules to follow in order to have a good coexistence. Some of these rules are classic examples of basic human decency that would be unnecessary to mention; but as we all come from different countries and cultures, we do not take anything for granted, so establishing a single system of coexistence will help us all to respect each other. For example, one of these rules is that each person cleans, dries and puts away the utensils they have used for cooking; another is to take turns during the week to mop the floor or throw away the rubbish. If you consistently break the rules, we will ask you to leave, as repeatedly breaking these rules does not show respect for us, your colleagues or our house.

    We provide food such as pasta, meat, fish, bread, cereals, fruit, milk or vegetables among others. We will not provide pre-cooked or processed food such as pizzas, sweets, any kind of alcohol or wine among others. If you want any special food you will have to buy it yourself.

    Unfortunately, we were forced to establish a new rule to avoid wasting food, which is that every volunteer will have to pay 2 euros for every item of food that is wasted. This way, we are all forced to eat first the food that is open or has a close expiry date.

    In case you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant, we will try to adapt to you. But bear in mind that we eat meat, fish and all kinds of vegetables. Spanish culture, and especially Mallorcan culture, eats a lot of meat and fish. But in Mallorca we tend to eat meat from animals that have been raised at home and fish that we catch ourselves from the sea. We believe in a balanced diet, therefore we try not to support in any way the exploitation of animals and the pollution caused by excessive consumption of meat or fish. Even if we eat meat or fish, it comes from animals happily raised in our homes or wild, fed naturally and not with artificial preservatives or fattening food.

    As our lives are very busy, we don't always have lunch or dinner together. We have two kitchens: the first is for Francisca's exclusive use, as for health reasons she has her own food and utensils; the second is for all of us and is fully equipped with a microwave, freezer, fridge, oven, coffee maker, hob and all the necessary utensils.

    Between the months of April and September, the kitchen may be occupied at certain times of the day as we may have to prepare some meals if our guests request them. If this happens, we will give you as much notice as possible so that you can use the kitchen fully before or after.

    Regarding transport, as we do not have time availability to accompany you or pick you up from the places you want to visit, we provide you a scooter or bicycle so you can move freely around Mallorca and have your independence. The scooter has a GPS mobile phone holder.

    The scooter is for the exclusive use of the volunteers and is maintained with the necessary repairs, insurance, oil changes and technical inspections. Due to the fact that the maintenance and deterioration of this vehicle is an additional expense to our pockets, EVERY volunteer who wants to use the scooter during their stay, whether long or short, will have to make a single payment of 30 euros in order to contribute to its maintenance.

    We would like to clarify that you will only be able to use the scooter if you have a driving licence and that by accepting the use of the scooter you are responsible for any possible costs for damages that you may cause to the scooter due to irresponsibility, accident or imprudence. We will provide you the scooter with a full tank of gasoline and you have to return the tank full after each use. Each volunteer has to pay for their own consumption of gasoline.

    We can also provide you with two bicycles which you can use whenever you want to move around.

    Finally, due to our jobs and schedules, we usually have difficulties having a family life. For this reason, our house is divided into different spaces, which each one of us has adapted to our personal lifestyles. Francisca and María have one part of the house, Miquel Àngel and Nadina have another part of the house; the rest of the house is for all of us to share when we wish.

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    🔴 What should you pack in your suitcase?

    - Waterproof boots: Whether it's for rainy days, working in the mud or painting. If you put your precious trainers in the mud they will be ruined on the first day. We highly recommend rubber boots for rainy days. (Essential between October and April).

    - Headlamp. Sometimes we can do activities at night, there can also be a problem with the electricity in the house or sometimes we work when the sun has already gone down or before sunrise and there is not much light. Also, if you want to go out for a walk and it gets dark or you come back late with the bike, you should know that there is no light on the streets or roads to get home. (The HL500 USB V2 model from Decathlon is a must-have, it works super well).

    - Warm clothes. As the house is very big we have problems to keep warm, we recommend you to bring warm clothes to be comfortable. Temperatures inside the house can vary between 13 and 16 degrees with 80% humidity during the winter months. Being an island and surrounded by water means that there is a lot of humidity in the air. Inside the houses it is colder than outside because of the humidity. Bring the warmest and thickest pyjamas you have, don't expect your room to be warm. (Essential between October and April, not necessary in the other months).

    - Clothes you don't mind ruining. You probably have to clean the clothes you work with every day, either because you've got paint on them, mud or dust on them. So we recommend that you bring clothes that you don't mind ruining and that you can wear for work. You will end up wearing your work clothes for two or three days in a row, because of the humidity it takes time for the clothes to dry and we don't have a tumble dryer.

    - Flip-flops or slippers: You will want to relax your feet after having been working, we recommend you bring comfortable shoes to be at home. We recommend silicone or plastic shoes that are easy to clean with water, because outside the house there is mud and dust. (Other volunteers have worn Crocs because of their versatility. They can be worn indoors with thick socks or outdoors on the beach or in the mud.)

    - Gloves: We work with stones, branches, cement, paint, machines or other materials or tools that will make your hands suffer a lot if you don't wear gloves. (It is extremely important that you bring gloves).

    🔴 What can you visit in Mallorca?

    You can visit the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca or Cabrera, with ferries that connect all the islands. They are true Mediterranean paradises. In Mallorca we have from snow in the mountains to spectacular beaches with crystal clear waters.

    There are a multitude of activities available such as fishing, jet skiing, horse riding, hot air balloon rides, excursions in the Tramuntana mountains (a World Heritage Site) and lots of partying for all ages.

    The whole island is connected by bus, from our village you can get to know the whole island by bus. We invite you to discover this marvellous paradise, you won't regret it.

    🔴 Our reviews

    As you can see, the last 3 reviews that our volunteers have done on our profile are not answered yet from our side, this is because they have been so wonderful that we want to do some good reviews for them. Writing a good review takes time and as their workaway profile is their passport, we want our review to really help them have a better chance of getting where they want to go.

    Our volunteers have told us that some hosts have had more volunteers than reviews because too many people haven't left reviews on their profile. This is not our case, we have as many reviews as we volunteers we have had. (We are missing Ines's review, who has just left).

    🔴 Will you be staying with other volunteers?

    At the moment Leonie, a workaway volunteer who has already written a review on our profile, is in our house doing her second volunteer experience and you will meet her during your stay. For us she is part of the family, so she will also help us to choose the next volunteer.

    We would also like to say that Leonie and Ines (our last volunteer) decided to start a project to create a goat park. The project is still ongoing with Ines' orders from a distance (hahaha) we hope you will be excited to be part of it.

    🔴 Volunteers' meeting

    When we started welcoming volunteers in our house, we came up with the idea of creating a private instagram account for us and the volunteers to post on. That way, when someone leaves, they can continue seeing our projects as if it were a reality show through the new volunteers.

    Our idea is that you all get to know each other and organise a meet-up in the future so that we can all reunite again at home. For example, Leonie knows Florian and they didn't even meet. In the end, all of you have chosen us as host for a reason and you all have something in common. Workaway can be wonderful.

    🔴 Do you really want to come?

    To conclude, if you've made it this far, it means you've read our entire profile. Well, first of all we thank you and secondly, you are lucky.

    As we receive dozens and dozens of messages every day, in order to filter out the people who are really interested in coming and have read our profile and the ones who haven't, we have come up with a clever idea. If you have read our profile, include "Pony + your own description" in the subject of your message.

    We would like to mention that we have asked all our volunteers for their feedback on our profile and each one of them has helped us to correct it to make it as accurate to reality as possible.

    We also want to tell you that, although it may take time, your message will be answered. We never leave any message unanswered. Thank you for your time.

  • Informations complémentaires

    Informations complémentaires

    • Accès Internet

    • Accès Internet limité

      Accès Internet limité

    • Nous avons des animaux

    • Nous sommes fumeurs

    • Familles bienvenues

  • Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    You are welcome if you have your own online business, you are a digital nomad or you study online, we have an internet connection throughout the house. We always make sure that the connection is stable and fast for you. We can also offer you a desk and work area in your room. You can work with your partner or alone on the terrace or wherever you want.⁣ It is a tremendously quiet place and you can have a lot of independence in many parts of the house for your concentration or work. We will respect your working space.⁣⁣⁣⁣ We would be grateful if you could tell us in advance, in your message, what your fixed working or study hours are so that we can adapt to you.

  • Espace pour garer des vans

    Espace pour garer des vans

    We can accommodate motorhomes or campers without any problem, we can offer you parking in the middle of the forest and a Wi-Fi connection. We can also offer you the possibility to plug your vehicle to the electricity of the house, give you an extension cable to plug all your electronic devices, connect a hose with water to your vehicle or let you use the bathroom of the house.⁣⁣⁣

  • Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

    Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

    Plus de 2

  • ...

    Nombre d'heures attendues

    Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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