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    Belize, Costa Rica, Mexique

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    A bit about me:

    I have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States for most of my life, and I really love it. One of my favorite things about SLC is the mountains that surround it in which I can ski in the winter and spring and hike in the summer and fall. I also appreciate that I can admire these mountains’ beauty from almost anywhere in the city.
    I love spending long periods of time in wild, undeveloped land, and I also love being in a city learning about human culture.

    I like the idea of living in harmony with the earth and all of its inhabitants. I love being with animals of other species, and am very interested in plants. I am interested in permaculture, sustainability, and creative ways to be a human without harm. I prefer to grow, forage, dumpster dive, or make many of the foods and products I use.

    I like to have fun and go on adventures of all kinds. I like swimming, cycling, hiking, sailing, dancing, joking, laughing, etc.

    I am drawn to creative projects and find myself doodling daily. I also love to paint, sculpt, stitch, photograph, write, play music, sing, dance, and create things in general.

    I have had a couple great workaway experiences in the past few years helping families with their small organic farms. Although each of these farm stays were relatively short (1-2 weeks), they taught me so much about living intentionally, sustainably, and self-sufficiently.
    I volunteered for two weeks on a small, rural family farm in Spain, where I milked goats, harvested vegetables, and made sun-dried tomatoes, among other chores. It was a wonderful, unforgettable experience.
    I also spent a little over one week volunteering with a family in Sweden where I harvested fruit and vegetables, cared for goats, chickens, and rabbits, and did some computer work. I left feeling very inspired.

    I have been studying Spanish on and off since I was 13 and am always looking for opportunities to practice and learn more. I have been wanting to spend more time in Spanish-speaking countries to immerse myself in the language, which is one of the reasons I am hoping to visit Central America this spring.

  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Tenir compagnie à une personne âgée
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Entretien général
    Aider dans une ferme
    Aider à la maison
    S’occuper des animaux
    Accueil / tourisme
    Travail associatif
    Pratique des langues
    Projets artistiques
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    I have a bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Utah. I worked in science labs for several years during my undergrad and beyond, one of which was a plant ecology research lab at my university, and the other a small biotechnology business. In the ecology lab, I learned about rainforest plants and the way they communicate using chemical signals and defend themselves against herbivores, which I found fascinating.
    Recently, I've begun to work more as an artist, drawing portraits, illustrating a book, and developing performance art pieces, among other endeavors.

    Some of my more practical skills include:
    -organic gardening (I have kept a garden at home as well as volunteered in others' gardens. I love growing food)
    -design/sign-making/drawing (I have drawn a few flyers for events)
    -customer service (I have worked as a restaurant host, a barista, and a street portrait artist)
    -basic animal care (I love animals and grew up caring for pets)
    -basic food preparation skills (I make simple, healthy meals for myself almost every day)
    -basic computer skills (I've been using computers most my life)

    I consider myself capable of learning how to do many different miscellaneous things, using my creative powers to solve problems, and adapting well to new situations, so I could likely find some way to help with most projects.

    One skill I would like to acquire is building. I have built basic wood structures like a garden box, but I would appreciate any opportunities to better my building/construction knowledge. I am also interested in expanding my knowledge of permaculture, food forests, and sustainable living in general.

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    English: Courant
    Spanish: Débutant
    French: Débutant

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      I favor a plant-based diet, but I'm flexible