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    Hola y'all! I am in love with and passionate about so many things, where to main focus in life right now is my music production. I am an electronic music artist. I use my music as a means to explore deep themes in humanity like our connection(or current lack of) with the planet, colonialism and how we basically messed everything up for our love of consumption but also a hopeful look to the future and all the beautiful possibilities it might hold for us all.

    5 years ago I set up and currently am still running a community centre and charity in Glasgow, Scotland. We renovated a derelict 5 storey building bringing it back into public use as a free or pay what you feel cafe, cinema, gig space, art and music studios and my other passion - a dream room.

    The Dream Room is a fully immersive light and sound space with padded heated floors - some have nicknamed it the womb room. It was designed to help people relax, play and create - a way to get out your head even for an hour and back into your body and soul. We worked with many disadvantaged groups from across Glasgow.

    During Covid lockdown I decided to relocate to Valencia, Spain as Brexit was looming and if I waited till after 31st December, there would be no more opportunities for me to live full time in Europe. So during the dip in the middle before the second wave came, I moved my life over to the sun and never looked back. Having just got my 5 year residencia, I am so happy to be here in Europe. Now I'd like to explore some of Spain, meet other people and see what incredible projects are happening that I can help with.

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    Art et design
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    Politique/justice sociale
    Dev. personnel
    Événements/vie sociale
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    S’occuper des animaux

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Tenir compagnie à une pers. âgée
    Bricolage et projets de construction

    Je peux apprendre aux autres :  

    Travail associatif
    Projets artistiques
    Pratique des langues
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    Having transformed a derelict building to a 5 storey community space, I have learned a whole lot of skills in the process.

    I have plenty experience in DIY all round - basic carpentry, plumbing, design

    Project management - working with a team, working out a plan, implimentation, designing and working to deadlines

    Volunteer management - 5 years of experience working with various teams of volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

    Events management/promotion - I have organised countless events from cinema screenings to gigs to 3 day music and art festivals - handling all aspects of management from tickets, booking, promotion, tech etc. I have over 10 years experience running events.

    Sound and lighting tech - I am completely self taught but have designed and installed multiple PA's, lighting and projection rigs in multiple venues. I have a wholistic understanding of all things AV and all things shiney shiney!

    Marketing - 5 years experience in marketing including running facebook/insta campaigns, email campaigns, poster and flyer design and distribution and I have even had a few semi viral videos in my time as a musician and political activist

    Health and Safety - I have written up plenty of risk assessments in my time, overseen the installation and design of fire alarm systems, fire extinguisher systems and general H&S for DIY projects as well as events involving the public. I have organised many insurance policies for different purposes too over the years and made sure all is in alignment.

    Non-Profit/Charity set up and management - I have set up 3 different charities to date with intimate knowledge of the different business set up options in the UK. Obviously this will all be different in different countries but I am sure I have some transferable skills if your project is looking for some support in terms of legal business set up.

    Book keeping - I have done bookkeeping for 3 different orgs for 5 years too working with accountants to do end of year returns, monthly reconcilliations and all general accounting for specific funded projects and overall organisations

    Fundraising - I have successfully found funding for multiple projects in the UK with an overall total of over half a million. I have ran crowdfunders as well as applied for more traditional funding routes too.

    Community Engagement - Plenty experience working embedded in a community working with local residents, groups, organisations and official government bodies. I can help with outreach, joined up practice and general comms with other partners

    Musician and digital artist - I have been DJing and creating my own music for over 10 years now with this as my primary focus at present. Enjoying the creative lifestyle massively developing that part of my expression. Wherever I go I will be creating something at some point even if it is as simple as gathering samples or working on whole music tracks. My music has always overlapped with my digital artwork and my political activism too creating multi-facetted wholistic projects with an emphasis on exploring deep themes and healing through sound, dance and meditation.

    Philosophy - I am a Philosophy Grad from University of Glasgow. You certainly don't do philosophy expecting a direct job at the end of it. But I think immersing myself in the world of reflection, being encouraged to look down the cracks of the reality we are presented with - that can give you some good life skills and an open mind for discovery. Thats why I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures and becoming part of diverse open minded communities. For 'Happiness is only real when shared'

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    I am currently learning Spanish as much as I can and love every opportunity to practice. I am basic intermediate level. I have a TEFL in English teaching and have taught English in a few places around South America in my travels before. I would be super happy to teach English too.

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    As a vegan I love cooking and sharing healthy cruelty free food

    I love making music together, jamming, drumming, singing, recording

    I can run music relaxation and meditation sessions

    I love love love stargazing and curiously imagining our place in the universe and who else out there might be trying to gaze back at us

    I can DJ too as well as tech anything needed so can help with any party vibes too

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