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    Hi, there :)

    My name is Alena and I am from Belarus. Yes, that country with the last dictator in Europe and a lot of potato.. Even if you did not hear about this so now you know. :D Anyway, this profile is not about Belarus but about my story. I grew up and lived in Belarus until the day I decided to pack one my suitcase and to move to .. Slovakia, where I currently live.

    When I've made up my mind I did not speak any foreign language, didn't know any person abroad and did not have any savings to secure my living in a foreign country. The country I chose rather by accident than by a long thinking process now became my other home. I prize myself for being brave one day and stepping out of that infamous comfort zone. This changed me a lot, opened up my mind and made me eager for new experience in life. I became addicted to traveling, whether it's visiting different cities and countries or going for long hikes and being lost in nature for days. I learnt how easy it can be to connect with people, how many different customs, perceptions and ideas exist, how big and at the same time how small the world is.

    I found out it makes me so happy when I meet inspiring people who talk or do things with that little spark in their eyes and after all leave a nice and a bit sad plume of memories (because unfortunately we cant keep everyone close forever). I want to know more, bring a part of myself to the world and take a bit from everything. I also tried Couchsurfing and found it a really interesting experience. Now I've discovered Workaway and I am looking forward to see where it can bring me. Browsing the web-page I saw so many smiling, brave and determined people that I cant wait to meet at least some of them. If there is a chance to help I would love to help, if there is a possibility to have a good company, share things and learn together I know that I want to be there.

    My friends know me as a social and funny person. I adore people with a good sense of humor (not forgetting about a pinch of sarcasm). In communication I like being straight and opened about my thoughts or feelings and enjoy the process of sharing ideas. I am glad to discuss everything from weather and movie blockbusters to politics and history. However, sometimes I need a moment with myself, to distance from all the noise and just be alone or with a book. I respect when other person has the same need.

    I am also a very active person and love sport. My life includes hiking, jogging, backpacking, dancing, a looot of walking, biking, snowboarding (just started to learn), volleyball, badminton, squash or ping pong. By other words, any activities I find that I've never tried - I am in!

    At the end, I may look as a small and weak, blond girl but don't be fooled by my appearance ;) I am actually a strong person and I have a ton of energy that I am happy to share with the world.

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    I tried many different things maybe because of this I am not really a professional in anything. But I consider myself so called a fast learner.
    I speak fluently three languages: English, Slovak and Russian (my mother tongue). For few years I am trying to learn Spanish, have a good passive vocabulary however not a lot of practice :(
    I was working as assistant, tour guide, translator and now as a soft skills trainer in a corporate.
    One of my hobbies is drawing and now I am discovering a digital drawing. I can draw your portrait :D I am also used to play piano however I have not touched it already for quite long time.
    I like physical work. I used to help my grandmother with gardening and also was helping around with reconstruction in my flat.
    By other words I like to try all kind of activities but sometimes need a piece of advice to do it properly.

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