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My name is Clive. I am the General Manager for a beautiful Plantation resort located on the bank of a river in South America, Suriname. We offer amazing tours to local and international guests and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere to relax or ......

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Hello, I am Linde (69) living on the eco farm with Waldie(81). Our son Sandy (32) is striving to make us a more or less self sustainable Bed & Breakfast (we can host 14 guest in 6 rooms), 50 km from the capital of Suriname : Paramaribo (one hour ......

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Hello everybody, I'm Brigitte, original from Switzerland. 15 years ago we read the first time about Suriname, about the greenest country of the world with a still forest cover of more then 90%, situated north of Brazil between French Guiana and ......

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We are a very small family (mostly 1 father of 53 and his son of almost 5 years end 2 grandparents) with a small property (6 ha). The plan is to clear 5 hectares of land from grass and afforestation. Then the ground will be leveled. Finally, the ......

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Ours is an eco camping located in the savanna of the region Para in Suriname. We accommodate nature lovers who are looking for some rest, nature and relaxing. It's a family business were every member puts their effort in the camp site and its ......

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Hi. We are Selientje and André. Both we belong to the tribe of the Marroons in the heart of the jungle of Suriname. Our ancestors were slaves who escaped to this place of freedom. As they lived isolated in the tropical Amazon rainforest, some people ......