Helping on a permaculture farm and kayaking, SW of Oslo, Norway



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    Sept 11-30
    otherwise from March 20 again.

    I am Annette, 61 years old and totally permaculture minded. I am a retired psychologist. I also studied medicine and natural medicine. At the age of 39 I moved to Norway, where I worked as a strawberry picker one summer when I was 20.
    Settling down on this small farm after having traveled the world, from the mountains in Ecuador, Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica to Laos, Cambodia, Nepal and Tibet, helping out on a reforestation project for Oerang Oetans in Borneo, etc. I have met many different cultures over many years. And I am interested in meeting you too. Looking forward in having many interesting conversations with you.

    I recently bought a small farm in Kvelde (Larvik municipality) southern Norway to finally do what I dreamed about since I was 6; having a big garden, a permaculture food forest. My small farm is about 120 km southwest of Oslo. Norway being 3.000 km in length and 750 km in width, 120 km from Oslo means close to Oslo.
    The farm is directly at lake Farris, with possibilities for swimming/showering, kayaking, fishing, ice-fishing and maybe even ice scating. The farm has water from the lake. This lake is the drinking water lake for Larvik, and is also sold in mineral water bottles in the shops.

    With the possibility to have solar panels on the garage, my place will most probably be off grid from 2022. But for starters the guest house and guest boat will be off grid; first using portable solar lights and from April 2021 using solar panels.

    Ten nut trees and fruit trees and other greens have last winter been waiting in a temporary place, waiting to be planted on their permanent place from September 15. It would be nice and cosy to have some help with this replanting, probably also swales making... the last mostly to get rid of excess of water, because there is a lot of the property forest on higher grounds around.
    The food forest will have Black Walnuts, Hazelnuts, to Artichock, Pears and Apple trees and a lot of other perannual greens.

    Today there are six free ranging White Sussex chickens, 3 of them young roosters. Next year probably also a dog on the farm.

    Helpers will be sleeping in the guesthouse just 3 meters from the lake (April/May-October), or if you prefer in the guest sailing boat about 20 meters from the lake (April/May-October), or in the guestroom in the main house (during the cold months). A mattress on the floor in the library upstairs can also be a possibility for sleeping inside the house.
    We will cook by turn in the outside kitchen near the boat. Food will be provided.

    The nearest village 'Kvelde' is 8 km away, has 1 small supermarket with post office. You are welcome to use one of my two bicycles to move around, but they need some small repairing first.

    Buss 214 goes from the school in Kvelde to Larvik (or Svarstad, inland):
    Bus timetable KVELDE -- LARVIK:
    No buss on Sundays, only one on Saturdays.
    ! Please arrive on a working day before the last bus to Kvelde leaving Larvik. I will pick you up at Kvelde.

    From Larvik it takes about 1.45 hours by train to Oslo or 1h38m by long distance bus. Several times a day a mini-bus can pick you up at the farm to bring you to Kvelde.
    In my 2 seat pickup truck I can drive one person to Larvik or Sandefjord, preferably in combination with shopping to do. It is that you really need a car in NO, especially living on the country site, but I use diesel as little as possible; one of the permaculture thoughts.

    Since my old house was sold - June 15 - I live here permanently. With the chickens and garden my priority this summer, I think unpacking my stuff will take at least until November.

    I am looking for one person or maybe 2, who can stay between one week and one month. Shorter periods may be possible but probably not longer. If you would like to come, let me know 1 or 2 weeks before, so I have time to prepare and buy materials. You can send me a message request here, I will automatically get noticed.

    Clothes you need is everything from swimwear and shorts, to winter clothes in case of sudden cold weather or you going to walk in high mountains. Mountain shoes, boots against tic or snake bites when walking in high grass, slippers, sneakers, water shoes. I learned though that 'eating one piece of garlic a day, keeps the tics away'. Don't forget your sun glasses! I wear those already in January. And during the summer months you also need a 'thing' to cover your eyes for sleeping, because your room is as light as during the day, also with 3 pairs of curtains on top of each other. Rain gear and rain boots! and lots of warm cloth for autumn.

    Nearby the outside kitchen there is a campfire place with the most beautiful view across the lake. Giving you the possibility to learn to cook on fire, if you want and if allowed by Larvik fire department.

    I am looking forward to interesting conversations with you, around the table or bonfire.

    Welcome to my place!



    The WEATHER today and tomorrow:

    The weather for the next 10 days:

    Roppestad is about 2 kilometers from the farm. It has a small free camping ground with bathroom facilities, a nice 'normal' beach and a nudist beach. A favorite spot for motor cyclists. Beaches in NO are usually rock beaches.


    TRAVELLING around nearby, to and from Oslo or the airports:

    Ryanair is flying on nearby airport TORP, in Sandefjord town, often called Oslo airport. From the airport you can take a free minibus to the nearby Torp train station. From there it is 2 stops to Larvik train station, where you can take bus 214 to Kvelde.
    KLM/Air France is flying on Torp, so you could fly with Air France and change to KLM in Paris or Amsterdam.
    From Oslo airport Gardermoen, near Lillehammer, NE of Oslo, you can take the train to Larvik/Skien. The train will take about 2.5 hours. Then take bus 214 to Kvelde.

    OSLO is about 120 km from here.
    By car about 1.45 hours driving. In Norway you often are not allowed to drive faster then 50 or 70 km/hr, so driving takes time. A good cheap CAR can be rented at Rent-a-wrack in Larvik, near 'Bøkeskogen' bus stop.

    The long distance bus from Larvik highway at 'Ringdalkrysset' bus stop takes 1hr.38m to the center of Oslo. The bus stops here in the middle of nowhere, so you have to walk to the nearest busconnection possibility, probably bus 1 to/from Larvik (Sandefjord).

    When I can combine driving 1 person to the long distance bus on the highway near Sandefjord (70 km, return) with some shopping, you can get join me. Picking up the same, but only if no need for quaranteen, plus driving with open windows for fresh air.

    When you travel farm--Oslo by all the 3 busses (Farriseidet--Kvelde //Kvelde--Larvik //Larvik--Oslo), it will take 3 hours or more, depending on how the busses connect to each other. So when you want to visit Oslo, you travel to it on your free days, stay one or two nights, and come back on day 3.

    Look for busses: Oslo--Kristiansand, they will pass Larvik (and Sandefjord).

    Larvik (Ringdalkrysset) -- Oslo (Oslo Bussterminal):

    Another long distance company, often the cheapest:

    When you just want to visit neighbouring cities like TØNSBERG or Sandefjord, you travel by normal bus, not long distance bus. Maybe you can get student discount on the bus.

    'Kvelde kirke' (the church) is 7.4 km from the farm. This is good to do on bicycle or by foot, along a quiet green road. From the nearest neighbour on the right, you can take a shortcut through the woods to the lake near Kvelde.
    'Nordbyen' is a big shopping center. A bit longer walk, but you can walk from here to the center of Larvik, passing shops - also a Vietnamese food shop - on your way.
    'Larvik bibliotek', just across the Vietnamese food shop, is from where you can walk to the heart of the center or go for a walk in 'Bøkeskogen', a Birch forest with a good restaurant and on friday evenings free jazz music. 'Bøkeskogen' is at the south side of lake Farris. Many people go walking here.
    'Larvik stasjon' is the railway station at Larvik fjord with a beautiful sea view and several restaurants. Some have music during the weekend. A water, tea or coffee will cost you about 40 kr, a beer about 60 kr, wine 80 kr.

    2020, June 26.

    Update Norwegian CORONA rules FOR EU AND EER CITIZENS, and people from outside Europe living here temporarily on a permit/visa:

    You can come to Norway from July 15, NO QUARANTINE needed,
    when you come from a region of:
    - less then 20 new 'corona' illnesses found pr 100.000 citizens in general, during the last 2 weeks before arrival in NO.
    - with less then 0.5 new patients onto the Intensive Care Unit pr 100.000 citizens in general, the last 2 weeks before arrival in NO.
    - less then 5% positive corona tests.

    Every week the Norwegian government will announce which rules count for you when your region does not satisfy the above demands. This can be 10 days quarantine on my farm after arrival in Norway, which is no problem. You will be allowed to walk everywhere, also outside the farm. But you have to keep your distance from me and other people. After arriving on the farm, during these first10 days you can not go shopping or take a bus.
    This is for people coming from Sweden.

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Pratique d’une langue
    Aide avec des éco-projets
    Bricolage et projets de construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aide dans une ferme
    Entretien général

  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    You will be able to learn about permaculture, living off-grid, farm life and smell the Norwegian (and me Dutch/Netherlands) culture. Making rice milk, almond milk. I can help you practice English, Norwegian or Dutch.
    If you are interested I can teach you about medical herbs and making tinctures, to make soap, green shampoo, or even making cheese (with and without the use of milk).
    I hope to learn from you too.
    We could practise Qigong in the open air.
    I have several instruments (bongo, piano, flute, guitar, clarinet, violin) so maybe we can make some music together too, but I myself need notes to play from.

  • Aide


    - Start of building a permaculture food forest on the first meadow. That means digging of swales (maybe renting a tractor if possible to drive up there), making hugel beds along the swales, planting trees - berry bushes - edible plants, replanting small plants seeded, sowing different kinds of beans.
    - Building an outside kitchen, and an inside kitchen in the barn for use during rain. Building an inside chicken/duck coop in one of the garages and close the wall at the end. Building a 4x3 m green house to a wall.
    - Cutting a door opening in the guest house in the lake side wall, and putting a door in. It will be very nice with a terrace between the guest house and the lake too.
    - Building an inside shower in the barn, meaning some plastic water pipe work. With warm water form permaculture pipes on the roof. Installing outside kitchen sink and washing sink with water pipes to it.
    - Painting south wall of the house. Painting the walls inside the guest house. Painting the inside kitchen in the barn.
    - Tiling the indoor shower.
    - Building an outside shower on a top somewhere, with rain water collected in a barrel.
    - Wall papering the guest room and library room in the house.
    - Cut trees which have been cut down into smaller pieces, into fire wood. Maybe some more big trees can be cut too. Remember buying a good travel insurance covering this.
    - Installing solar system for the guest house/boat.
    - Maybe some wood repairing outside on the guest house.
    - Maybe you have some suggestions?

    The food forest, chicken buildings and indoor shower will be prioritized, but I am open to hear from you with what you would like to help. I know a lot has to be done, but not all at once. We will take it day by day. No hurry. On rainy days, we do the inside jobs.

  • Langues parlées

    English: Courant
    Dutch: Courant
    Norwegian: Courant
    German: Intermédiaire
    French: Intermédiaire
    Greek: Débutant
    Spanish: Débutant
    Italian: Débutant

  • Hébergement


    Off-grid Guest house or off-grid Guest boat (standing on the land near the lake), both with solar lights, outdoor kitchen, bucket compost toilet. Showering in the lake until indoor shower project is ready.
    During cold months you can sleep in the house in the guest bed room.

    Now about the PHONE or INTERNET on the farm and in the guesthouse. Your mobile phone will NOT work in the guesthouse, but walking around on the property you can be suddenly lucky to get a lousy signal. One place for an okay signal is on the boat beach, next to the flag mast, outside my kitchen window or near the road.
    This bad mobile signal - causes your mobile to radiate immensely just looking for a signal and emptying your battery quickly - is why I installed an old fashioned phone again. I recommend you to have your mobile phone on FLY MODE the whole day and only switch it too phone mode when you want to call or be called.
    You are welcome to use the houses INTERNET from outside. Strongest signal near the upstairs window on the back side. My satellite internet supplier allows me to upgrade (for extra use), but not to downgrade the amount of GBs later.

    March 2020.

    Call me a CORONA PHOBIC, but I had the last epidemic, the ZIKA VIRUS while travelling in Ecuador. I felt terrible, I could not breathe anymore, maybe only 1 cm in and out, so I felt like someone was strangling me slowly. I was in bed and later laying in a hammock for 2 weeks. I could only walk a few meters, with my head feeling wobbly. Luckily I survived.

    This experience makes that I have decided not to become sick of Covid19 or its mutation Influensa20. I have 2 autoimmune diseases; one is Hypothyroid disease, meaning problems with burning my food for energy. My immune system will attack my o w n body, instead of the Corona virus. This is the reason that I want to keep my house for my self this period, also because the house and its bathroom lacks windows for ventilation. In the future, with corona influensa infection danger gone, I look forward to invite you around my big kitchen table for a good meal, talk and use of the internet inside my house.


    CORONA REGULATIONS IN NORWAY for those who require quarantine:
    The first 10 days should be in QUARANTINE, in your own private accommodation on the farm, using your own toilet. Close contact with other people should be prevented for less then 2 meters distance for more then 15 minutes. No direct physical contact.
    You are not allowed to work with plants to eat directly or within 3 days after harvesting. You are not allowed to harvest. You will get your own personal garden equipment (or other equipment), or you have to clean and air the equipment after using.
    You are allowed to go on a walk, but not allowed to use public transport after arrival.
    For updated information, see The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Health´s pages about the coronavirus and travel advice for t o u r i s t s.

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    Right from the farm you can go kayaking, cycling, rowing or go on a few days hike with camping wild.
    People visiting Norway come to enjoy nature, not so much culture. Musea in Norway are only open a few weeks a year. There are some very nice different kinds of open air concerts in Larvik, Sandefjord and Toensberg during summer. In Larvik there are also indoor concerts, 1 pub with concerts, free use of library.

    The train in Larvik is 30 km (a 30-40 minutes drive) away. The nearest airport Torp in Sandefjord, about 40 km. Toensberg, 50 km, has a Viking festival. To Geilo it takes minimal 7 hours.

    You have the possibility to help 5(x5hrs) days, or 4(x6hrs) days a week and so travel 3 days. Or maybe you want to help 10 days first and so travel 4 days. Many possibilities we can discuss. You are welcome to stay on the farm during your free days, no food provided, unless you help a little for food.

  • Informations complémentaires

    Informations complémentaires

    • Accès Internet

    • Accès Internet limité

      Accès Internet limité

    • Nous avons des animaux

    • Nous sommes fumeurs

    • Familles bienvenues

  • Espace pour garer des vans

    Espace pour garer des vans

    Many places to choose to park your van.

  • Possibilité d'accueillir les animaux

    Possibilité d'accueillir les animaux

    When your dog is used to free ranging chickens, then no problem. Otherwise your dog has to be on a long leach while on the farm, obliged until September 15 in Norway anyway while walking your dog. We can put up a long 'chain' between 2 buildings for the leach to run on. And of course we can try to learn your dog to get used to chickens, so it can go free too.

  • Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

    Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?


  • ...

    Nombre d'heures attendues

    5 hours a day, 5 days a week

The outdoor kitchen and behind you see Amaranth (full of proteins), Green kale, Shetland kale, ...
Free running chickens.
Cooking on fire.
Workawayer bringing the chickens to bed, in their new chicken coop.
Workawayers telling the shower in the lake was great. Water temperature of 22C.
Sunset above the boat beach at August 25.
Getting the kayak out on the water.
The guest house.
Here you can take your 'shower' and have a good swim. The later in the summer, the warmer the water.
The guest house seen from the house.
When nobody else wanted to help with a predator bird, I thought this is my chance.
On a walk along the coast in Larvik. Because of the warm gulfstream the seawater becomes 23C.

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