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    I am originally from Mauritius; a small tropical island in the southwestern Indian Ocean. I'm open-minded, easy-going, a good listener and curious to discover and learn more about different cultures. Above all, i really value honest, truthful and lasting friendships.
    I studied electronics in Denmark for the past few years and i am taking a break to travel and explore Europe. I am eager and motivated to help in different ways to make a positive impact around me.
    After gaining experience as a volunteer at many hosts in several countries, i realised that to get the best possible experience for both volunteer and host, the relationship should be centered around these key aspects; honesty, respect and gratitude.
    I prefer slow travelling as it enables a deeper connection with the local people and learn more about their culture and traditions. I enjoy hanging out with the locals and experience their way of living.
    I am always willing to improve and learn something new. I welcome and appreciate constructive criticism. I enjoy working alone and also as part of a team. I have previous work experiences that i would be happy to put into volunteering. I am particularly interested in getting involved in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and community projects for the betterment of people's lives and also to protect our natural environment.
    I have started a travel blog with advice and stories about my experiences to help other travellers and volunteers:

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    Sports d'aventure
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    Activités en plein air
    Vie en van
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  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Ça m'intéresse :  

    Entretien général
    Projets artistiques

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Tenir compagnie à une pers. âgée
    Aider dans une ferme
    Aider à la maison
    S’occuper des animaux
    Accueil / tourisme
    Travail associatif
    Pratique des langues
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    I have a very strong interest to learn, help and assist with building DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects.
    I speak and write fluent English and French. I can teach these two languages as part of cultural exchange. I also speak Creole which is the native language from my country and some Hindi.
    I have experience as a private tutor in maths for primary and lower secondary education. I can teach based on the school syllabus or assist other teachers in the classroom. I am also very interested in exploring alternative education programs.
    I have worked as a computer repair technician and i can help with IT-related tasks.
    I love pets and i would be happy to take care of them. I have had several pets since i was born; dogs and cats who all lived long and happy lives.
    I feel naturally inclined to get involved in community projects, especially to help the less fortunate among us.

    My volunteering activities while living in Denmark:
    1. I volunteered on a weekly basis at Red Cross, Blue Cross, Salvation Army and Danish Church Crusaders. I worked at their donation centers where i helped to test and repair electronics. The verified products were put on sale in their second-hand shops and profits used to help homeless and poor people, provide food, education to children and also to organize charitable social events.
    2. I helped at a local meditation centre to prepare and organise the venue before big events. I felt motivated to contribute to a peaceful cause aimed at helping the local community.
    3. I managed a friend's apartment which he put on Airbnb while he was travelling for several months. I welcomed new guests arriving regularly. I gave them a tour of the apartment and i provided them with helpful information, such as, interesting places to visit, etc. I was also cleaning the apartment.
    4. I hosted several people from various countries via Couchsurfing, which is a popular website used by travellers. Here is my profile: As a host, i shared my meals and i did my best to make my guests feel comfortable. I would offer to take them around the city to visit some of the tourist areas.
    5. I took care of my friends' pets on many occasions when they went away for several weeks on vacation.

    My volunteering activities while travelling in other European countries:
    1. I worked for 2 months on a self-sustainable and eco-friendly farm in Algarve, Portugal. I helped to design an automated water pump and irrigation system with WiFi configuration. I also learned how to operate a Bobcat to collect and carry stones which were used to build a wall. Additionally, i tutored one of the farmer's children in maths in the evening.
    2. I worked as a painter for about 2 weeks in Tarifa, Spain. I helped to renovate a hostel.
    3. I worked for six weeks at a no-kill dog rescue centre in Pula, Croatia. I helped to take care of abandoned, sick and mistreated dogs. I worked as part of a team whose ultimate goal was to find those animals a loving home through adoption.
    4. I worked for about 2 months in Labin, Croatia. I assisted with restoration of classic Mercedes cars from the 70's which involved electrical and electronic installations alongside mechanics. I also participated in an ecological effort to support self-sustainable way of living via organic food growth, which involved a bit of everything from weeding to building support structures for the plants and general work in the yard, including using the grass cutter machine.
    5. I did house-sitting on several occasions while in Croatia. I was alone for several weeks and in charge of the house as well as garden maintenance and taking care of several pets.
    6. I worked for about 2 months to revive an abandoned property with the goal to turn it into an ecofarm in Hrvatska Kostajnica, Croatia. I participated in various building and repair tasks with a DIY approach. I cared for the farm animals and i also helped in the garden with a focus on permaculture.

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    Anglais: Courant
    Français: Courant
    Hindi: Débutant

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    I can teach English and French. I am interested in learning Danish.

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    I can adapt to almost any diet, so i'm not picky and always curious to try new kinds of food. I enjoy drinking hot tea. In my spare time, i love reading books, magazines and online articles. I like to listen and share personal stories about life and travel experiences. I really enjoy long daily walks in nature to relax, feel peaceful and stay healthy. To capture all the beautiful sights and experiences while travelling, i have taken a keen interest in photography and i also try to make short videos to immortalise the many precious and unforgettable moments.

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      I am lactose-sensitive, so i avoid drinking milk. But cheese and yogurt have low lactose, so these are OK.

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