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    For all my life I have studied or worked inside an office. Now at 29 and after the first 2 years work experience I really feel the need to step aside, travel for a while and take my life in hand. I'm working on two personal projects: spreading Italian language and culture and food coaching (if you are interested, I'll be more than glad to talk more in private)

    I am an aerospace engineer, so pretty experienced with technical stuff, but I have a great deal of communication skills with people.
    What really pushes me in joining Workaway is the possibility to get experience in one (or more) of the main problem of tomorrow: food or energy waste, green energy and economy, water management, sustainable agriculture and farming, teaching.
    Coupling a rentable travelling option with sufficient spare time to develop my projects is just perfect for me at the moment.

    - UPDATES November/December 2021 -
    After a quick stay in deep Spain, in Polán around Toledo, working in a farm, and passing through Toledo and Madrid, I came back to Vejer de la Frontera for some more construction tasks and to meet friends at this wonderful permaculture project.

    - UPDATES October 2021 -
    Discovering Castilla y León. Living in Lerma gave me an amazing opportunity to discover a side of Spain I didn't know much about. My hosts were two artists living off-the-grid in the field, and running an unconventional artistic hotspot. Where freedom is the rule.

    - UPDATES August/September 2021 -
    After a week of vacation with a friend in the Spanish East Coast, I'm back on Workaway, heading to Catalunya.
    I have been hosted for two weeks in Valls, near Tarragona, inside a future cultural and social center (Symbio House), while for the following 4 weeks (up to the end of September) I'll be in the Pyrenees, precisely in Ribes de Freser, exploring the nature of the place.

    - UPDATES July 2021 -
    I was hosted by the Buddhist center Fundación Mahasandi in Abanilla, Murcia province. I didn't come here to find my spirituality (even though I got in touch with Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga and a lot of other interesting topics) but to build a sacred cave! Yes indeed.

    - UPDATES June 2021 -
    Next stop: Vejer de la Frontera. It is a permaculture community who hosted me since they were in need of someone with "construction" knowledge.
    Here there's a large community of people living here with some volunteers like me which makes the atmosphere so nice. Besides this, I already had the chance to visit some wonderful place around here: Cadiz, Tarifa, Parque Doñana, Pueblos Blancos.

    - UPDATES Apri/May 2021 -
    I couldn't freely travel in Italy, so I moved to Spain!

    For the first 6 weeks of my travel I was hosted by Judith in Jete, in her finca. My time here was very interesting and teaching. I had some wonderful working experience, but also a truly intercultural exchange.
    During weekends, I was able to travel around, and I visited: Granada, Córdoba, Malaga, La Alpujarra.

    - UPDATES Winter 2020/21 -
    Covid forced me to come back home in Milan for winter after having spent only 5 days in Puglia last year.
    As soon as situation in Italy eases a little I would love to start where I finished last year, that is to say I would like to arrive in Puglia by mid-April (if situation allows it of course)

    - UPDATES September/October 2020 -
    The travel keeps rolling. I spent most of the month of September in Umbria and by the end of it I moved South in Lazio (Sora). The plan for October is to keep moving further into the South of Italy. After Sora I'll spend 2 weeks close to Napoli and I'll close the month of October in Molise! Looking forward to heading in Puglia for the month of November.

    - UPDATES August 2020 -
    The adventure has started! I'm around Umbria since the 11th of August and, as I'm writing, I'm about to meet my 3rd host of my travel. To be honest, everything is really going great. I'm having some pretty good experience with Workaway hosts, helping them out and learning a lot so far. Looking forward to keep on going!

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    Sports d'équipe
    Dev. durable
    Cuisine et alimentation
  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Ça m'intéresse :  

    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Accueil / tourisme
    Travail associatif

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Tenir compagnie à une pers. âgée
    Aider dans une ferme
    Pratique des langues
    S’occuper des animaux

    Je peux apprendre aux autres :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Entretien général
    Aider à la maison
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    I have studied Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a specialization in Satellites. Shortly, I have a lot of technical and engineering knowledge
    I always describe my core of competences in the ability to understand a system, a machine, a problem and translate that to a physical model.

    I worked as an Airbus subcontractor (in Toulouse, France) for the autopilot of A380 and A350 as an embedded software developer and as a project manager.
    I can count on a good deal of communication skill and interpersonal ability, which has made me a good profile inside my company for a project management position.

    While in Toulouse, as a volunteer, I followed a boy (Abdu, 14) in after-class activities: home-work, orientation and leisure activities.
    I also volunteer as a translator for some no-profit newspapers.
    Concerning my hands on expertise. My father is an experienced furniture fitter, and he taught me a lot about his job.

    I have been travelling for almost a year in total. After gaining relevant experience in what is related to fields, agriculture, breeding and more I definitely discover my passion and a possible future job: construction and carpentry.
    So I mainly build with wood, simple and complex stuffs, items for the field or something for the house. I also have some experience working with masonry.
    If you have some construction things to do, you won't find another workawayer/volunteer who has building experience and is also an engineer. I'm an opportunity worth taking. ;)

    - Experience during the adventure - November/December 2021 -
    In Polán, during my stay at the farm, I learned a lot about crops, hen house, chopping wood with the chainsaw. I also had the chance to do some maintenance jobs: I repaired a tap and built a gate for the vegetable garden, with recycled material.
    Back in Vejer de la Frontera I had the chance to apply all the carpentry knowledge I got from my months of travels in Spain and had the opportunity to create something new.
    Despite the classical maintenance jobs like fixing taps, toilets and so on, I built a wooden outdoor platform, a compost sifter with a sliding drawer, and finally I built a wooden wall for the field kitchen.

    - Experience during the adventure - October 2021 -
    Lerma for me marks the discovery of a new skill: painting. A newly renewed external wall had to be painted. And so I got the opportunity to gain experience in this type of work. It doesn't amaze me, but it's good to learn something new. Besides that, I also had the chance to get back to carpentry. I built anew a door and a window. Very basic ones though (for the animal stall). Still satisfactory!

    - Experience during the adventure - August/September 2021 -
    In my Catalan experience (Valls and Ribes de Freser) I dedicated myself almost entirely to carpentry, woodwork and general house renovation, as well as water and electric installations. I had the chance to set a full kitchen in place and to make some wooden construction while learning how to properly do masonry!

    - Experience during the adventure - July 2021 -
    During my time at the Fundación Mahasandi I got the chance to know more about construction, masonry and carpentry, working alongside some pros. For most of the time, we just dig in the soil to get our cave. So a lot of wheel barrels!
    I also got the chance to build my own stone wall.

    - Experience during the adventure - June 2021 -
    Next stop: Vejer de la Frontera. It is a permaculture community who hosted me since they were in need of someone with "construction" knowledge.
    I confess I like when hosts give me responsibilities only because I'm an "engineer", and they need to do stuff.
    If you're a host and, you're interested in my profile, you should know that I love challenges and find solution instead of asking questions. I don't know everything, but I learn really quickly.
    During my time here, after the usual gardening work (weeding, streaming, ...) I built some supports for some solar panels, so that they stay more flat and anchored to the ground.

    - Experience during the adventure - April/May 2021 -
    During my time in Jete, close to Almuñecar in the south of Spain, I mostly helped in building a tiny wooden house where I eventually moved in. Pretty good experience this one: we had to think about covering the interiors, finishing the facade, building two closets.
    Besides this, I did some fruit picking and I built an exterior wooden stair to access the different ground levels of the fields. Jete is a hilly landscape with fields spread on the hillside.
    In my last week there, I used all my engineering skills to convert an old drill into a wind generator.

    - Experience during winter -
    Back home in Milan this winter I dedicated myself to the creation of a travel blog (Have a look: and also developing one of the two activities with which I plan to sustain economically myself during my trip, that is: teaching italian to foreigners...but in my own way! ;)

    - Experience during the adventure - October/November 2020
    After my experience in Lazio I went to Campania, close to Napoli. Other than spending lots of time in the surroundings of this marvelous area, I helped in a small farm involved in harvesting bio food and sell it to the local market. The experience, other than instructing me by the point of view of land management, pruning and harvesting (the owner of the field is very good and with more than 10 years of experience), taught me a lot about all the process the haversted food need before commercialization (boiling, preservation in vinegar/oil, maintenance of the equipement).

    After Napoli I moved further South in Molise where I was part, for 2 weeks, of the best ecosustainable project I have seen so far. There I learned a lot about pruning, processing apples for making vinegar or juice, settling and managing the vegetable garden, olive harvesting.

    In Puglia, for the last 5 days of my 2020 trip I helped with olive harvesting.

    - Experience during the adventure - September 2020
    I passed my last 2 weeks in Umbria (close to Città di Castello) learning more about gardening, composting, house maintenance and bricolage (I built a wooden table).
    In Lazio I finally gained experience in masonry: smashing with the jackhammer, building and refinish walls.

    - Experience during the adventure - August 2020
    Finally, I can point out some experience that is really interesting to the majority of Workaway hosts. :)
    During these first 4 weeks of travel I learned a lot of stuff concerning gardening, animal care (goat, sheeps, chickens), work inside a vegetable garden, cutting wood, serving guests at a restaurant, how to move inside a restaurant kitchen, house cleaning (I knew this even before of course, but it completes the profile ;) )

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    I play drums, just for fun for the moment.
    I am really passionate in nutrition and fitness, sports (football, basketball and motorsports. NFL&NBA lover)
    I really like reading and travelling as much as possible, but what I'm really passionate about is learning.

    - Update 2020 -
    I'm getting passionate with agriculture and the activities surrounding it and, needless to say, also farming animals.
    Lastly, I love discovery the details about the place I visit, from history, to culture and passion.

    - Update 2021 -
    Ok, it is fair to admit that construction work is really what involves my completely. Wooden construction and carpentry in particular. I'm accumulating quite a good knowledge and experience in that.

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