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    My name is Laura, I am 20 years old and I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. There I am studying psychology, but when I am not in school, I like to do lots of different things. My longest and dearest hobby are scouts. I have been a scout for 12 years and right now I am the leader of our local scouting community. I also guide a group of young scouts. Right now they are about 10 years old and we have so much fun together. Scouting is really important to me not only because of long nights with guitare by the fire, but mostly due to amazing people i get to meet and work with. I have also started training paragliding. I am not very good yet, but occasionally I rise quite high in the sky. Moreover I am a really active person and like to participate in group sports such as volleyball, I like hiking and nature in general (forest is one of my favourite places in the world). I also love theatre and have been going to different theatre houses with my grandmother since I was 6 years old.

    I would like to say that travelling is also one of my hobbies. It is the thing I always look forward to and want to do it as regularly. I love travelling because it is the way to get to know people and different cultures. I would say that people inspire me the most. Getting familiar with different opinions, views on the world, customs and traditions can in my belief enrich a person much differently in more profoundly than any book. I love to hear stories of peoples adventures because they give you ideas and courage to create and carry out your own.

    So I can safely say one of my life goals is to travel the world and experience as much as it has to offer. Otherwise I don't have a clear picture of my purpose in life. My goal is to be happy and to wake up smiling surrounded by people who I love and who love me. :)

    Hi! My name is Viky and I'm a 20 years old student from Slovenia. I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and learning new things, that's why I decided to take a gap year from my studies and travel. I think that our planet is full of beauty that is just waiting to be explored and so I can't wait to do it! Throughout the years, I learned that travel means a lot to me because it gives me freedom of living in the very moment and also breaks the routine of our fast and busy way of living.

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  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    After elementary school I went to gymnasium Bežigrad where I studied for for years. Now I am a psychology student. I have finished first year of the program and I love it very much. This year I am taking a gap year for travelling, but I plan to finish my studies after I return.

    Work Experience
    - birthday party planner: I have organised and planned several birthday parties for children between 5 and 10.

    - food delivery: my job was to deliver food from restaurants to peoples' homes via a bicycle. more specifically i worked for a company called Wolt

    - newspaper house Delo: I have helped stock, print and distribute news papers for the newspaper house Delo. I mainly worked in their warehouses with printing machines

    - volunteering with scouts: this is not a job per say, but I have help organise, execute several scouting summer camps, competitions, daily trips...

    Travel Experience
    Since I was very young I travelled with my family. We mainly visited different European countries. For some we went with an agency (for example Iceland), but mostly we planned our own trips. Went I got a bit older I stared travelling more and more with my friends. In the past years we have taken two three weeks long road trips. The first one was to Denmark, but we also visited the countries along the way (Austria, Germany, Poland), and the second one was to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The ladder happened during the summer of 2021, so I've got some experience with travelling in corona times. but my friends don't only travel by car, we also took a trip throughout Northern Italy only by using trains (a self made version of Interrail). With scouts, we have hitchhiked quite a lot which in my opinion is a very fun way to travel. We also hiked around Slovenia a lot. So yeah, I have mainly been around Europe, but am familiar with all kinds of different ways of travelling

    I'm a Psychology student in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but this year I'm taking a gap year since I want to get to know Africa.

    Work Experience
    -Worked as a volunteer in a Buddhist meditation centre in England
    -Worked as a cashier in Ljubljana
    -Worked with children on a summer camp
    -Work in food delivery
    -teaching different subjects
    -Work in a warehouse

    Travel Experience
    Since my dad has many international projects with his job and is actually a bit of a travel junkie, I started travelling at a young age. He took me for example to China with him, Cambodia, Greece, Paris, London and other Europian cities...with my family, we always travelled a lot because of our origins..we live in Slovenia, however, my mom is from Czech and my father from Macedonia, which we visitted every year. So yeah, I know Europe pretty well...we also did a roadtrip through Scotland (that's an amazing country). After I turned 16, I started travelling on my own, or with my friends..and since then we've been camping in Croatia, exploring Prague together, went on two three-week roadtrips (one to Denmark and the other to the Baltics). We've been together to Italy and France, we've done couchsurfing and slept in tents, shelters or even under the stars....

    But I've also travelled alone, since this is my way of relaxing and getting to know myself better, actually my way of growing. I've been alone many times to Czech, I've volunteered for a month in England and then explored it a bit by myself (that's where I discovered the beauty of couchsurfing). I've also hitchiked with a random girl that I met on my trip to Paris, and we went together all the way from Montpellier in France to Cinque terre in Italy...that was an unforgettable experience!!

    I fell in love with travelling a long time ago and I'm nevem gonna change my mind about that. I feel like it's the best way to learn to live, appreciate people and the world and learn.

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