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    Hello out there!

    I'm Louisa, 26 and currently planning my next trip after a travel break of one and a half years.
    I generally consider myself a positive and curious person and even though leaving my home; my safe and well known environment, challenges me every time, I just love the feeling of being abroad! I love the adventure of getting to know different places, people and their cultures and ways of living. So far every trip has enriched my life in multiple ways. Travelling to me means sharing; sharing experiences and skills, sharing time and stories, sharing happiness and sometimes pain. I am convinced that every single one of the situations I had to handle and every single stranger who became a friend in the past made me grow and influenced my way of thinking.
    I am trying my best to live a healthy and balanced life and it is very important to me to treat your environment; the people, animals and nature surrounding you with respect.
    I enjoy healthy plant based food and cooking, since I had to switch to a natural diet for health reasons quite a few years ago. However, whilst travelling it is not always possible to stick to this diet so I become more flexible (not on the vegetarian part though). Other than that I am interested in music and movies, the human psyche, politics, nature and it's beauty (ocean!), sustainability and discovering alternative ways of living.

    Hey all
    I'm James from the coastal city of Newcastle, Australia. I love being outdoors, meeting new people and learning new things. I'd like to think I'm quite easy going, friendly and always say 'yes' to just about anything.

    As I said, I like to try new things and so I've done a bit of volunteering at home and overseas to see what's out there and meet the amazing people that come with these experiences. This includes; house sitting in Thailand, working at hostels across Europe, helping renovate a house in Greece, running charity events at my university, being a camp leader at mental health kids camp and teaching English to newly arrived migrants to Australia.

    I am a big believer in luck and I would like to use the luck I've had in my life to help out where I can. This led me to my professional career experience in the field of social policy (child protection, social housing and disability services) which has contributed further to my desire to try and make the best difference I can to the world whatever it is; health, education, environment, social justice and so on.

    I'm on workaway to see the world by trying new things and meeting new people. I'll always give anything my best go and bring an open mind.

    Hope to meet you one day!

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    I graduated in Special needs education and inclusion about 4 years ago and I most recently worked at a kindergarten in Hamburg, Germany as a 1:1 therapist for a 3 year old girl with developmental delays.

    I used to work part-time for a Special Needs assistance service for seven years, mostly with children and adolescents with a mental handicap. I gathered experience in different facilities and families; kindergartens, (elementary-) schools,(hippo-) therapy centers, residental homes..

    Through Workaway I have had the opportunity to volunteer at several animal rescue shelters, at Hostels and guesthouses, in house sitting and gardening and as an english teacher for children (TEFL- certified).

    Of course I am happy to ship in with any daily tasks that need doing, too :)


    Outdoors and gardening:
    I enjoy anything outdoors and doing physical work. I've done a bit of gardening and have tried my hand at growing flowers and herbs myself. I really want to learn more about sustainable agriculture.

    General maintenance:
    I've had experience doing manual labour tasks including; concreting, painting, concrete breaking/ trench digging, laying foundations for plumbing, house cleaning. I don't really mind what the task is, just happy to have a go and learn.

    Business skills:
    Having worked in research and social policy I am pretty tidy with analytical skills such as using Excel, organising/ project management and varied writing styles. I've also worked reception in a few hostels.

    Working with kids:
    Recently I've been teaching English to children 3-5 in Germany and have also volunteered as a leader at kids camps, ages 8 to 12, for children whose parents have a mental illness. I'm also happy to help out where I can.

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    We are aware that the current situation is a difficult one to travel, but we hope that with some adjustments it will still be possible. Since the way we used to travel, hopping hostels and constantly changing locations, would neither be possible nor responsible, we are rather looking for mid- to longterm volunteering options.

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