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    Hi, I am Gerard.
    I am from the Netherlands, born and raised on a small sheep farm. I am an outdoors person, who likes to work with his hands. I love nature and wildlife. I like birdwatching, hiking, camping and pretty much any reason to go outdoors I think is a good one. Furthermore I am very interested ecological systems and living off the land. I also have a soft spot for anything regarding snow.

    My main hobbies are bird- and wildlife watching, hiking and making music. I play acoustic guitar as well as bass guitar and would love to jam with people! I am very passionate about my hobbies and love sharing it with people. Getting folks interested in the natural world and sharing bird facts is something I'm always excited about.

    Most people would describe me as easy going, responsible, friendly and calm. I get along with people well but I also enjoy solitude. I love meeting people from different backgrounds and from different countries/cultures. I really missed this the last two years.

    What I like about Workaway the most is not only getting to know new cultures, but mainly getting to know new lifestyles and learning skills which you would never learn in any school. As you can see in some of my pictures I greatly enjoy building projects. I like making things myself and being independent because of it. I also enjoy working with animals. My carpentry- and building skills are something I'd like to improve and expand on. Furthermore I love hunting and having it be part of a self-sustaining lifestyle. This is why I would love to experience and learn more about it.

    Most of all I would like to one day turn my hobbies into work. This is why I recently completed my education called Ecology & Wildlife. It is a secondary vocational education focused on supervising green open spaces. I've learned about the management of nature, conservation of wildlife, making an inventory of plants and animals, tourism and guiding, educating people and working in the outdoors. During my study course I learned that working outdoors, protecting and improving natural habitat, really is the best thing there is.

    Since I now have graduated and am free to travel again I am going back to Norway! I would like to experience the Arctic winter, learn more about Norwegian culture and improve my Norwegian. It would be especially great if I can expand and use my field of expertise for my work.

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    During my study course I have had four internships. During these internships I gained both practical/hands on experience as well as management/planning experience. I have done fieldwork like cutting trees, brushcutting, trail/property maintenance, putting up fences, signposts and gates, making inventories and marking trees. Besides fieldwork I wrote two management plans: one for conserving the Large Copper (Lycaena dispar spp. batava) a highly endangered as well as endemic butterfly, and one for the management of Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) for a large land/forest managing organisation. For my final internship I have overseen a complete project regarding restoration of forest entrances. Here I had responsibility for the planning, budget, execution and finishing the project.

    I have some experience in gardening, animal care, and building/carpeting. I've worked for a construction company for three years as a side/summer job. I've been assisting and doing some small jobs. Although I mostly helped building bigger stables, I know about sawing, how to use tools, basic woodworking and what hard work looks like ;). I enjoy physical work, and don’t mind doing the dirty work. I have also worked at a tree nursery. I have worked on several farms and grew up on one, so I know about taking care of animals and generally get along well with them.

    Because of my hobbies I am also good with identifying birds and mammals and I also love taking people into nature and showing them cool stuff. I have experience and am fairly good with teaching/instructing people and working in group based projects.

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    I am crazy about boreal/arctic nature! This is why my travels have all been very northern so far. I've travelled to Norway and Sweden, then to Canada and Iceland and at last to Norway again. I love the harsh an vast wilderness, beautiful scenery and fantastci flora and fauna species that live there. Coming from the country side myself, I have felt very much at home in the rural parts of the north. The independent, welcoming and self sufficient nature of the people living there I find very inspiring and are things I strive to be myself.

    I really want to return to Norway to stay for a longer time, see new places and meet new people! I have been following a Norwegian language course for a while now and would love to practice speaking, so I can one day be fluent. :)

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