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    I was born in Israel and lived there for 6 years on a kibbutz, a community styled area, where everyone has a job and works together towards the good of the community. Then we moved to New York City, since my dad is a geneticist and live in the bronx for 12 years. When i graduated high school i decided to move back to Israel to serve in the Israel Defense Force, my family decided to join me and we all moved back together. In 2013 i started a Mechina a pre-army program to prepare myself, that program was the best year of my life. It's where i became more comfortable with myself.

    In the Mechina, i worked on a kibbutz, first as a gardener and then as a farmhand. There i understood the beauty of communal living, i worked in the field, someone else in the lunchroom, they provided me with food, and the worked i did contributed to the profit of the community. I also had the opportunity to work in a lot of different aspect of farming, picking tomatoes and peppers in a green house, planting lettuce sprouts, spreading sawdust in massive chicken coops, moving, placing and packing irrigation pipes. Now there was also a learning aspect to the whole year which opened my mind to a lot new point of views and information. The third aspect of the Mechina was community service , specially as a Big Brother, to children from tough upbringing. The final aspect that really made this experience amazing was my discovering what it mean to be an adult of 18 years, jk but that year is when i started the shift from child into a young adult and it was liberating.

    Then in the summer of 2014, I drafted and served for 3 years. I started off as a loader in the Armed Corp. (tanks) and then worked as a medic in the medical unit. Its not easy to summarize that experience, but all in all i'm glad I did it, and it helped me grow in a lot of ways. Primarily, with the concept and hardship of being part of a large system that doesn't care about me as an individual, about doing a lot of work and following orders. After a time i was able to reconcile all of these "bad" things, with the understanding that was what my country deemed was necessary of my service, that what i did was the right thing for the country of Israel.

    After that long service, like most young Israelis i traveled for a bit, and in the summer of 2017 i flew to Thailand. It was amazing, me and two other friends went to the full moon party, to a ton of different attractions, stayed at 4 stars hotels, and eat at restaurants every night. It was a dream come true and exactly what i need when i got released, but the problem with the trip that it was just to much. There is so much more to Thailand than what i saw from the eyes of a tourist, that i missed.

    So Now i'm starting a new chapter in my life, i want travel around the world, for a while. Before i even consider what i'll study in college or where i'm going to live my life, i need to see the big wide world. I need to share, create, and build new connection and relationships. To see life from other people's perspectives. To see different lands and sights. To taste all manner of ethnic cuisines.

    To make friend and family from around the world.


    ...and I really liked what I wrote up there (haven't read it in all that time) so I'll just add and update.

    It's been two years since I was a proper traveler, bc I ran out of money and covid, so I stayed put in NYC. I lived in an intentional community in Brooklyn, Youtopia, which partially fulfilled my desire for community, but not completely because we didn't have a connection to land, or grow our food. So I'm starting up traveling again with a desire to understand and practice sustainable living and permaculture.

    Overall I'm just as excited as I was back then, to meet, connect and learn from others.

    So wether your looking for a traveling buddy or a workawayer, I'm very excited too meet you :).

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    I'm very experienced with child care, as i worked for six years in a summer camp in Nyack as well as teaching at Ramaz Lower school for 7 month.
    As i mention in my bio i'm also acquainted with farm work, mostly planting rather than animal care, but i am open to learn.
    I've worked a lot in gardens both in the mechina and at my own home, so i can do that work.
    As far as general maintenance and building i have some experience from working at home.
    i'm a pretty good cook and baker
    I can play the guitar and piano, crochet and knit, speak hebrew and english fluently, i also now a ton of card games, And i'd be happy to teach everything i know to anyone willing to learn.
    I can also recommend a ton of good fantasy books.
    My overall best skills are my patience, attention to details and that i'm a fast learner. I'm also coming with an open mind, and have a desire to learn. I truly love learning new things and then sharing what i learned with other people.
    So if you have a job that i didn't cover and are willing to show me the work, I gladly do it.

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    I speak English and Hebrew fluently and can help teach or practice either. I am currently working on learning Spanish, so any help in that area would be appreciated. As well as learning about any other languages you have knowledge in.

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    Well the prompt mentioned board games which is one of my favorite pastimes, I love any manner of games esp. long (3 hour games), but I also enjoy card games and anything in between :).

    I also recently started surfing, although I get smashed by the waves most if the time I absolutely love it and would want to get to a point were I can actually stand.

    I'm excited to work hard and learn.

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