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  • Pays: Guyana
We are a family living between Guyana, South America, and England. Our mother June and father Wayne live permanently in Georgetown alternating between the town and the farm. Their 5 children and their families each plays a role in the building and ......

  • Pays: Guyana
My name is Robert. I was born in Guyana. My family migrated to the US when I was 13. I served 24 years in the US Navy and returned to Guyana in 2013. I own 100 acres of virgin forested land that I wish to turn into an organic farm, But first I need ......

  • Pays: Guyana
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Hi There, Danielle and I (Menakshi) have recently started an non-profit organization to to create sustainable growth in Queenstown Village, Guyana - the village I grew up in. We believe that in order to create sustainable growth many areas of ......