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  • Pays: Mexique
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UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus we are only accepting participants who can be here long term for several months at least. We are not open to short term travelers. We are closed, so participants cannot come and go from the site or they would break ......

  • Pays: Mexique
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Hi, I'm Mary, a retired English teacher. I live in a lovely house in Guadalajara, Mexico. My husband passed away in January and now im in need of caregivers. I have multiple sclerosis which means i am confined to a wheel chair as i have no movement ......

  • Pays: Mexique
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Hi, We are looking for people that will share our home and help us learn english (prefelably someone who is a native english speaker). Sometimes in rare occasions we will need help with simple housework (of your choice). We need someone that knows ......

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