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Join us and help with projects in our community organization in Mathare Slums, Nairobi,Kenya.



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  • Description


    We are focusing on Community Environmental Initiatives,Education, Health and support care among people living with HIV/AIDS in eradicating stigma among young and adolescent, Youth and women Empowering skills within Mathare slums.

    We are registered community based organization in Mathare slums , Nairobi, Kenya. Our Primary focus is helping communities design, implement and maintain projects that enhance quality of living standard, eradicating hate and planting love in our society.

    We are looking for Volunteers ,Donors, Organizations, foundations and well- wishers who will enable us develop and initiate community empowerment programs within our slums by planting a seed of hope to the larger community. Feel free to contact us via email, visit our website for further guidance and inquiry for any project you feel good to support.

    I am Jack, a 32 years old resident of Mathare Slums, a community leader and coordinator of our programs with the organization. I will be responding to all your inquiries ; emails, given the fact that I have a steady internet connection and giving my best service to your satisfaction any moment. I would encourage you to have a glance at our website and find suitable program(s) for you with love and gratitude: Together we can.

    Sharing my experience and meeting new friends from across the global is what I love most. We learn from each other social cultural activities and remain human. we always encourage unity in diversity and team work in achieve our goals in life. Any visitor who feels the need to know our diversity cultural practices, our languages as most families speak Kiswahili or English or their native languages, I will be ready to help in any way as requested. This can be done either before or during your visits to our place.

    Our program of activities entail daily feedback from our visitor(s) in order to improve on the following day's calendar. I am blessed with a highly respectful family that embraces integrity, hospitality and good service to humanity at all stages of your stay. I will be grateful and willing you host you as a team player at any time of the year from across the world.

    Experiencing life in one of the largest slums in Kenya, through slum tour and hospitality of the local community. Full love and talent skirts in dance and tour Nairobi-city by our members. A test of love living in slums is noble and breath taking. You will be part of a team that touches and transform community lives - through a cross cultural scheme of work, weekly door to door visit to our members, feeling the real life in the slums.

    Learning how to use recycled material as raw material for ornaments making. Above feeling at home away from home. We got our local made traveling bags and artifacts, a product of slums community development Program. Slums community development project is a plan of action aimed at accomplishing a clear business objective with details on what work is to be done, what means and resources required.

    1. Environment and Natural Resource Management.

    The goal of the natural resources management program is to provide our community with a broad-based understanding of the interconnectedness of social, political, and ecological systems. This knowledge will enable the community to design sustainable solutions to address natural resource conservation and management problems. Though out this programs, visitor(s) will a have chance conceptualize and undertaking slums community weekly environmental clean up programs.

    we envisage a platform where locals will learn about natural resource stewardship in both theory and practice, with an eye toward designing systems that are adaptable and resilient in light of the social and ecological complexity and change that characterize today’s challenges. Feel free to be part of the team that will enable us reach our goal with gratitude and love.

    Using an integrative approach, the community learn how to develop local solutions that are sustainable and ethical at larger, global scales. Environmental issues such as land-use change and planning, conservation biology, energy use, climate change, renewable resource management, and citizen engagement in place-based conservation will be addressed and Management by our project scope.

    2. Community, Women and Youth Empowerment.

    Empowering People and Harnessing Local Resources: Our Community Empowerment Programme (C.W.E.Y.P) has been tailored-fit to respond to the needs of our partner-communities. The CWEYP utilizes a participative process from community organizing, people’s empowerment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and most importantly, decision-making. In the process, members learn how to take greater responsibility for the future of their communities.

    Through the cooperatives/people’s organization and micro-finance saving scheme as been formed based on common issues/interests, so that the communities respond continuously to their livelihood, education and health concerns.
    Aside from providing income, community enterprises program that provide mostly food-based: to elderly and vulnerable in our slums has been set up, we consider the nutritional needs of the community members especially children and adolescent living with HIV/AIDS and do drug uptake follow ups. During this period, you will be able to see our alarm watches- remainder of time for taking their drugs without defaulting - mainly members who are on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis drugs.

    Moreover, various community activities on livelihood, health, education, environment, safety and disaster response are being undertaken. We have built and established networks with local government units, government institutions, religious institutions, public health and medical professionals, and NGOs for development collaboration and resource mobilization that enable us to run efficiently.

    3. Community Resource Center for Change Project.

    We would love to improve access to information on socio-economic and environmental development through the use of Community Resource Center and their four corners:
    i) Information corner.
    ii) Meeting corner.
    iii) Education and ICT Training Hub.
    iv) Media corner-community radio stations.

    Community Education Education: Community education is a process of personal and community transformation, empowerment, challenge, social change and collective responsiveness. It is community-led reflecting and valuing the lived experiences of individuals and their community. Through its ethos and holistic approach community education builds the capacity of groups to engage in developing a social teaching and learning process that is creative, participative and needs-based.

    Community education is grounded on principles of justice, equality and inclusiveness. It differs from general adult education provision due to its political and radical methodologies. I beseech you to look at this areas as future and holistic approach for a robust knowledge based hub that we have a vision but lack requisite impetus to implement. You will have clear vision during your visit and learn more.

    4. Micro-finance.

    Access to financial services has become an important element of social fund and community driven development projects because slums dwellers, must have continuous and permanent access to strong, stable financial systems in order to build their family’s economic security.  In our area of operation and contexts in which social funds operate, there are few viable micro-finance institutions, and necessary emphasis on access to finance is lacking.

    Even in countries with a strong micro-finance sector, most low-income families, especially those in slums or rural areas, do not have access to financial services that enable them to build their businesses and meet other needs such as health care and education.

    we are looking for grants for individual or family income-generating activities that are appropriate in emergency or post-conflict situations to help families rebuild their asset base, or to provide a safety net to the destitute, but they are not a sustainable mechanism for the economic development of the community. Individual and family-owned businesses that are privately financed tend to be more successful as I have observed.

    During your stay, you will have a change to be taken around in with a team of committed grass root guides. Teach in our Private schools around. we love community sharing of meals, you will be learn how to cook Chapati or Ugali our favorite Kenya meals.

    Kenya, we are blessed with different tourist attraction site, you may want to visit these site: we encourage our visitor to inquire with us on best mode and model for such activities.

    We do offer rural home tours for our visitors who would love to see our roots, cultures and families. This tour involves road travel across great rift-valley view, to the shores of lake Victoria. At home, we have cattle cattle grazing, ploughing using our traditional tools, dancing in local regalia and folk story telling, a visit to Ruma National park ,Gor Mahia-Luo Legend site named after the Kenyan leading soccer team,Mythical Lake Simbi Nyaima, hot volcanic springs in Rachuonyo to add on your stay in the slums.

    While at our rural home, a visitor is free to buy, donate or initiate anything he/she deem fit for sustainable livelihood for our community.

    Thank you and feel welcome.

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Projets artistiques
    Pratique d’une langue
    Aide avec des éco-projets
    Compagnie pour pers. âgée
    Bricolage et projets de construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aide dans une ferme
    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Cuisine/repas pour la famille
    Aide à la maison
    Accueil / tourisme
    Entretien général
    Aide informatique / avec Internet

  • Objectifs de développement durable de l’ONU que cet hôte essaie d'atteindre

    Objectifs de développement durable de l’ONU que cet hôte essaie d'atteindre

    Objectifs de l’ONU
    Pas de pauvreté
    Faim «zéro»
    Bonne santé et bien-être
    Éducation de qualité
    Égalité entre les sexes
    Eau propre et assainissement
    Énergie propre et d'un coût abordable
    Travail décent et croissance économique
    Industrie, innovation et infrastructure
    Inégalités réduites
    Villes et communautés durables
    Consommation et production responsables
    Mesures relatives à la lutte contre les changements climatiques
    Vie aquatique
    Vie terrestre
    Paix, justice et institutions efficaces
    Partenariats pour la réalisation des objectifs
  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Cultural interaction is embodied in a wider realm of human integration and development. We embrace unity in our diversity. During this period, volunteers will learn the our mix cultural orientation in our society, learn how to cook our traditional foods, learn our traditional folk songs and dancing techniques ,our way of life, interact with our people, learn new language, and make a new family full of love and caring. Our rich , robust history and resilience of your people. You will have an opportunity to interact with our people, ask questions and get satisfactory response.

    We shall an open discussions and various historical site visits:- Nairobi animal orphanage, Crocodile villa in the city, Bomas of Kenya, Mt, Kenya game reserves, fishing in Lake Victoria and Maasai Mara game reserve visit. We endeavor to have a peer -to -peer approach in promoting our cultural practices. Our visitor will be exposed to Luo cultural practices , visit Bomas of Kenya, our rural home historical and seeing flora an fauna Kenya offer.

    Volunteers will have a chance to have a second family, basic knowledge of our native language, develop a rich interpersonal skills and possible thought of future research on our hidden treasure within our traditional practices.

    Social interaction with our kids will open a new world unto our volunteers. It is must take adventure .

  • Projets impliquant des enfants

    Projets impliquant des enfants

    Ce projet peut impliquer des enfants. Pour en savoir plus, consultez nos directives et conseils ici.

  • Aide


    All Volunteers are free to come throughout the year as individual(s), couple(s) or team.

    Volunteers Obligation.

    1. We welcome all. On arrival, kindly let us know your Mission, Vision and expectation that made you to apply for our organization. we shall be grateful.

    2. Kindly ask for the project(s) you applied for with a mission to offer assistance so that we know your interest for quality service delivery during your stay. Incase you did not chose any project, feel free to chose on arrival, a project that would be great interest to you. You will be free to initiate any project you deem fit in collaboration/partnership with our local organization.

    3. As team member, we encourage our volunteers to give their best. You will be free to give your best ,wholeheartedly with no supervision. we shall only offer assistance when you request at any moment of your stay.

    4. We need anybody who can be able to give a positive life to our youth, women and elderly. If you are good IT person, social worker, a nurse, Doctor, philanthropist all genre of expertise and experience, feel welcome. we don't discriminate, embrace our talents and Earnest our potentials. Our slogan - Together we can.

    Guest will be at liberty to chose projects that suits their interest with us, however we expect our volunteers to spearhead the following key areas:

    1. Research and recommendations schemes; We would be grateful if our volunteer would spearhead research models from Europe, USA and other parts of the world on various funding opportunities available that can help us have a great positive effect in our society.

    2. Project proposals and grants; Due to scarcity of skills and knowledge on this project area, we would be grateful to have our guest assistance if possible to enable us make our dream true.

    3. Video shooting equipment and editing skills. Having a digital platform through documentary and infrared finger touch board at our office for an environmental friendly discuss will be of grate help.

    4. website and content manager: Our responsive website require a content and quality assessment manager, our guest can be important in this component for our organization .

    5. Used laptops, iPads, phones, video camera, clothes as gift for our children in schools and less privileged in our society,

    6. Modern Juki- sewing machine equipments: Clothes and bags making project require modern machine for efficient production. The project help our youth and women to find a livelihood.

    Karibu sana - (Welcome ALL)

  • Langues

    Langues parlées
    Anglais: Courant
    Luo: Courant
    Français: Débutant
    Latin: Débutant

    Cet hôte propose un échange linguistique
    Cet hôte a indiqué qu’il souhaitait faire partager sa propre langue ou en apprendre une nouvelle.
    Contactez-le pour en savoir plus.

  • Hébergement



    Our visitor(s) will be immersed into a Kenyan traditional life style. Our accommodation will be perfect as our volunteer(s) will be staying with the hosting family in their home/house through a home/house based care accommodation scheme in promoting a social integration and cultural exchange with our community.


    Volunteers will share meals with the host families. Host family will provide three meals a day divided as: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper by the hosting family. Snacks and fruits are readily available at our local stalls and supermarkets within the city and towns.

    Our guest on request for a special diet calendar, we provide alternative for guest to have their desired package prepared under their supervision and desire through his/her budget plan.

    volunteers are free to prepare their own meals at their own connivence. we value once interest and choice but encourage a learning culture from other. we would love to know how they also prepare some of the dishes.

    Meals we serve ranges from : Chapati, Chicken, Milk, Mandazi, Githeri, pumpkins, fish, ground nuts, pilau, kales, green grams, cassava and sorghum, chips, Nyama-choma (roast-meat), Mutura, ugali, bread, porridge and a whole raft of Africa cuisines found within our society.

    We advice our volunteers to carry along person need items such as toothpaste, soaps, personal first Aid Kits and other person essentials.

    Volunteers will be receiving 3 meals per day, breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Most meals we serve are fresh and tradition. Volunteers will be at liberty to prepare or request for special diet due to health conditions.

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    Volunteer can play with kids during their free time. We encourage trekking and tour of our community will the help of our members guide. Volunteers shall be at liberty to chose the best model. Readily and available mode of transport is public transport system and motorbike rides.

  • Informations complémentaires

    Informations complémentaires

    • Accès Internet

    • Accès Internet limité

      Accès Internet limité

    • Nous avons des animaux

    • Nous sommes fumeurs

    • Familles bienvenues

  • Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    we have a stable internet connectivity with our location, volunteers can easy get assistance to purchase data bundle and surf the internet will a lot of easy at any moment with Nairobi.

  • Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

    Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?

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    Nombre d'heures attendues

    Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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