Come and have fun, play musik, sing and be spiritual with me in Roskilde, Denmark



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    Hello Fellow Traveller
    I hope you are having a blissful time, enjoying the best version of yourself.

    My poem:
    “I am finding my instrument, as I dive deeper
    Deeper into myself
    Myself as ever changing
    Changing my surroundings
    Surroundings, which I hold in my hands
    Hands, feeling into the bodies
    Bodies as layers of life
    Life ever changing, but stable
    Stable is my home, but winds still blow
    Blow yourself towards me and I will help you grow”

    Playing music and Singing
    I have a lot of instruments in my house that I hope music loving people will come and use together with me,
    so we can have lots of fun enjoying the tones of the universe.

    "At the moment I express and feel my body, singing and playing music. exploring and learning.
    My body is free, my mind exploring, the wildness of exploration.

    I explore, as I read and practice the arts of knowing, as I dance between the words I read
    As Konstantin Stanislavskij or Augusto Boal yet again pass through me as movement on the floor.
    My body is ecstatic, excitement, like a teenager exploring love for the first time."
    I dance. Will you dance with me?"


    I hope you will and that you still are looking for an amazing place to stay that coincide with my way of living
    for I am looking for a workawayer who can come and stay here right now.

    If your hands are screwed on the right way, you know how to make a blog or think about nature,
    then send me a line or 30, and let's see what may happen. We create our own life, my conscious choices....

    You will have your own room and we will be eating Vegan and Vegetarian food.

    Each day I do yoga, healing or training of my voice and body and you are welcome to join along if you wish. We have sharing talks to inspire and guide each other. Nature is right around the corner where we can swim in the ocean or walk in the forest.

    I am getting a lot of emails from people who wish to come here, but I will want to give you a chance to join along,
    so write something special that will get my attention and let's make magic together.

    You can take a look at my photos and feedback to get a feel of the place....

    About me:
    My name is Asaiah. I am an explorer of the mysteries of life, which I have explored for many years, lifetimes and dimensions. I am inspired by Shamanism, Gaia Education and a conscious life that focuses on the idea of being able to create a sustainable life, house, garden, social and spiritual environment in the outskirts of Roskilde and the world.

    At this moment I am in the process of creating a network of connected spiritual information on the web,
    which will link people together and show them who they really are.
    If you wish to assist in this creation with me and can help with the building of a webpage, an audiobook release,
    youtube channel/videos, a video blog and text blog, a facebook page with links and more please write to me.

    "Sharing is Caring"

    My idea is to touch people Locally and Globally. I, therefore, search for workawayers that wish to come here to create, share and learn. I seek artists and painters, layouts and designers, Handy people who can build, photographers and filmmakers, writers and bloggers. People who also believe in something more, something greater, call it Love, GOD, Divine nature, angels, divine beings, Nirvana, Oneness or whatever you want to call it.
    If that is you, write to me, for....

    "Just be who you are, do what your DO"

    I am a Danish/Brazilian. My Brazilian part of me loves to dance and sing. The Danish part is philosophical. I have my beautiful daughter every second weekend, which means that there will be time for play when she is around. Her name is Maya and she is 8 years old.

    My house is simple, but there is warm/cold water, heating, a modern oven and stove, and a dishwasher. I also have a washing machine, an indoor toilet and a warm fireplace, so that life is enjoyed. Basic and good.

    And when I talk about basic, I am also a totally normal human being, who enjoys watching Netflix, play games PS5 - playstation 5 (alone or with others which while in the safe sofa, which is quite fun), I play music, draw, play board games and paint.

    I live in a small house a 10 min. walk from the ocean and a beautiful Forrest called "Boserup Skov", where I enjoy taking swims, jogging and walks in the beautiful nature, where there are the most amazing sunsets, so I can clear my body and mind as I gaze at the still water and graceful swans.

    In my garden there is room to lye on the grass, meditate in my Tempel "Diamond Geodesic Dome",
    make an outdoor fire and look at the stars and garden life.
    The whole process is in it's an initial trial stage, where I am open to new ideas, inspiration and crazy consciousness exploration, so bring your wildness to my home and let's see what happens.

    "You are a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones that do will remember you the rest of their lives"

    The day before we will have talked about and worked with that which I would like assistance with. This means that you can use some of the day helping in the house or other things that you find interesting and inspiring to focus upon, like creating beautiful meals, diving into the garden, working on a webpage, editing video or transcribing. My idea is that it is compassionate play and beautiful cooperation that moves us, which in return creates a delightful home.
    You will have time to enjoy yourself, talk walkings in nature, explore the city of Roskilde.

    "I am not weird, I am a limited edition"

    I will honor that you are ready to help me work on the house or media stuff for 4-5 hours per day and when that is done we can find time to talk, meditate, practice massage and/or healing take a walk/jog in the forest or by the ocean or make food together or one person makes food while the other does other stuff. I honor that we work together as a team, where you as a workawayer come with enthusiasm, passion and a feeling of wanting to give more than take. For if we all give from the heart there will be plenty of overflow for all of us, where Thankfulness is the keyword and feeling.

    When this is said, it is also important that you do things by yourself other than working meditation. So two days a week I suggest people walk or take a bike or bus ride. Just be YOU and investigate the surroundings and energize your spirit and system. Or If you need to rest, read a book or go to a café then do that.

    Exploring the surroundings:
    In Roskilde, it is a 5 min bus ride to the central pedestrian street and amazing building "Roskilde Cathedral", where the Danish Kings and Queens are buried. Live concerts in the park and in the cathedral.
    Roskilde Viking Museum is also nearby and can we reached by bicycle
    ( I have 2 bikes you can borrow) or you can take a walk along the ocean and end up by the harbor and Viking Museum, where you can see the original ships, which the Vikings used to sail to England and Scotland, see how they build them and get to sail in a real Viking ship as the Vikings did.

    My home is near the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, which you can reach via bus and train and takes about 50 min. There is SO MUCH to see there.

    "Life is a painting, and you are the colors. How are you coloring life?"

    There are a lot of activities in the Roskilde and in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen which is easily reached by train from Roskilde. I have a program, brochures and train schedules for you, so you can choose between the sights and get about.

    And if you want to get a deeper picture of how it is to be a workawayer here in my home, please read my feedbacks and the bottom and let the hearts and souls of the beautiful people who have been here, tell their blessed stories :-)
    I thank and honor them greatly.
    With a smile and lots of sunlight
    Roberto / Asaiah

  • Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Types d'aide et opportunités d'apprendre

    Projets artistiques
    Pratique d’une langue
    Aide avec des éco-projets
    Bricolage et projets de construction
    S’occuper des animaux
    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Cuisine/repas pour la famille
    Aide à la maison
    Entretien général
    Aide informatique / avec Internet

  • Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Echange culturel et opportunités d'apprendre

    Read the feedback from people who already have been here.
    See what they learnt.

  • Projets impliquant des enfants

    Projets impliquant des enfants

    Ce projet peut impliquer des enfants. Pour en savoir plus, consultez nos directives et conseils ici.

  • Aide


    My ideas for the summer

    I will admit, with Corona and not knowing if my own life will accept my plans, I write them anyway out into the book of the universe and see how people and universe respond...

    As I extend myself into the horizon, I too stretch myself outwards into my minds and hearts of people. The last twenty years of my life have given me insight into understanding. Applying this understanding locally and globally is the path
    I am exploring right now.

    Locally in the ecosystem of my house, the community of friends and the city of Roskilde.
    Globally in the ecosystem and a vast network of social and neural interconnectedness between people of this planet.
    The question is how locally grown principles of life can be applied from a global perspective?

    This spring I have begun this exploration of entering the global perspective, by integrating locally perceived understandings and implementing them into my website, which will be a bridge between the local and global.

    So if you're into writing, design, social media, photo, and video recording-editing, marketing, pr, making storyboards and interaction with people Local-global-local bridge, then write to me.

    "We wander across wilderness. We seek the unknown. Taring masks off our faces. Look and behold.
    For we never were captives. Never slaves in chains. But the freedom of being. The knowing of Home."

    Therefore I too am walking a path of creation, where I choose to have people around me,
    which help me on my spiritual path, cause I want to grow, write better poetry,
    take more beautiful photos of nature and still moments in life, study, to dare to be passionate,
    to say no to betrayal and that which is none truth, cause it hurts the world as it grows into

    My meditation practice is simple, but hard-working devotional meditation, because that is what works.
    My codecs are continually simple, cause I do the following each day. Not because I have to or must, but simply because that is the nourishment that helps my wings to grow in the most sustainable way possible.

    My heart prayer and Poem:
    My heart is bleeding the words of passion, as channellings of the divine, poring down, into my veins.
    I bleed for greater understanding. Letting mysteries of time open up.
    As swords become wands. Wands become flowers. Flowers become love and love becomes a friendship.

    I seek friendship, with women and men from all other the world. Come play with me as we explore, the power of sharing and caring while we rebuild life as if it should be. Creating connections across borders, breaking down inner and out walls as we dare show ourselves. Growing as a spiritual family.

    A small prayer:
    "My hands touch the hearts, minds and free wills of other beings. I will not hold myself back.
    For then, the richness of my heart, can not reach outwards, as it blossoms. I consciously join in the effort
    of passionate living, sending light to that which is greater than me."


    Things that are of importance to me and my home:

    Give instead of taking:
    So many people want, which creates greed and self-centeredness,
    as when you go to a hotel and command the person to do your bidding,
    but my place is not a hotel for lazy people to look at their own navel.
    Instead, my place is a holy temple. A place where people can be creative
    and dive into my surroundings with passion, light, love and a willingness to give from the creative soul that we are.
    I ask that we go into our hearts and pray and share for and with overflow,
    humbleness, and surrender. Let us grow as spiritual beings.

    Thank you for the food:
    Before we eat I ask that we give thanks for the food,
    make or say in inner or outer prayer and thanks to all the plants and people
    who have helped in the process of getting the food to our home.
    For me, this is worthiness and wishing the best for the world,
    while still enjoying the simpleness of ones home.

    Prayer and meditation:
    I ask that you meditate/pray in your work so that each stroke of a paintbrush, hammer or typing of transcriptions
    is gone in a spiritual manner. No tue personal or mental manor, but an uplifted state of surrender to something
    greater than yourself. This is called prayer and yes, I will guide you softly into the process as we work and talk.

    Have an open heart chakra:
    I ask you to come to my home with an open mind and body, where you dare let go of yourself as you dive into aspects of life, that might be a little bit new to you, but which you are ready to commit to for a short time, some weeks in your life.
    For if this is done with commitment, a true inner presence is experienced.

    Nonviolent communication:
    I practice nonviolent communication with others, which can help everyone come back to the states of wellness that we often left, because of past traumas or choices and therefore changed our way of interacting with violent struggling communication. It is time to come back to our own empowering self.

    Ecologically sustainable gardening:
    I have in my garden 5 garden beds with different vegetables, which need taking care of. This means:
    -Getting dirt under your nails while removing weeds and grass
    -Collecting seed for next spring
    -Building a beautiful dome entrance with the garden plants hanging down as you enter.

    I have been renovating the house since last August, which means the deep and hard work is over. So, some of the more fun projects can be undertaken.

    I am in the process of writing a book about healing and need help in transcribing English audio into English text.
    While transcribing you will learn about healing, we can talk about and do some healing.

    I have lived in different eco villages and now the life of living in unity. There I also ask that we all take part in the cooking, shopping, and cleaning of the dishes. We can cook together or take turns to make big pots of food, which can last for several days.

    Diamond Dome:
    I have built a geodesic dome that my daughter calls "the diamond house/Dome" because it looks like a diamond the petals of a flower. I am growing vegetables in the dome and use it for meditation and yoga.

    Clean energy and a clean environment
    While I have been building it has been very important to me that all the work I do is with a conscious meditative Fokus, so that it, in reality, is "working meditation" that is done. This means that energy is placed inside the very fabrics of my home, which helps hold beautiful clean energy in the house
    I honor that you too place your love and good meditative energy in my home while you are working here. Thank you

    Art project:
    If you are an artist in your expression I am open to new ideas for the house and garden. That be beautiful wall paints, wood or metal work or other forms of creative expression. Write and we can talk about it.
    I, for example, would love to have creative beautiful wooden gates in my hedge. :-)

    With Blessings

  • Langues parlées

    Danish: Courant
    Anglais: Courant
    Portugais: Intermédiaire
    Espagnol: Débutant

  • Hébergement


    You will have your own small bedroom where there is a bed, a small table, a chair. Se the photo.

    There are also different shelters nearby and I can drive you there if you want to sleep my the ocean with a small fire a night or two.

  • Autres infos...

    Autres infos...

    The Consciousness of my life:

    In my home a would like that where be:
    -no smoking inside. Only outside.
    -no animals
    -no wild partying. But I do love to dance.
    -no daily drinking. But I do drink alcohol once in a while.
    -no shoes inside the house. Unless we are building.

    We dive into the food, go dumpster diving, drinking green juices or smoothies and
    sprouting eco seeds and making rawfood/ raw food in the dehydrator oven.
    and no I don't eat meat, but drink protein drinks instead.

    I am inspired by people with piercings and colourful tattoos on their bodies,
    cause the question is, "Is it time for me get one?"
    I am inspired by body-art, painting and passion.
    I like dumpster diving.

    I also ask that we respect each other,
    that you can feel at home,
    that you take care of my home
    and help keep it clean and energized,
    without me having to tell you to do things.
    Be inspirational and find the joy,
    so the days flow along in a good way.

    PS. I cannot hold a CPR for you.

    "My home is not a hotel, but a refuge for souls, who seek mutual comfort.
    A hands on experience, in cooperative living and spiritual awareness"
    Om Tat Sat

    Thank you
    With Blessings

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    Informations complémentaires

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      Accès Internet limité

    • Nous avons des animaux

    • Nous sommes fumeurs

    • Familles bienvenues

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    Possibilité d’accueillir les digital nomads

    Cet hôte a indiqué qu’il aimait accueillir les digital nomads.

  • Espace pour garer des vans

    Espace pour garer des vans

    Cet hôte a de la place pour les vans.

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    Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir ?


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