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    Hello everyone! looking forward to have my first experience in this "new world" for me, I'm so excited 😄
    i moved to Edinburgh last year from Italy, i currently live and work here.
    I usually say i'm peruvian but i like to hold the idea that i belong to all the world..that i believe that i come from every single side of the world.
    Every time i meet new people for me means pure adrenaline to know a huge world..different culture, customs, language, etc but i think the most wise thing is enrich my knowledge.
    I started travelling when i was living in Italy, since my first experience to France ( i really fond of french language) i think that was the input that pushed me out to discover the world.

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    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
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    S’occuper des animaux
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    i was born and raised up to 15 years in my country, Peru'. After that me and my family moved to Italy where i lived for 18 years and then i moved to Edinburgh in Scotland. As i had my first work experience in France during the high school, i felt in love with french language so since that moment i was keeping myself doing french language courses to improve it and i could say that i my french is a little nit better than my english, i also speak italian and spanish, i made courses for japanese, german and russian language too just to understand what was my next one to learn but i was keeping think my priority is to improve my english first, so that's why i moved here in 2020. I really love animals, in general i say, all of them..i think i'm very good to take care of them, if there is something that i don't know i can learn how to do it! it is the same for the plants as well. i am able to learn more and more things and i think we never stop to learn discover! there is a huge world outside.

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    Definetely my priority is to improve my english, i have experience for 18 years in hospitality in Italy, Malta, France but when i moved to realised my level of english is still not enough for me.

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    I really love table games, i'm not a tecnology person and still sometimes my friends make fun of me because i don't know to use my new phone just now :) i think is more important for me share free time or the evenings talking of per exemple history or just to have a nice conversation so i can learn new things as well. i am interest in nutrition, plant based diet, plant medecine as for many years i have digestive issues i woud like to get better and then help my family too ( in Peru' people usually eat a lot and very bad, and because i lost my grandmother few years ago i would like to help my relatives to take car of themselves. As there are many stray dogs aslo in my country, everytime i go there for holidays i can not ignore them and i would like to learn maybe how to cure them, not like a vet but maybe something useful at that moment. i adore the guitar sound but i cann't play any :D i bought an ukulele to start and i try it watching some videos in youtube but i'm not able to play it at all :D
    I also like to draw but because it was long time ago i don't know if i could do it again. I love playing volleyball..i'm not tall at all but i can serve very well :D . Photography is one of my passions too! I enjoy baking sometimes..most of the time..cakes.

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