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    Having worked for 5 months in a German dog- and catshelter on Tenerife November 2020/April 2021, and afterwards taking care of 3 wonderful Podenco boys in Austria, I am now back in the Netherlands, giving my mom a hand with whatever shows up in- and/or outside her house.

    The video is a precious gift I got from my Sicilian host 2017 (who allowed me to take care of Bob, Zorro, Gelsomina and Volpina; four lovely "strays"). Grazie mille!!!!!

    The day of birth tells I am 54 years "old", but now signing up as a volunteer I start doing, what I wanted to do, being a teenager. Only at this age my backpack is full of experiences which made me the one I am: a loving compassionate woman; YOUNG in heart, body and mind. My philosophy: outside is a mirror of our inside. The people (and animals :-)) we meet and the experiences we make, are gifts of God, Allah, JHWH, Buddha, the Universe... They carry messages, which when thankfully accepted, can help us to achieve inner growth. It needs courage and humility to look in the mirror, but only this way we can demask illusions and reach integrity. Peace inside causes harmony outside.

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    Dev. personnel
    Soin des plantes
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    Allemand: Courant
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    Hollandais: Courant
    Français: Débutant

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    Tenir compagnie à une pers. âgée
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    From 2002-2015 I lived in Germany. In the beginning I had 4 jobs to make a living.
    I worked in catering, but the main job was in a fitnesscenter, where I absolved all necessary studies to become a fitnessinstructor. I even took part in fitnesscompetitions.
    Since about 2005 I became selfemployed as a personal fitness- and foodcoach, also offering massages. Giving massages I discovered reiki and other healingtechnics.
    I developed those skills, as well as my own consciousness (sharing my - spiritual - experiences and self-knowledge with those who want to hear and to see).
    On the 1. july 2015 I gave up "everything" (everything is nothing, what counts is a heart full of love and compassion), and now I am staying - again, after spending a month in Morocco; Nov. 2015, half a year in Greece; 4 months in Patmos, 2 months in Chios from May until November 2016, 3 months in Istanbul; Jan./March 2017, about two weeks in Norway; May 2017; 2,5 months in Trapani/Sicily from 13.12.2017 until 26.02.2018, almost 3 months in Irland; June/Aug. 2018; 3 months in Axstedt/Germany from the end of Feb. until 30.05.2019; about 3 months in Santa Maria del Focallo/Sicily from December 2019/02.03.2020; 5 months in a German cat-and dogshelter on Tenerife Island November 2020/April 2021, and about 2 weeks May 2021 in Austria - in the house of my mom in the Netherlands. At this time she is my host ;-), still enjoying the result of my paintjobs (I cleaned and painted almost every room in her house when I came back from Greece). Besides helping my mum (with daily tasks and in the garden) during my brakes here in my native town, I enjoy(ed) especially my walks with Aike (he went over the rainbowbridge when I was in Axstedt), the dog of a businesswoman living here in town.
    The Netherlands I left in November 2001. I went to Madeira, where I found a job in hotelbusiness. I started at reception, did public-relations (personal contact to the guests of the resort) and became manager of their fitness- and wellnesscenter.
    Living in the Netherlands I worked as accountant(manager) in the years 1993-2001 for two companies; both developing, building and selling machines. I started doing simple non-qualified administrationjobs and as well as in the Ondamar-resort in Caniço de Baixo near Funchal / Madeira, I developed my skills by study, common sense and experience.
    In the years before, after finishing school I experienced jobs like mailman (or mailwoman ;-)), working in a carfactory (where I first started as a production employee, working my way "up" into management), and serving in the local pub/hotel/restaurant as a teenager.
    About 1990 I was also selfemployed, pursuing a pub together with my ex-husband (I am divorced since 2001; no children). During the week we served mostly locals, in the weekend the pub was a well-known place where tourists and wanderers took a brake.
    In almost every job socially competence was inevitable and helpful.
    I worked from May - Sept. 2016 in a holiday resort on the beautiful Greec isle Patmos.
    Preparing the breakfastbuffet, daily cleaning and preparing the five houses and two studios for new guests, and taking care of two dogs and eleven cats, were a few of my tasks. Every service and activity needed to make our guests feel at home I provided with pleasure. Also I was allowed to offer massages for a free donation to the guests.
    After Patmos I went to Chios; another Greec isle, where I worked on an organic farm in Volissos after spending some time off in a holiday resort in Giosonas. I enjoyed the work on the fields and loved to take care of 14 dogs and a lot of cats, but after a week every not from clothes covered spot (including my face) showed swollen infected insectbites, and I was happy to accept the offer of the family in Giosonas to return, where I became part of the family and did all kind of jobs needed and appreciated (cleaning, ironing, gardening, massages).
    The family did not want me to leave, but after receiving a message of my mom that a dear friend of her died, I returned to the Netherlands. I cleaned and painted almost every room in the house of my mother.
    In Jan. 2017 I left the Netherlands again and stayed three months in Istanbul, were I took care of the lovely dog Luna, the two cats Smokey and Mino; kept Arzu's house clean; and offered her son Sarp assistance in learning English and German. Arzu welcomed me as a sister and I became part of the family.
    On May 5th I left to Norway, helping to take care of 25 sleddogs (6 of them stil puppies). Because my host accepted at that time a job as a hotelmanager, I stayed most of the time alone with those gorgeous creatures, spending about 5-6 hours daily to feed them, cleaning their places and connecting to them by communicating, caressing and showing them my affection in unconditional love. Besides that I cleaned and organized my host´s house (also washing a lot of laundry stuffed in the basement due to a recent move/relocation).
    December 13th I went to Sicily, taking care of four "street"dogs. I still miss Bob, Zorro, Gelsomina and Volpina a lot!!. They, like all the others, became a part of me; and going for a walk with Aike, I always invite them in my mind, heart and soul to join us :-).
    In Irland (02.06.2018 - 20.08.2018) I took care of a big family of Golden Retrievers; 9 adult dogs in the age between 14+ and 1 year old, a litter of 8 puppies and one litter of 5 puppies. A very intense and extraordinary experience; from being present at the birth of five beautiful creatures till supporting 12 year old Enya on her last journey to dogheaven.
    At the end of February 2019 I went to Axstedt/Germany for three months; mucking out the stables and cleaning the paddocks of 14 horses, taking care and enjoying the company of five gorgeous Briards (I am still very grateful that my host allowed me to share my room, and bed :-), with Momo and Fanta), cleaning the house, helping to fix fences,....
    In fact: doing what needs to be done for the benefit of the whole with love, attention, and efficiency.

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    Finally I like to end my profile with some remarks:
    I can stay as long as you want me to. Home is where the heart is. But to feel at home, to me it is inevitable that the persons I deal with are sincere! A balance between giving and receiving (NOT taking) should be created and established. If I dedicate myself to your project, I commit myself with heart, body and soul.
    A Moroccon person gave me the advice to first keep people on a distance before opening my heart. But that is not me!!! And giving up my attitude of compassion; being open-minded and willing to share everything I have to offer in a respectful honest way, feels like betraying myself and loosing my integrity.
    The language I most love communicating is the universal language of the heart. And during my stay in Greece, Turkey, Norway, Italy, Irland and Germany it appeared that also animals respond to this communication (I stil carry them all with me in my heart and mind!!!!!).

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      None, but I eat neither meat nor fish. But I don't mind if host does ;-). And since 2020 mainly eating vegan.