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    Hi my name is Philip and I am an Aussie traveller and entrepeneur. My career to now has been as a lawyer with a specialty working in renewable energy (solar power). I am motivated by living in a sustainable way that is in harmony with nature. I am passionate about learning about regenerative/syntropic farming, permaculture, natural building and caring for animals (particularly horses). I am also the founder of a startup seeking to use technology to achieve innovation in the yoga space by making yoga classes more accessible and affordable for all. I also work online as a consultant on renewable energy projects in Australia.

    In 2016-2018 I took an extended break and travelled. During this time I visited India, Nepal, Thailand, Israel and travelled within Australia. I did volunteer work in Ladahk, India with the Local Futures NGO with which I was a volunteer coordinator assisting local ladahki farmers with the yearly barley harvest, we also held regular workshops regarding localization initiatives. I also volunteered at a number of kibbutzim in Israel for three months, working on organic farms and assisting with general maintenance and building projects. I have also served as a volunteer at a few meditation centres (vipassana) and yoga centres, performing karma yoga and other forms of service. I also did trainings as a yoga teacher and a TEFL course, which I used to teach students at an Ananda Marga school in rural India (Uttar Pradesh) - I taught both english and moral studies. This time was the beginning of something for me, a desire to be of service to humanity, to build community and to work in practical ways towards creating a sustainable future. I also took seasonal jobs in Australia in construction and farming.

    Since 2018 I have been using my legal skills to develop renewable energy projects in Australia, but am now transitioning again into building the skills to develop community - with a particular focus now on further learning regarding permaculture and farming.

    My dream is to live on land with a small collection of close loved ones and friends and grow our own food and care for animals together. I am passionate about how we can create community and a sustainable way of life that does not deplete the earth's resources and allows us to develop strong ties and bonds of closeness and friendship and mutual support for each other. I believe this is what the world needs now more than anything else, as many issues seek to divide us. I believe we are one united human family and I want to be with others that share this with me.

    I am on workaway to find inspiration on this path and to learn new skills, to share and connect with others that have the same dreamings.

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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Entretien général
    Aider dans une ferme
    S’occuper des animaux
    Projets artistiques

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    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Aide informatique / Internet
    Travail associatif

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    I am a lawyer. I work as a consultant online with expertise particularly in renewable energy/solar power. My primary skill is contract drafting/negotiation, but I have general skills in office/administrative tasks that may be helpful for social entrepreneurs.

    I am an entrepeneur and founder of a startup seeking to achieve innovation in the Yoga space, making yoga classes more affordable and accessible for all.

    I am also an English teacher, I have done a TEFL course and have experience teaching English in a school in India to middle school aged children.

    I am also a yoga teacher, I did a 200hr yoga training with Sivananda Yoga School in Kerala, India in 2016. I am also an experienced meditator. I give classes in yoga, pranayama, breathwork and meditation - I usually do this by donation and as a form of 'service', I prefer not to charge for this kind of work, for me it is a kind of 'seva'.

    I have experience as a WWOOFER and a farm hand as well as in general construction. I have had seasonal jobs working on a tomato farm and as a laborer at a construction company, so I have basic construction skills. I have basic skills in carpentry aswell.

    I have experience as a volunteer coordinator, I am good at organising teams in a volunteer work setting.

    I am a part-time investor and trader, with a passion for ethical investing.

    I am quite handy with carpentry and love to learn more. I did a camper van conversion back in 2016-17, i love working with my hands and making things.

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    I am a TEFL certified english teacher, can teach to all levels. As a university graduate and a lawyer with ten years experience I am competent to teach professional level english to adults. I also have experience teaching english to children which I did as a volunteer at schools in India. I am learning Swedish (my partner is Swedish). I am a beginner but love to practice!

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    I am passionate about meditation and yoga, particularly Tibetan Buddhism. My favorite book is Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. I also love Pema Chodron's books. Tibetan Buddhism is one of the great loves in my life.

    I am a sci-fi buff and a big reader of science fiction novels. This is a real hobby of mine. I love discussing about future possibilities for humanity.

    I love to play chess and all kinds of card games (500 or euchre are my favorites, but also hearts, anything really - i love to learn new games)

    I love exploring the ancient wisdom traditions of the world and the true histories of this planet and its peoples. Can talk, study, read about these topics for hours and hours.

    I am looking forward to the next period of my life as I know that I will be working at learning skills of permaculture, farming and natural building. Along with my partner (who is Swedish, a massage therapist, yoga teacher and currently studying social work at Malmo University) I look forward to buying land when the time is right and creating a community of our own together. For now I am so excited to gather inspiration and knowledge in these skills that I want to develop in order to create this dream for our future.

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