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    27.04.2020 - 01.09.2020

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    Read this if you need a long-stay volunteer in you VINEYARD, as I would like to help out with work regarding wine production!


    I am a young woman from northern Norway, soon turning 29 years old. My name is Marthe, but when I travel I call myself Martha because that is what people call me anyway. I am looking for a vineyard and winery to volunteer for the length of 4 months, from May to September 2020. I am a student of Social Anthropology and I am currently working on my Master project which is called «wine production and globalization», where the volunteering will be my fieldwork for the project. I am looking for a vineyard where I can trade my working hours in turn of free accommodation.

    I am over average interested in wine, but know less about the details and steps around the wine production. So, I eager to learn more about it by working in the vineyard and helping in the wine cellar. It is also important for me to learn about Italian wine culture, and the culture in general. Maybe learn some Italian too! The goal with the fieldwork is to collect data about everyday life around wine, the meaning of wine for the people, traditions and new trends regarding production and marketing. But – for you as a host, I will be a normal volunteer who just stays a bit longer than a volunteer usually does, and you do not need to worry about my project (but I hope it is ok for me to ask a lot, about probably everything) :-)

    A little bit about myself: I grew up in a small island above the arctic circle in northern Norway, where the sun never sets in the summers, and polar lights are dancing in the skies in the winters. The weather is rough and we rarely get hot summers. So, I started traveling when I was 20 years old, to experience the good life in a hot climate around the world, and learn about people and other cultures. I loved it, so I´ve spent about 5 years of my adult life living abroad. I returned home in between to work and then hit the road again when I had enough money. I also did volunteering at hostels to keep the travel expenses low. In other words, I´ve just been an ordinary backpacker with urge to travel as much as possible.

    I started studying in the city of Tromsø in 2016, where I also met my partner whom I live with here. His two boys of 10 and 12 years old also live with us. We are a family that loves to travel! I will have to leave my family behind for being able to do this fieldwork for my Master project, but they will hopefully visit me a few times in Italy. According to my friends, I am an easy-going person, with lots of humour, which is not always the best sense of humour. My partner describes me as stubborn and a bit strict, but hey, that´s what you need to be when living in a house of boys only (even our dog and cat are males). Other than that, I am caring for people around me and want them to feel good and well in my company. I like to participate to a good atmosphere whenever I get together with people, and create positive vibes. Also, I love Italian food and wine, which I want to learn more about!

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    Aider dans une ferme
    Aider à la maison
    S’occuper des animaux
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    I do not know a lot about farming and production, but that is why I am volunteering! I eager to learn.

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    English: Courant
    Norwegian: Courant

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    Earlier workaways:
    3 weeks in Sri Lanka with sea turtles
    6 weeks in Albania on three different hostels

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