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    Hello my name is Luci. I am a 55 year old Englishwoman. I’m friendly and chatty and resourceful and enjoy having a good laugh. I'm from a small village in south west England and raised my three daughters here as a single mum. I am super lucky, I have had a nice life in the UK, and am happy but would like to experiment a little, with living in a different way. I made a great start on this by marrying my long term partner and travelling companion Richard in 2018, spent nine or so months building our own camper van and have since been travelling in mainland Europe with our dog.
    I’m interested in people and like hearing about experiences, dreams and ideas and new ways of seeing the world. I like nature and being outside, I like riding my bike, reading novels walking my dog, art house films, indoor climbing, printmaking, drawing.
    I’ve done some travelling, backpacking trips in India with my kids when they were young, lots of cycling holidays in Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark. I’ve backpacked Australia and lived in NZ for a couple of years.
    I’d love to be part of a project however big or small, help others, learn something, teach something, and hopefully find richness variety and inspiration. I hope also to discover something new about myself.

    And I’m Richard, husband of Luci, 57 years old. I have spent my working life as a spacecraft mechanical design engineer in the UK, mostly staring at computer screens, but have now left that behind to see a bit of the 'real world'. I gave up my job and house and converted an ambulance into a campervan allowing us to travel independently and get new experiences.
    Although I don’t have much in the way of directly transferable engineering skills (unless you need help in finishing that Mars rocket-ship project in the shed you’ve been putting off all these years!), I’ll try my hand at most things and can bring some of the imagination and technical knowledge that I have accumulated in this seemingly disconnected field to help on completely different projects. I have restored a number of 1950s cars and driven these and Land Rovers around Europe and North Africa. I've also travelled in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Syria, Chile, Ukraine &, Malaysia. I like to see the funny side of things and one of my outlets for this is drawing cartoons. I like to travel with a sketch book and do drawings of architecture too, so if you’d like a nice picture of your house then I can probably oblige. Mostly I want to help create new things in new places.
    Our converted ambulance allows us to travel 'off grid' and do workaways, so we are equipped with transport and some tools of our own, although we look forward to experiencing different accommodation and food that are hosts can offer. Unfortunately we cannot offer ambulance paramedic facilities!
    We are travelling with our small 12 year old dog called Chase (we think he's a cross between a Dachsund and Jack Russell terrier). His main interests are sleeping and eating.

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    Aider dans une ferme
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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Entretien général
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Accueil / tourisme
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    Luci: My job until recently has been trauma therapist. I’m usually working with people who have experienced psychological trauma, ptsd, things like that, so I can be a good listener. I can also share some ideas with you about mindfulness, body psychotherapy and mindful self study if you are interested in yourself in that way. Before this job, I was a gardener for many years, so I know something about horticulture, for example, I know how to propagate cuttings, prune, plant, dig mulch etc. I can use machinery like a strimmer and ride-on mower and how to prune fruit trees. I love being in my own garden which is full of flowers, raspberries tomatoes courgettes and chillies, I know about using organic pest control like nematodes and make my own compost. I’m a native English speaker so can teach you some of the language if you like.I also speak a bit of French. What else, I’m a mother, old enough to be a grandma now really, so I can help out with kids - all ages, babies to teenagers.
    I can cook, I particularly love spicy food, I can also bake cakes. I have an artistic side and really like printmaking with lino, so maybe I can show you how to make some great Lino prints. I’ve recently done a beginners woodwork course, building a cupboard using only handtools, I’m still learning this but it was great fun and I’d love to use the few skills I’ve learned to do something useful for you.
    Richard and I have spent the past year or so doing up our houses ready to let, so I know how to tile, sand floors with a machine, use power tools and paint well. We have also gained some DIY from skills working on our van, converting it from an Ambulance to a fully functioning home. I like animals and don’t mind picking up poop, (we have our own small dog travelling with us). I did some wwoofing in my twenties milking goats and cows by hand on organic farms, also catching and gutting fish, pruning fruit trees, and digging a latrine. All were remarkable enriching and fun experiences that yielded lasting friendships and I’m hoping to repeat this now.

    Richard: mechanical / aerospace engineering - what I used to do professionally; teaching technical subjects (some experience with secondary school physics & maths and aerospace engineering undergraduate students but no formal teaching qualification); some basic DIY - woodwork, electrical, plumbing, painting & decorating; car mechanics - maintenance and repairs on (older) vehicles; drawing & painting - technical, artistic stuff & cartoons; some recently-acquired basic skills from workaway projects - fencing, building with earth, carpentry, rendering, irrigation, tile and tin roofing, brick-laying, white-washing, cooking.

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    We are travelling with our small dog (Dachsund / Jack Russell cross). He's not that keen on cats, but they will always outsmart him! Nevertheless he is generally well-behaved and happy enough if he can sit around and watch us work.

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