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    my name is Fábio, I'm 19 years old, from Germany, and just graduated High School. I have family in Brazil that I'm eager to meet, but my first stop will be Portugal for six weeks to set up my trip to Brazil. I want to work and travel in Portugal, catch up on learning the language and improve my surfing. Ideally, work in a surf camp, assist the surf instructor, and do some chores. Beyond that, I'm interested in working in gastronomy. Also, I'm open to a farm stay or anything that includes working with animals. I'm a quick learner and would put all my effort into it.
    What I want right now is to find myself through travelling and my purpose in life. It's important to me to exchange cultures, meet young people with different backgrounds and explore the diversity the world holds up! That might sound cliche, but who cares.
    I value physical activity, the need to self-improve, and being less dependent on one's screen. I'm very social once the ice is broken. I enjoy spending quality time in a group and connecting with people eye to eye. Still, I'm as comfortable being alone. Lastly, I'm very enthusiastic and optimistic about opening my new chapter in life.

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    I want to learn Portuguese to connect more deeply with my father and get to know the other part of my heritage. I'm convinced that learning Portuguese will be the gateway to understanding and living the culture behind it. I'm also willing to do a language exchange. I can teach you my mother tongue (German) and English (C1-Level).

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    Accueil / tourisme
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    S’occuper des animaux
    Aider à la maison

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    As of now, I'm currently a tutor for a 12-year-old. My Schoolteacher asked me to tutor one of her younger students with a learning disability outside of school. I've been doing home visits once up to twice a week for the past year. I tutor him in every subject but primarily in English.
    Unfortunately, I do have a lack of work experience because I've focused heavily on school for the past years. However, I have a high work ethic, and once I've wrapped my mind around something, I'll get it done. Also, I do have experience in gardening. For example, I have cut down trees before and set up a fence around a meadow with a friend. In addition, I have experience working with animals as I've grown up around them. Over the years, my family and I raised and cared for wildlife till recovery.
    There was a full spectrum of different animals, from raising a magpie chick and two goslings to nursing an injured seagull and buzzard till they were released or handed to the appropriate organisation. Since a young age, I've been tasked with caring for different animals and am enjoying their company since.

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    I'm passionate about surfing. I've been surfing on several occasions with family, friends or on my own and have acquired the basics over the years. Unfortunately, due to the location of my home (too far away from the coast and suitable surf spots), I haven't been able to implement surfing in my daily life.

    Another hobby of mine I'm passionate about is bouldering. In the summertime of recent years, my friend and I went to climbing camps in the mountains. I definitely prefer to boulder or climb outdoors, but because of the landscape at home, I boulder at a gym.

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