Origine: Espagne

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    Compte individuel

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    Cambodge, Laos, Thaïlande, Vietnam

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    23.06.2019 - 30.09.2019

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    Hi, I’m Alejandro, 34 years old from Spain. I love meeting new people and get to know different cultures and languages, different ways of life, diving deep and experiencing them. I’m a very enthusiastic person, I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy a lot hanging out with people as well as I enjoy a lot being alone and quiet (specially in nature).

    I’m interested in nature, bushcraft and survival skills, wildlife, meditation and health. I meditate daily, I like hiking, Yoga, doing sport (I do Bodyweight-training) and I enjoy anything that involves moving the body.

    Last year I’ve become a therapist in something similar to Gestalt and NLP, but I haven’t worked yet. I’d like to change my career (I’m a mechanical engineer) and I’m still figuring out what is what I really and heartfully want to do, and what do I really enjoy doing. And I also want to discover in which way I can contribute at best to this world, I’m hungry and eager to give to this world.

    For that reason, although I might be an intelligent guy with amongst other good computer or programming skills, I’d like to take advantage of Workaway and try different things out to get to know myself better and discover new skills or hidden gifts, i.e. I want non-brain involving tasks to get my brain some holidays. I know I have various gifts yet to discover, therefore I love learning new things and pushing myself into tasks that I wouldn’t myself doing, like for example I started in the last months some painting/drawing classes and I love it and apparently I’m very good at it and I also started Biodanza (the dance of life) which is sort of an improvised dance.

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    Aide à la ferme
    Aide avec les animaux
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    Projet artistique

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    I’ve studied mechanical engineering and worked abroad in Germany at different automotive companies for around 8 years. I speak good english and german and a bit of portuguese and french. I’m open to any task, but as said in the profile I just want non-brain involving tasks (no task related to engineering). I’m in a changing phase of my life, last year I’ve become a therapist (in somthing similar to Gestalt and NLP) but still no experience and still figuring out what I really want, therefore I want to try different things out to see what it feels good.

    I love learning new things and I learn quick. I like cooking, I’m interested in anything that involves doing something with the hands: building things, any handcraft, any art thing (I’m in painting classes).

    I’ve attended several survival workshops where I’ve worked for example with wood, bones, leather, making arrows and lots of things.

    I’ve attended one workshop about the behaviour and conservation of Wolves and I’m interested in wildlife and being around animals.

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    I speak good english and german and a bit of portuguese and french.

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Doing the monkey in my city
At a Workshop about the behaviour of Wolves
Building our own bed with fallen leaves was so much fun and sleeping in there a great experience. In Wiesbaden (Germany)
My first painting. I've been at painting classes 6 months now.
Second painting. I've been at painting classes 6 months now.
My first drawing. I've been at painting classes 6 months now.