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    Im currently in Malta & im here to make more improvement on my English language so thus my purpose of being here is to make a language mate ! besides that Im really into a marine sports & conservation

    Ma prochaine destination :

    Poznań, Poland - du Aoû 2021 au Aoû 2023
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  • Description

    Hello 👋

    a little introduction of myself

    • Last few years I was in England & New Zealand for the education purpose of studying abroad and last June, I finally completed my final year of the program in England

    • I am an only child & mixed with multiple types of DNA even though I am only capable of speaking one language in which I grew up with it and a little bit of English

    • my family tree is straightforward. I do have my grandparents on my mum’s side, and since my parents divorced a decade ago so that event brought us to live with my mum’s grandparents until I started to leave the country for a good reason

    speaking of my experience in New Zealand, it was the first time I took serious action to get out of my comfort zone, and I still believe that was so much worth opportunity for me to think about the thing more widely than I did before and which leads to the present

    I had a dream about travelling to several numbers of countries since I was a kid, and now is the right time for me to make that happen in a real-life

    comes to the next, I genuinely interested to learn about the effective microorganism ( EM ) and it first developed by a Japanese professor

    anyway, I made my mind up to take a journey off to Poland since I got an idea of how ideally suited country Poland is to make a spectacular change in my life, especially if the person is planning to become a student, including myself

  • Centres d’intérêt

    Sports d'aventure
    Yoga / bien-être
    Activités en plein air
    Dev. durable
    Animaux de compagnie
    Végétarien ou végan
    Soin des plantes
  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Ça m'intéresse :  

    Tenir compagnie à une pers. âgée
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Travail associatif
    Pratique des langues

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Aider dans une ferme
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aide informatique / Internet

    Je peux apprendre aux autres :  

    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Accueil / tourisme
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    • Qualification of a Business diploma

    • the time I was in New Zealand, I used to lend a hand on my host mother's job. and that was my first experience in the field of working with kids as a job

    it lasted long roughly two and a half years and this amount of time is referred to as the number of days I spent my life in Newzealand

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    Langues parlées
    Japonais: Courant
    Anglais: Intermédiaire

    Plus de détails sur les langues qui m'intéressent
    Well, I reckon that this is not a coincidence, but my future job is to become a teacher at my local community of hometown in Japan & I am hoping to gain more experience with it even so it does not have to be directly connected to it at least a place where I can build up a lot more knowledge of how to handle the children

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    As I have already mentioned above the section that I am a soft vegetarian

    Also I am a teenage boy who has been struggling to deal with a skin issue for a very long term which leads me to believe that taking less gluten will give some positive impact on it

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    • Allergies

    • Régime alimentaire spécial
      Lacto-Ovo vegetarian




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