Origine: Royaume-Uni

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    Compte individuel

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    Cambodge, Tunisie, Vietnam

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    03.03.2019 - 12.04.2021

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    Super Workawayer

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    à la maison

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    I am a conscientious and reliable hard worker, who can work easily on my own or with others. I can give ideas and take instructions. I am flexible and adaptable, yet like to be organised.
    I am a quiet person, unobtrusive and respect privacy. I will do work asked of me, take initiative if required and do not need to be looked after. I value others knowledge and experience to assist me in both the work and social aspects of being in a new place yet am also able to do things alone. I am easy going and get on with a wide variety of people who I have met in my work environment and on my travels. I have lived with complete strangers when overseas who have come from different countries, different ages, different backgrounds. This has been very enjoyable as it has resulted in many interesting conversations mixing my perspectives with other individual’s perspectives creating good friends, who I am still in contact with across the world.
    I don't smoke or drink, but have no objection to others doing so.
    I have lived in 7 countries outside of England and visited a further 38. Many years ago I lived in Greece and spent time olive picking then moved to Israel and lived on a kibbutz. This was my first experience of communal living and sharing tasks, mealtimes etc with others, whilst still having a specific job of looking after turkeys and fruit picking. More recently I lived in Nigeria on placement with Volunteer Services Overseas, providing organisational development support for a local voluntary organisation. Then in India, Morocco, Tanzania and Egypt teaching English as a second language. I have travelled for pleasure and to work both paid and unpaid.
    In England, I have owned a local grocery store, worked in distribution, and spent five years working in the NHS as a management consultant. My last full time employment was for many years in Urban Regeneration, as the Chief Executive, managing a wide range of programmes with local partners to improve local neighbourhoods.
    I think education and learning is very important for everyone. I enjoy helping children to learn so I have volunteered my time in a few situations to enable me to do this, at primary schools helping the children learn to read and overseas teaching foreign children English Language, I take great pleasure from seeing the children learning and progressing skills that will help them along in their lives in the future. This has also led me to do casual work, covering for absent teachers in local secondary schools, and also volunteered at my local Bookcycle. I also volunteer with new people arriving in my home town who need help with English conversation.
    I am not good at cooking, cleaning or anything housework related but will do my share. I do odd jobs around the home, painting, clearing out, power washing etc.
    I am interested in gardening , farming , environmental outdoor workaway.
    In England I look after my two daughters’ gardens, weeding, planting, harvesting etc for a mix of flowers and fruits & vegetables. My five young grandsons help, I love watching them when they find new plants growing, answering their questions and encouraging their curiosity. I also look after my mum's established garden. Four years ago I became involved in a Community Garden, I now do most of the weeding, planting, maintenance and harvesting of fruit and vegetables which are donated to the local community. Once I am out in a garden I find it difficult to come inside, there is always one more little job to do. Often I am out all day.
    I keep fit and active by weight training, walking QiGong and yoga. I like to read and knit.
    I remember the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future
    I am looking for opportunities where I can help by using my labour, skills and experience whilst at the same time experiencing something new. Workaway can be from a week to a couple of months depending on when, what and where the workaway is available. I will on average be available from October to June.I like to spend the summer months in England with family.

  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Entretien général
    Aider dans une ferme
    Accueil / tourisme
    Travail associatif
    Pratique des langues
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    Organisational -I can plan and prioritise work that needs to be completed either alone or with others. I am used to meeting targets.

    Communication - I am a good listener, with flexible speaking styles developed over the years to suit different circumstances, people, and objectives.

    Team work - I have experience of working with lots of different people and can adapt as needed.

    Time Management -I can assess from resources and objectives what needs to be done and roughly how long it will take, but I often want to carry on till a job or section of work is complete rather than stop at a specific time.

    Problem Solving - I am good at looking at a situation from several angles and making sure I have talked to whoever else can help, so we are all involved in reaching a good solution.

    Gardening - I have been gardening for many years, growing fruit vegetables and flowers. I have grown from seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and division. I have created different types of borders, depending on location and soil type, a rockery , a pond , container planting, indoor plants etc. I have made jams, jellies and preserves, and winter stored vegetables.

    DIY - I am good with a paintbrush, I have also put on tiles and grouting, remortered brickwork, power washed paving, and will have a go at any job.

    Teaching English as a second language - I have taught a range of age groups in both formal and informal settings in a number of countries. I prefer one to one, or small groups.

    Supporting children to read and write - I have experience both in England and overseas again formal and informal .

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    English: Courant

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    I love to travel, I enjoy new experiences. Open spaces, small towns are preferred to big cities. My travel has been a mix of pure sightseeing and volunteering or working in a specific small town location and visiting places from there. I prefer the latter as I feel that I can give something to the place in return for taking the memories and experiences . I like to make a contribution big or small, I have been in Canada, Jordan and Cyprus.
    I can assure you I will give 100% to any task and to fitting in with life in any Host"s home. Workaway will enable me to travel more on a limited budget, stay in some really unique and interesting places, share my knowledge and experience, continue learning, and for this I will be very grateful.

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