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    Espagne, Maroc

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    16.09.2019 - 01.06.2022

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    Travelling is my school, hitchhiking is my play time, and volunteering my classroom.

    I do have a lot of experience volunteering (around 4 years) but I haven't used workaway a lot. I often go back to places I know to give a hand as my work is quite appreciated since I already know the routine, the place and don't have to adapt. I can give you the messenger/mail/email/whatsapp adresses if you'd like to ask them about me.

    Anyhow, I've been a volunteer for a couple of years now. Since then I kept on travelling (4 years) and studying (finished now) at the same time. I found some of the places on the way.
    I'm a hitchhiker, usually travelling without using money. I'd rather camp than get a hostel in a city. I'm close to animals and usually get a good connection with them (I'm currently writting with a dog snorring on my lap). I also really enjoy to work soil, vegetables, fruits, trees etc... I come to like more and more building (mostly natural materials as wood, stones...) as I build up these kinda skills along the places I go.
    I'm quite easy going, very open minded, I recognise my mystakes, and my travel friends say I'm fun to be around with (also the farmers actually).
    I seriously enjoy cooking vegan meals, and along with that I like to keep a place sane and in order if I have time.

    If I'm here it's mostly to learn how to maintain a farm going on, and other beneficial skills. I would definitely like to have my own self sufficient ecological place in the future, but I do need to learn more. Workaway is for sure the best place for this as I had many great experiences throughout the years.

    I'll never be lazy but often relaxed, and that's if I'm confident with my work (meaning that it will be finished on time and properly) and the place. Let just say I know how to manage my time to be the most efficient possible.

    I don't believe in capitalism, hence why I want to learn how to run a farm, be self sufficient as much as possible, ecological, organic... This would be my contribution to climate change.

    My profile is still being updated and this part may change when I remember all the stuff I need to :)

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    Ça m'intéresse :  

    Entretien général
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    S’occuper des animaux

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Aider dans une ferme

    Je peux apprendre aux autres :  

    Pratique des langues
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    Taking care of animals, fencing, cooking, driving, building (I can do pretty anything if the technique is shown to me, I love woodwork), gardening too, haying...
    And of course I'm willing to learn a lot more!

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    French: Courant
    Sami: Courant
    Italian: Débutant
    Swedish: Débutant

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    As said up here I am volunteering to learn skills. But this is only the base, it's also about meeting the locals, roaming around a country and getting to know its culture.

    Now I love nature. Between (or even during) my volunteerings I would go hiking for several days in a national park or something. I like camping quite much, mountain tops and seas, sunsets, barbecues and all. Ho, I love fires! You know campfires, stove fires...
    I also love a game of cards with a glass of wine (cause I'm french :D) or a beer, and passionate or/and deep discussions.

    I love music, sports and reading. I've kinda learned guitar on my own but I did music for 8 years when I was younger. I run quite much, training for halves and full marathons, trails, but also did judo, badminton, sailing, indoor climbing and all other sorts...
    Somwthing very different from all that i did during a volunteering is a Vipassana retreat (10 days meditation retreat foe the ones qho never heard about it).

    Last thing, I've studied visual arts and I do photography. If you ever want or actually need to see those pictures, I invite you to check out my instagram account with my name Remi Grebot. There might be some more infos about myself on the pictures, all the hikes, how I see the world, the farms I visit...

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