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    Hi !

    I grew up in the south of France between city and nature. When I was a teenager I had a lot of animals (dogs, cats, goats, poultry, gooses, ducks). We had a vegetable garden that I helped take care of and I’ve always been around a lot of gardening and manual activities (creative ones like making jewelry but also handy ones like giving new life to furniture). In my family we also had milk cow farm that I visited when I was a kid. I am very confortable around animals in general. At school, I was in a sport program class where we practiced sailing (catamaran and windsurfing) for 4 years.

    I am passionate about horse back riding. I practiced it from 12 to 20 yo. In France, they have Galop 1 to 7 that we can pass to validate our equestrian level, 7 being the highest with which you can apply to your teaching course. I went up to Galop 6. I did some local jumping competition, and practice dressage, and other disciplines..
    I had to take a break when I started university and moved to Montreal, but as I still love it very much, I’m going back at it this year !!
    I am also passionate about few more things. While I had no access to horse back riding I was practicing Ballet for years both in France and in Quebec. I even experienced street dance style (hiphop and others) . I did some shows in both ballet and street dance, did some battles too. Also,I was part of a project founded by the CALQ, around hiphop culture, to build a cultural center in early 2020. In 2019 I was introduced to the practice of martial arts.

    On a professional side, I have a bachelor in International business from both Skema Business School (France) and Concordia (Montréal). I moved to Canada in 2012 to finish school, and I stayed !
    The thing is, I changed career path to something that was a better fit with me - while keeping all the great business skills I’ve build! I have always been interested about health, and leaned a lot on my own health over the past year, so in 2019 I started a 3 years course to become Naturopath (Holistic Medecine - nutrition, plants, healthy life style etc.) Hence, this means I do love nature!

    I have always committed deeply in what I am doing, in what I learned, it’s important for me. I have done for volunteer works, I was the president of a school association and I was for several year a board member of my university’s alumni chapter.. I enjoy learning and having a diverse skill set - both manual and intellectual !

    Finally, I am here because I obviously love traveling. And doing so while working and meeting new people is such an amazing idea! I cannot wait to experience it!! My goal for this summer is to travel to a Canadian Ranch/Farm where I can practice horse back riding and learn about your way of horsemanship, to help with animals, gardening, house work (cooking etc) and any project that is happening - Manual/physical work is welcome.

  • Centres d’intérêt

    Sports d'aventure
    Activités en plein air
    Dev. durable
    Animaux de compagnie
    Dessin et peinture

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  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Ça m'intéresse :  

    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Travail associatif

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Entretien général
    Aider dans une ferme
    S’occuper des animaux
    Accueil / tourisme
    Projets artistiques

    Je peux apprendre aux autres :  

    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Pratique des langues
    Aide informatique / Internet
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    - House work: cleaning, cooking. I have always built my furnitures by myself, install my own shelved, etc. Sometimes fixing some basic plumbing. My mom introduced me when I was young to furniture make over. I love plants and I have plenty at home. I live in the city but I always try to plant some vegetable, fruits, flowers in the summer. I grew up on the country side helping with vegetable garden.
    - Animal care: I grew up with dogs, cats, goats, ducks, gooses, poultry... I even helped my goats and cat give birth once while a kid. I practiced horse back riding for 8 years so I have experience with horses as well. I am still practicing on a less frequent basis, but I am aiming to practice more. Some family members had milk cows farms, so I have been around and I am very confortable in any animal situation.
    - I have a business school degree, so I have the various skills in that filed.
    - I am soon going to graduate and be a Naturopath (holistic Medecine) so I have knowledge on health, nutrition, plants, etc.
    - I dance too. I have done years of ballet, and some street dance (hip-hop, krump...).
    - I did some martial arts and boxing too (prior cover closing down)
    I like sport in general, and walks in nature.
    - I speak French (mother tongue) and English. A while back I was good at Spanish too, but it would take me some heavy revision to get back to it.
    - others: I make my own body/face creams, I have an interest in lithotherapy and make some basic jewelry when I feel creative, sometimes I practice yoga.
    - I am a great learner, I have interests in many things, and like to discover new activities.

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    Anglais: Courant
    Français: Courant

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    I am not a teacher, but I am fluent in French and I had helped people to learn French before. I also had plenty of English courses throughout university so I could help on that if needed.

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