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Origine: Royaume-Uni

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    14.02.2017 - 17.08.2020

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    Hello people of Workaway!
    A little bit about me, I'm a 26 year old male from the UK who's looking to broaden my cultural experience and learn how to craft with more natural materials.

    I'm a chatty, friendly guy who loves the company of most people, even people who have completely different views to me, I find it so interesting to hear other peoples opinions on the way of the world and the way of living. Always got a smile on my face and enjoy my own company as much as I do that of my closest friends. I'm pretty open and willing to speak my mind. I'm just as good at working as I am chilling, you gotta work hard to play hard!

    My first travel was to Australia for 2 years on my own, making friends and new companions on the way. It was a pretty off the cuff move so I found myself making money wherever and however I could. I did a whole host of jobs, manual labour orientated mostly, from organic fruit and veg harvesting to demolition and construction work. Since this excursion I have developed very strong ties with an English family (with four boys!) in the north of Melbourne, who I have lived with for a total of 8 months over the last 4 years. When I visit, I repair their mud-brick house in exchange for rent and food.

    I have done bits of WWOOFING whilst I was in Australia and have had two workaway experiences in the Philippines. One was helping a hostel owner establish an eco-hostel on a very secluded island. It was a beautiful place but a little too laid back for me, I found myself rather bored after two weeks so I moved to a dive orientated place. This was much more suited to me. The main aim was to educate the local kids about the marine world that was on their doorstep and participate in beach clean ups. I only stayed a week sadly as my money and visa were running out.

    After this I went to Vietnam where I taught English for 3 months in Saigon. I loved the teaching aspect but I didn't agree with the teaching approach of the school so I came back to the UK to continue working on my friends farm.
    I've done a variety of jobs from various forms agricultural work, from dairy and organic pig farming to more machine orientated work such as tractor driving and operating forklifts/JCB's. I have done also done a variety of manual labour jobs such as demolition, construction and labouring for brick layers. Iv been in and out of this kind of work since I was a young lad helping my grandad with various tasks.

    I have also been at workaway positions in Thailand - working behind the bar of a small but sociable hostel for one month in Koh Lanta. After which I returned to the diving workaway in the Philippines for two weeks to catch up with the people and do some lovely dives. Followed by a year working in New Zealand - mostly agricultural jobs (erecting wind shelters on Kiwi orchards in the winter, then driving machinery for vineyards in the summer/autumn).

    The final workaway project I have taken part in was just outside Barcelona (Spain), tucked away in the beautiful mountains for three months. This was the experience from any volunteer position that I will hold closest to my heart. To see how people can live in harmony with nature, each other and themselves. Most of the work was manual construction using as much natural material as possible and with as little pollutants.

    As for what I enjoy doing, it encompasses a lot of small passions with no true focus on one. At the moment I have been getting back into the flow of doing yoga almost daily (solo practice). I change my approach a lot, some months I practice every day (which is what I hope to continue!) but sometimes life gives me distractions.

    I'm a keen diver, I only have my open water PADI at the moment but I have 30 dives and intend to increase both my number of dives and my level of certificates. I have a passion for marine life - I have done since I was a child. I studied marine zoology at university and now aim to intertwine my love of oceanic life with some sort of sustainable and perhaps educational role for me to play over the coming years. I'm a lover of the outdoors without too much exertion; I enjoy a nice walk but I'm not an avid hiker - but I do love camping and fishing!

    I'm big into my music despite not having any musical talents whatsoever - apart from dancing, I love a good boogie! My taste ranges from metal and reggae to drum and bass and hiphop with most things included in between. I've tried my hand at a couple circus performances such as using a fire staff or diablo and juggling - again, I got the basics down but with a change of pace and scenery my attention floated away from these to other random stuff.

    I'm always willing to try my hand at new skills and I'm on a bit of a 'jack of all trades' mission at the moment, wanting to gain the basic understandings for most things I come across to gauge whether or not it may be something I would pursue further.
    That's all that really springs to mind at the moment but if you wish to know more please don't hesitate to send me a message.
    Cheers guys!


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    Entretien / Bricolage
    Aide à la ferme
    Aide à la maison
    Aide avec les animaux
    Travail associatif
    Aide avec les langues

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    Can work with manual and electronic tools, can drive most vehicles (I have my drivers licence and have experience driving motorbikes), teach English to foreign students, dive at open water level, point out pretty fish in the sea!
    I'm no culinary wizard but I'm always on board to help out in the kitchen whether it be cooking or cleaning and I have no problem doing some of the dirty smelly work.

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    English and a small amount of Spanish.

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      Slightly sensitive stomach, doesn't deal well with heavy cream.

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