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    Hi. I am Kira,21 years old and from Germany. I used to live near Hamburg which was amazing. It was a small sized town, on the one hand we had nature and the coast nearby, on the other hand we were close to Hamburg. For me, that was a perfect mixture. I could experience both city life and nature. Now I am living near the Baltic Sea because I moved here for studying Leisure and Tourism Management. I love to be near the coast and to breathe some fresh air which was a huge factor of choosing the university here. It is a nice city, a little bit bigger than my home town, with a lot of touristic features and an isle nearby. I am living in a shared flat because I love to talk to my flatmates or cook with them together in our kitchen which we often do. This is due to the fact that I have two younger siblings, and always had peple around me. But I love my flatmates because everything is working out so well (like buying toilet paper or cleaning the flat) even if we have no strict rules.
    Generally, I am a very joyful person and always happy to travel and meet new people and learn about new cultures. I am kind of very active, doing sports and work in a cafe as well as I am a voluntary helper. For eample, I eat breakfast and play with children every week. This is why I started to do workaway. I was in England and also France and helped cleaning the cottages and caring for the horses, and it was one of the best experiences I could ever made. I would love to see every place that is possible for me to go to without damaging too much which is also the focus of my studies. I am very open-minded to meet new people and to get to kow them or jst jin them for a little while. And because of a lot of international students coming to Stralsund I also know a lot of places I would love to see because others told me about where they come from, about their home towns and other places to visit. Thus, for example, I spent a semester abroad in beautiful Spain continueing my study courses from here.

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    I am an easy going person happy to meet people and help out whenever it is possble. I am fast in learning how to handle situations or how to do tasks. Iam comunicative though on the first day, I just have to get to know the person I am staying or working with I guess. But I am always ready for having a laugh and to enjoy life. I love to be active so I don´t mind hard work or a lot to do. In my free time. I am doing a lot of sports and I love hiking or going on a bike tour. I am working with children once a week to establish something like a big family with all the others volunteering as well. I love to be around them because they are also always happy to see me, do something with me and learn some new things from me. I was riding before I moved to another place to study, so I am experiencd in handling horses and dogs as well because of my latest work experience. There are a lot of other thngs I do, but I think the listed points can show my personality well.

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