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    I am a dynamic 47 yo woman, cheerful, like joking arround, even I am responsible and reliable... if I commit to do something... I just do it. I like to meditate things. Volunteering, and help others, right now I am volunteering in an orphanage in Mercedes (Argentina) doing whatever is necessary, most of all school support. Last year I was in Tarragona teaching how to read and write to immigrants. I like people, lenguages other cultures... easy going people. Good company. Good sense of humor and being well! 😊 Ohh!!! As a good Spanish I love to sing and dance! 🤣
    I studied one year in USA so I speak fluent English without any trouble.
    My first job was tourist guide in my hometown... so just contact me if you're interested on some explanations or a walk arround Tarragona! 😉

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    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
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    Almost all my life I was working at offices with computers, documents, burocracy... but stopped a few years ago...

    I like languages, nowadays I am in Mercedes (Argentina) volunteering in an orphanage doing whatever is necessary but most of all school support to the 23 children we have here! 😅. Last year I was in Tarragona teaching Spanish, Catalan and how to write and read to immigrants... and love it... my students are a great satisfaction to me, most of all when they are able to read their children's school notes! 😊I can also teach maths to children under 15, as well as English, have been support teaching for decades. I have drivers lesson and can drive a 9 sits van.
    I like cooking, most of all deserts... my brownie, carrot cake and flan have lots of success! 🤣 But also regular and vegetarian meals!
    Also love crafts such as card making, crochet, origami, patchwork... any! Love to sing and dance, even I would not say it's an skill... I just enjoy doing it as a good Spanish I am!!!

    My first job was a tourist guide in my own city, Tarragona, so if you are arround and want a tour just contact me 😉 just if I am not traveling in that moment though!!

    Nature, meditation, good and interesting conversations, spirituality, well it's a bit hard to resume one's essence on a few lines! 😊

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    Catalan: Courant
    Anglais: Courant
    Espagnol: Courant
    Slovenian: Débutant

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    I am learning Slovenian

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    Once in my life... when I got divorced I got really, really deep... so I joined a Christian community... over there my depression and problems disappeared when I was there for about 8 months... since it was a free community, no payment at all... I decided I would return what I received and decided to stay in the community helping out others as well as I was aided when needed... so I stayed over there for 5 years... the routine was hard but worthy... getting up at 6, getting ready breakfast for 25-30 women, waking them up, getting ready for a long day... daily meeting and driving them to wherever they needed... different jobs, since to choose clothes of all the donations, selling them in the different stores or markets, fixing furniture, working in the pantry with the donated food, distributing, cooking, cleaning... etc. The girls needed to go to the doctors, or other document, get id card renovation, etc etc.. also leisure time... taking them to the beach, trips, etc.! That was a huge, amazing experience that made grow up as a person and get so much experience wich can't be explained here... imagine... 5 years in a free center for people with all kind of problems: homelesss, depression, abused, drugs... etc
    Now I am kind of repeating the experience but this time with kids.... I am living at an orphanage with 23 children, so I'm never bored at all!! Love them soooooooo much!! 🥰

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