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    Pérou, Équateur

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    15.03.2020 - 15.11.2020

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    I salute all the beautiful souls!
    My name is Christina and my hometown is Athens.
    Two years ago I had been a workawayer at Italy for 2,5 months. I stayed with three different hosts at Marcianno (eco-sustainability property), Orte (help in the house, but more like a school) and Zagarolo (hostel), near nature, far away from big city and its distractions! Then, i needed an escape from noise and chaos. I wanted to silence my mind and stop following 'the job-entertainment-sleep" type of life.
    My motivation, then, was to come closer to me, to give me space and time to explore, to feel and see what is hidden inside of me. It was the best choice I've ever made .It was a profound experience, an experiential school with lots of insights!
    But, let's get back at the present. Also, in these years i have had a wish. To travel to the Andean States, to come in touch with the indigenous sacred plant medicine, Ayahuasca, and help me with my healing process.
    I remember that the first thing i came across in internet was DMT. I was watching my first type of documentary video and i got goosebumbs on my skin. I was like "woow there is something that we don't have a clue of its existence and nobody never in this society informed us. There is so much more!! Survival and making money can't be the purpose of life."
    And then I found Ayahuasca!! (Also, the second host in Italy was preparing a space for making ceremonies in the future. And i was like this can't be a coincidence.)
    I was watching documentaries and testimonies of people and their experiences and i was feeling a relief, i was hopefull! So many people with all the type of diseases, of "incurable" diseases based on the west medical science, with heavy traumas, with things that they were carrying without knowing how to release them in order to live the life they deserve. So much pain and suffering.
    And, yet, the process of the ceremonies, the faces i was watching, the words i was hearing, before and after the ceremonies.. for me it was a miracle.
    Mother Ayahuasca offers to us the possibility, the chance to reconnect, with the most direct way, with our inner world, to connect with the spirit world, to remember who we truly are and why we are here! I see it as a divine gift!
    So my motivation now, for this trip, is my personal healing and my reconnection with the spirit!
    Through the healing of the self i will be able to be here, on the earth, conciouss and free from the dividing delusion, ready to share the love and light with all the creation.
    I want to release the staff that don't serve me or anybody anymore, to heal past and genealogical traumas, to fully expose and shrink the parasitic ego and get in touch and resonate with the love, the truth and the wisdom that lie inside of me· waiting for me to fully awake, to remember, for the greater good!
    And I'm really grateful for the existence of "Workaway" and for all the people in here, who, cooperating with Mother Ayahuasca, her healing qualities and love, want to help in humanity healing and in the evolution of conciousness.
    Thank you for reading these words, and I hope to meet some of you in person:)
    And now it's time for some music!!! :D

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    In exchange of hosting me in your therapeutic place I will offer you my presence, energy and time!
    When I'm a part of something that I consider it worthfull and I know that the intention of it is the service for the commonweal , I will be, indeed, part of it and I will help with any way I can. I will offer all of my physical and mental energy.
    I'm a student, but I'm a quick learner when I engange in something that resonates with me.
    Also, I consider myself an empathetic person. I have the ability to listen and understand the other. When the other person wants to share something i want to be truly there, give him/her a safe space to express her/himself fully.
    I'm also an energetic and physically strong person. I like physical activities and generally be on the move.

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    I believe that our bodies, through dancing and with the presence of music, which creates a safe place, and our voices, are the vehicle for human's expression and for getting in touch with our trueself and our natural ecstatic state. It's when you get in this place of not thinking and just feeling and letting your body do what it needs to do.
    So yes, i loove dancing and music, and, especially, electronic beats, that resonate with me in a unique way.
    I like walking, exploring, photography, spend time with myself and be on the move.
    Oh, and I studied at the Department of Physical Education in Thessaloniki (with specialization on outdoor sports activities). :)

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