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    Hiii, I am Karim. I am from Bremen, a city in the north of Germany. My mom always saved money to travel around with me and my sis. So quite early in my life I grew up to a very open minded person, who loves to seek adventures and new experiences. Routines are imoprtant, but i love the idea of not knowing whats to come, so every day is full of surprises. Being around people, is giving me lots of energy, but at the same time I really value my alone time. I am generally easy going though. Therefore I can adapt to many places and situations, which is quite handy.
    In my free time, I like to express myself through art, music or flow arts like juggling, skating and dancing. I am just looking for these moments where I am completely in the zone, and creative tasks are enhancing this feeling. However, I am open for anything new to learn and dont wanna limit my perception by judging something I dont know.
    2019, when I finished my Highschool degree. I went straight to Portugal and had my first workaway experiences in some communities. Since then I was hooked to see more community structures and alternative living methods (like permaculture). So I ended up in India in a massive community project in Auroville. Over there I have learned various tasks, that involved work to keep the community going, like cooking, cleaning and working with animals and about reforestation (the main project). Since then I was aiming to become a bio dynamic gardener. However, 2 months ago, I have finished a 3 months internship at a sustainabilty project called "weltacker", which should have set the way for my apprenticeship, but I have noticed in that time, that the work isn´t getting me into the zone. So I am not finding myself being comepletly present in the moment, which got me thinking: is this the right direction I am heading? The answer is: I don't know. So I am here, trying to find the answer on my journey abroad.

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    Travail associatif
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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider dans une ferme
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    I am a very creative, sporty person with lots of energy.

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