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    Permaculture, animal care/work, farming, sustainability, self-sufficiency, natural gardening, eco-building, self-development, singing, dancing, cooking, sports

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    France - du Jul 2022 au Déc 2028
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    We are Charleen from Germany and Jules from France. In 2017 we decided to travel together by bicycle. We crossed Europe from France to Turkey and made the way back through the Balkans.
    It took us about a year and a half, as we like to take our time to connect with our environment.
    We already experienced more than 20 different workaway places together so far.
    We are used to work together as a good team, and we enjoy it. We both are fit and not afraid of hard work.
    The philosophy of our life is quite simple: we both want to slow down and reducing our needs in general.
    After having experienced traveling, we are both seeking for a place to settle down and to start building up a place where both, nature and human can thrive peacefully.

    If you would like to know more about us, you can have a look to our respective descriptions below.

    Thank you for your interest! :)


    Charleen's description:

    Hello to everyone!
    I am Charleen (25 years old) coming from Berlin, Germany. I am currently living at my mom’s place in Berlin, but I am pretty much ready for a change!

    Here a little insight into my story:
    Straight after high school, I went to New Zealand for “work&travel” (2015). This first big travel was already about meeting myself and connecting with new people and natural surroundings. I worked on two different farms and realized that I love to work outside and like being close to animals. That's where and how Jules and I met.

    Back in Berlin I passed two internships - in an animal shelter and at a veterinary, but finally started to study biology. However, I quickly realized that I want to quit studying in the city and want to travel again - so I started the bike-tour together with Jules (…).
    Volunteering through workaway felt like the best way to connect with people and to participate in their ecological projects concerning to Jules and my interest in permaculture. I really enjoyed this time and learned new things about gardening, natural building, wild edible plants, cooking, camping, children and animal care – and basically focused on slowing down in life - being more connected to myself and nature.

    But I also found out that I (still) feel very connected to my family, as I decided to come back and live again at my mom’s place after traveling.
    During the last year (2020) I worked with a good friend, having fun while selling vegetables in a market hall, in Berlin city. But since I start to lose happiness and faith about the “normal” city-life, feel pretty disconnected to my current surrounding and also undecided about choosing my way of education, I am now willed to make a change again.

    As we already described above, we both are slowly looking for a place to build up our own home. Therefore, I want to jump deeper into topics like – sustainability and self-sufficiency including: building with natural materials, do handcrafting, how to make up my own vegetable and fruit garden, how to include and treat animals, the same for children.

    My wishes:
    I basically want to learn how I can be able to bring my abilities, interests and needs into one working healthy cycle for me, my family and nature with just few money.
    Besides that, I plan to do more internships and perhaps starting an apprenticeship in an ecological or social field.
    Furthermore, I can imagine of being active in human and animal rights; working with disabled people and refugees combined with animal-assisted therapy and/or therapy through singing and dancing.

    My skills: I am good at dancing and singing. I do like working physically and I am generally good at sports.

    A little insight of me:
    I consider myself as an open- and free-minded person, which likes to laugh and connect with people and my surrounding. I do love communal life, but at the same time I also feel comfortable with being and working just by myself. In general, I am an easy-going person and adapt very fast to a new place with new tasks. I am also an emotional, caring and an empathetic person.

    I am vegeterian, on the way to reduce dairy food and to eat more raw than cooked food. I love cooking and baking, so I enjoy trying new recipes. I do smoke cigarettes, but not extremely. As I try to reduce it, I respect every none-smoker and none-smoking areas.

    I am glad you read until here and I hope to meet you very soon. :)

    Jules' description:

    I am Jules (31 years old) from a small village nearby Strasbourg in France. At this time, I live at my mum's place, but I use to travel a lot this last 5 years.

    Here is a bit of my story:
    Earlier in the past, I studied Biology and I got my master's degree in pharmacology in 2016. I quickly realized that working in this field was not for me and then I started to listen to my deep wishes which were traveling far away from Europe. Then I ended up in New Zealand where I spent 1 year and 3 months. During this time, I completely change how I used to live: I traveled from place to place with my van, I experienced my first workaway projects,
    I worked in a restaurant for half a year while living in a hostel, I learnt a new culture with a new language, etc.
    This experience allowed me to get to know more about myself - What I want to reach in my life, how and where I will make it. I slowly had a vision of my future and since then I am making my way to reach it.
    Permaculture has been one of the main doors that I was happy to open up. The philosophy was really similar to my way of living. Then I decided to meet people which are having the same ambition as me - living among nature.
    From 2017, I built up my bicycle and went back on the road again.
    I crossed many countries, met a lot of people, seen beautiful landscapes and had a real feeling of freedom.
    Charleen joined me during the trip. I went to more than 30 different workaway places during 1 year and half.
    This allowed me to get a strong experience in permaculture. It even became my passion.
    Back to France in 2019, for some reasons, I stayed longer than I expected in my hometown. I started to get more involved in the village as I knew I will stay for a while.
    I created an association called "Perm à Wangen" based on the permaculture philosophy. About 15 people joined and we decided to create several sharing gardens. They are still running at this time.
    I even became part of the council of the village. The mayor liked what I was doing with the association and wanted me to build up some projects about ecology for the village. Then we created for the first time a place where we are recycling organic matter. We are producing compost and mulch for the village.
    Moreover, to sustain myself, I started my own little company. I provide my help for people who want to build up a permaculture garden, want to learn about wild edible plants, natural building and so on.

    Few words about myself: I would say that I'm patient, resourceful, friendly, respectful, passionate, aware and frugal.

    My skills: permaculture designer, natural builder, teacher, animals care, cook

    My wishes: improving my natural building skills, building up my own house made of natural materials, creating a food forest, reaching self-sufficiency, teaching permaculture to more people (in schools, etc.)

    Thanks a lot and we hope to meet you very soon. :)
    Charleen and Jules

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    Natural gardening, Natural building, Animals care, Farming, Cooking, Edible wild plants, Dancing, Singing, sporty, creative in painting and drawing

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    Germany, France

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    Charleen is a "light" smoker

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