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    Hello i am Selva, I was born in a Town in the Peruvian Andes surrounded by crops. Searching for 'progress' my family moved to the big cities of Argentina when I was 13 years old. I Studied Económics with the goal of understanding the económic system. I immediately felt that in order to achieve social transformation, the desk or the office was not my place. I felt I must return to the earth, discover o construct a path to a new way of living. This is how I arrived to Agroecology. I have participated in many social organizations and cooperatives in Argentina. I have worked in many agroecological and orgánic farms in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica. At the moment I am travelling since Argentina with all the motivation to give the best of me to other projects.

    Hello, you can call me Cheech, or Chicho. I quit university and left Canada to explore the world and get to know something other than the (first world) and its privelages, in pursuit of a more meaningful path (i was a business student) to learn how i can truly help others during this short existence. And how we can truly live in harmony with nature. (Update) It has been close to three years now that i have been travelling in South America (2 years and 8 months), in all of that time mostly dedicated to helping rural families and communities with self-sufficiency and off-grid Permaculture in the countryside or the mountain. I have quite a lot of experience in construction, and have led and am able to lead construcion projects on my own, leading and instructing other workers or volunteers. Skilled in practicaly all forms of Carpentry and Natural Construction. As well have led and given various Permaculture workshops for communities i have helped. I am quite athletic, these days focusing on mountain climbing and long distance hiking & running, so i like to work HARD!!
    I am also a very conscientious person that is very compassionate and considerate of others. At the same time i am extremely easy going and can laugh at anything. I have several years experience in construction, working in all aspects of residential and commercial building construction in Canada with my main focus being in Carpentry.
    I am excited and eager to share my experience and skills and to learn and grow new ones as well! I am particularly interested to work in ecological construction, sustainable community projects, permaculture and organic farming.
    I am a very flexible person with a lot of patience having volunteered and lived with many neurotic , "interesting" people in many parts. So i am very good at adapting to situations and the needs of others, and believe that everyone has something to teach me and can be a hero too. Using workaway in uruguay completely changed my outlook on travelling, i think it is absolutely the best way to travel, to get to know the people and culture more intimately, to live with each other, learn and grow together and evolve the human consciousness one interaction at a time.

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    Travail associatif

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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Entretien général
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider dans une ferme
    Accueil / tourisme
    Projets artistiques

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    Adobe construction
    Residential wood-frame Construction & Renovation
    Organic farming
    Plant based -Cooking & Nutrition
    Fitness & Calisthenics training
    Long-distance hiking & mountain climbing
    Medicinal Plants
    Food Forest
    Vegan/Vegetarian Cuisine

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      Yes, im the vegan one...