Majbrit & Michael

Origine: Thaïlande & Danemark

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    01.10.2020 - 17.12.2020

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    Hello All Workaway Hosts in Iceland
    We are a Danish couple looking for new experiences in the beautiful landscape of Iceland.

    Majbrit: I'm 24 years old and love to backpack around the world. I've been solo travelling around most of Europe and Asia for 1 year in 2017/2018. Now i'm studying 'International Social Work' in Copenhagen. Because of COVID-19 i'm taking a break from my studies until next year.
    If you are interested in knowing more about my travels and earlier references from hosts you are welcome to check out my Couchsurfing Profile:

    Michael: I am 27 years old and have traveled a fair bit in Scandinavia and have been to the Faeroe Islands and Iceland once. I am used to travelling by car, but about a year ago, I decided to try hiking, which I enjoy very much, and I am planning on increasing the duration of my hikes in the near future. I am a medical doctor trained in Aarhus, Denmark, and I prefer spending my spare time using my body - either training or being in nature.

    We met each other in Greenland where we both have been working and living since February 2020.
    The 30th September we board the plane to Iceland where we rent a car and drive around until 2nd November.
    After the road trip, we want to experience something new, and we are therefore looking for some gardening or other tasks at a farm.

    We hope you can help us to fulfilled our dream of doing workaway at a farm in the beautiful landscape of Iceland.


    Majbrit & Michael

  • Compétences et connaissances que nous aimerions partager ou apprendre

    Ça nous intéresse :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction

    Nous avons des connaissances :  

    Aider dans une ferme
    S’occuper des animaux
    Travail associatif

    Nous pouvons apprendre aux autres:  

    Pratique des langues
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    Teaching/Charity Working:
    Through Workaway i've been volunteering at Mountain Villages School in Nepal too teach the local kids english. Afterwards i volunteeret as a Bartender for 1 month in Laos. I've been travelling solo for 1 one year and are therefore use to be very independent.

    Animal care/Farmstay:
    I've been raised up at a big farm area and have therefore a lot of knowledge with horses, cows, sheeps and dogs. I been milking cows with machines before and horseride until i was 10 years old (i can still remember most of it). My grandfather had a dog that we had through my hole childhood, so i really love dogs and other animals. We also had a wood stove which means I been making a lot of pshycial work in the farm area ive raised up in.

    Charity Work:
    For two years, I have worked in a non-profit organisation providing assistance for socially vulnerable citizens in their contact with the healthcare system.
    Three times I have participated in a summer camp for children and adolescents with asthma, allergies and eczema. My role was to keep an eye on the participants, plan and prepare activites and assist in the education of the participant on their conditions and how to handle these.

    Language practice/Teaching:
    I am sufficiently proficient in the English language to teach beginners, and I am fluent in Danish.
    I have taught swimming for several years to people of all ages and have had a short period of teaching at a Danish school.
    Being a medical doctor, I also have knowledge of biology and medicine, and among my medical interests are internal medicine, infectious diseases and emergency medicine.

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    Danish: Courant
    Anglais: Courant

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    25 & 28

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