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    Kumusta! I’m Aldrich, 33, from the Philippines.

    About myself: Born in Manila, spent my teenager years in Orange County, California and went to a liberal arts university in the Midwest. Upon graduating, I moved back to the Philippines where I started and managed social enterprises in tourism and hospitality. My company there led multi-day island camping expeditions by boat where I was frequently a tour guide. Our main attraction was our very own remote beach campsite that I developed from ground up (see with the help of many Workawayers. Our project worked with indigenous families to provide employment, cultural preservation and a safety net. Prior to that, I had set up and operated several backpacker hostels with special 'community vibe' in Manila city and was always around international guests from all walks of life. I also learned the rigors of team work as a co-founder of a ride-sharing tech startup whose chief goal was to promote the 'sharing economy' and inclusive urban mobility. Shortly before this pandemic, in late 2019, I opened a small 'flexitarian' cafe out of a desire to live more consciously but knowing very little about food myself.

    Unfortunately, all of the above were put on hold by what's going on (and possibly for good), leading me to come to the U.S. in December of 2020. But as I see it, this is a chance for me to take a break from that busy life and to reexamine, reflect, reenergize... in short, to live more fully!

    My plan now is to travel the western part of the USA between September and December 2021, ideally spending a week or two in each state, getting involved in a variety of projects in different communities, learn new skill sets, immerse in different ways of living, find inspiration in meeting people and tap into the expertise of hosts like you!

    Some more things about myself:

    Since coming back to California, I’ve been volunteering regularly at the Orange Home Grown Education Farm ( and had also spent a couple of months working at Whole Foods Market for the experience. There I worked in the dairy department (often alone) and got to learn about the retail side of my favorite food products: like kombucha, probiotics, eggs, dairy and their vegan substitutes. I was the guy working solo in the frigid chiller for 8 hours, meticulously stacking those pesky yogurt cups and refilling eggs. To me it was a 'cool' experience. I handle fast-paced or laid-back environments just fine, enjoy working independently as well as with a team, working with my hands, being on my feet and tackling new challenges.

    I have always loved gardening, camping and generally being outside in temperate climates. Some of my newer interests are trying out new plant-based recipes, food fermentation, worm composting, blogging and reading non-fiction. I love animals of all kinds (with a few exceptions) and had childhood dreams of raising chickens, tending sheep and handling the dirty work involved in their care. I would call myself a freedom-loving, 'practicing libertarian' and subscribe to a philosophy of radical tolerance and humility, of live and let live.

    Skills-wise, I admit to feeling limited. While not skilled, I am fairly comfortable with carpentry tasks, owning all kinds of power tools myself and having directed many construction projects in the past from septic tanks to beach huts. I can paint walls, cut wood and drill into masonry, though I would prefer to be gaining more specialty skills and working with others for the purpose of this Workaway trip. I am starting out basic online graphic design lessons and will be traveling with an iPad, Apple Pencil and a laptop. I've just upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and have done some simple video editing in the past. I can drive manual and have 5 years of experience riding semi-automatic motorcycles. I am quite happy to stay busy and work longer than the 5 hours required in exchange for some valuable learning and happy company. I'm very much a curious amateur in the kitchen, though!

    I've also been a Workaway host myself for many years and have learned a great deal about team work, adapting to different working styles and personalities, and how to coexist with volunteers from different cultures, religion and worldview. I'm all about diversity and adaptability.

    I'm eager to work and get my hands dirty. I'll be traveling minimally in a basic Prius camper and can live in any kind of abode with a mosquito net or a fan of some sort. If it matters, I'm vaccinated, use mostly natural toiletries, a lightweight social drinker, and don't do drugs or smoke.

    Some work references:

    A Lonely Planet feature of my travel company (2016-2020):

    My short-lived restaurant (2019-2020):

    Ride-sharing startup (2012-2013):

    Backpacker hostel I managed sometime ago (2009-2016):

    Couchsurfing profile:

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    Aider dans une ferme
    Travail associatif
    S’occuper des animaux

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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Entretien général
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    - Help in the garden
    - Amateur video editing
    - Blogging
    - Painting
    - Plant-based cooking
    - Tour guiding
    - Building (woodwork)

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    I would love to learn Spanish!

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