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    I love teaching people. I've worked as a tennis coach for 4 years teaching both adults and children. I love the feeling you get when a tennis player understands something you teach and improves their game. It is very satisfying. I love to play tennis. It's a sport that requires deep, intense concentration. You need to learn how to let go and let your body subconsciously do the work.

    Currently, I'm doing a TEFL certification in Manuel Antonio as it is my dream to teach English to students across the world. I'm teaching online at the moment.

    I love to meet new people from all walks of life. I've travelled around Hungary, Eastern Europe meeting some fascinating people. I love learning about food, culture and differences.

    I've hiked around the Scottish highlands on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. I've waded through rivers, climbed mountains and skied in France. I'm adventurous and love a new challenge.

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    I volunteered in an English immersion programme in Rural Hungary, where I helped students practice writing and speaking skills. I learnt so much about Hungary and developed some strong relationships.

    I have worked in a cafe for 4 months. I made coffees, smoothies, toasties, wraps and hot filled rolls. I helped teach new staff how to use the coffee machine and work the till.

    Tennis coaching requires adaptability. 'Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong.' I've managed these situations with patience and open mind-ness.

    I am a young adult who wants to experience the world, and everything it has to offer.

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    I learnt French school as I loved the sound of this beautiful language. I am learning Spanish. I am taking online lessons and every second day I call a friend living in San Jose and we speak for hours in Spanish and English.

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    I play music. I play the descant, treble and bass recorder. I have played in the National Youth UK Recorder Orchestra. I also play the trumpet and I have been part of wind bands.

    Playing music really helps me de-stress when things get tough.

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