Angelia & Ashley

Origine: États-Unis

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    Compte joint

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    Allemagne, Australie, Belize, Brésil, Cambodge, Espagne, Fidji, France, Grèce, Indonésie, Italie, Nicaragua, Norvège, Nouvelle-Zélande, Pérou, Saint-Barthélemy, Suède, Thaïlande, Vietnam, Îles Salomon

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    01.01.2019 - 01.02.2020

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    Good Workawayer

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    About Angelia,
    I am a farmer with an old soul, I love to spend time in my garden, and greenhouse, where I grow medical herbs, and vegetables, but also where I find peace of mind. Meditation and yoga have become an important part of my daily routine in life, which intern helps me continue to better myself and grow so that I can in return help others. I have a passion for nature and love to hike, and explore new areas. In my down time I enjoy independent research of medical herbs, and a self taught herbalist. I have a heart for all creatures, and sentient beings, and pursue a vegan lifestyle. I LOVE to cook! One of my favorite things to do, is cook for others. Music is also a part of my life, as I have been singing since I was young, what joy to make music and harmony with others.
    Experiences and Skills
    I have a strong back ground of gardening and farming, and love to to share knowledge, and learn from others. Horticulture Emphasis; Cultivation, Organic Greenhouse management, Cloning/Propagation, Germination, Thinning, Harvesting, Pest/Fungi/Mold Analyst, Fertilizers/Sprays, Soil Construction, PH monitoring, Composting, Irrigation,Self Counseling sustaining farms and yards, and Field work. Professional Landscaping Certification, Educated in Watershed Protection including Knowledge on varieties of Plants, Trees, Training in rainscaping, pest maintenance, Organic treatments, and edibles, wild life safety firewire landscape., Professional trained Child care provider, experience and proficiency in assimilating into a new family culture. Coming up with innovative ideas, and concepts that keep children alert and learning while having fun and enjoying games. Professionally trained Conflict/Issue Resolution, I remain Positive, loving and compassionate during challenging issues, while being Mindful of each individual child’s needs.
    Professional trained pet care provider for in home pets of families, also experienced in farm animal care.
    9 years Licensed Cosmetologist, developing Excellent communication skills and family oriented, while keeping proper Time Management. ( yes, I love giving hair cuts for my host families)
    I believe there is an importance to immersing yourself into other cultures, to learn from each other, and be able to see such similarities in all of us. My partner and I will be traveling together, which makes for a exciting, productive and adventurous team.
    About Ash,
    I am an artist/filmmaker with a lot of different skill sets. I have experience in most every artistic medium, including photography and film. I also love to design and build things. I'm very handy and know how to use just about any and every kind of tool you put in front of me, whether it be a power or hand tool. Building anything with my two hands gives me great joy and satisfaction. I also have experience in some metal work (mig welding and stick welding). Overall, I think the best skill I have is problem solving. When it comes to figuring out a problem, how something can work or be the most efficient it can be, I excel at helping come up with a solution and carry it out. I love the outdoors. Hiking, soccer, cooking (I love to cook! and share vegan dishes with people!), kayaking, biking, reading, climbing, swimming, meditating, and snowboarding are some activities I enjoy most. I love spending time with my friends and family and being in nature. I have been vegan for about two years now and find it very rewarding in all aspects of myself. Animals are near and dear to my heart. I love getting to know animals and their individual personalities, and often bond with them faster than humans. :) I enjoy working with kids and have 4 years of daycare experience, as well as being an aunt. I find the honesty and imagination of children refreshing. I am an avid reader and love to learn new things. I believe knowledge is power and one of the most important things in this life is having an open mind. Meeting new people and traveling to new places is how I hope to continue to broaden the horizons of my mind and continue on a path toward enlightenment. I hope to not only inspire others, but to humbly learn from them, in any and every way possible.
    What we have experiences in:
    Organic Gardening/Farm work
    Construction (mostly traditional, but we are wanting to learn more about self-sustainable methods such as earthship building, cob, name it, we want to learn!)
    Animal Care
    Child Care
    Metal Work
    We are ALWAYS willing to learn new trades! The more knowledge we can gain, the better! We are very enthusiastic about learning! :D Traveling and working with you would not only develop stronger characteristics, but would also great opportunity to meet amazing new friends.

  • Type d'aide

    Baby-sitting / garde d’enfant
    Entretien / Bricolage
    Cuisine / courses
    Aide à la ferme
    Aide à la maison
    Aide avec les animaux
    Travail associatif
    Aide avec les langues
    Projet artistique

  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    Organic Gardening
    Metal work
    Farm work
    Animal Care
    Child Care
    Barbering/ Cosmetology

  • Langues parlées

    English, some German, some Spanish

  • Âge

    31 & 33

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  • Autre chose...

    We are always willing to learn more trades, and develop new skills. We have a love for people, animals, and nature. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel, meet new friends and experience adventure.

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Making friends with the wild Waipio Valley horses
Happy Hair cuts all around!
Pineapple and Sherman, two sweet angels we had the privilege to foster.
Mustard Green Abundance!
Ash painting a few signs for an Eco Lodge in Cat Ba Vietnam
Hand Harvesting Tea season on the Island of Hawai'i is something magical
Hiking to Green Sands Beach in Hawaii, Where the sand is green from the Olivine Crystals that form on Volcanic rock. Beauty that left me breathless.
Dog boarding in Hawaii. This sweet gentle soul Izzy, was a joy to care for.
An adorable little chunk, we named 'Pineapple' while having the incredible opportunity to foster care her and her brother.
Angelia volunteering to help Implement a free food forrest for the community in Austin, TX.
Enjoying all opportunities to care for and nanny children. Adults can learn so much from children.