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  • Information de voyage

    Actuellement, je suis

    à la maison

    Les activités qui m'intéressent :

    Yoga practice (asanas, meditation, breathing)
    Art projects
    Yoga projects
    Eco projects
    Animal care
    Language practice
    Nature exploring
    Help around the house

  • Description

    It always strikes me how wonderful nature is. The ecosystem is very clever. It knows exactly what to do to keep it healthy and “organized” in a certain way. And that is one thing that motivates me a lot. Just by observing you can learn, sometimes even more than from a book.
    And when you are confused and you don’t know what to do at certain periods of time — the best solution for me is to speak to nature, to merge with it, become one; in other words: to go back to your inner self. A forest, a mountain or a lake, there are plenty of choices, even a tree. Each can help you in the same way. And personally, I feel the happiness it brings in the end. Because my thoughts, my ambitions and my character calm down and it clears my mind, it opens my heart and shows me the way.
    What brings me happiness after is the ability to share my experience, or knowledge with those around me. I like to see how the energy of people changes once they feel the power of nature and the power each of them have inside. The synergy is always beautiful to observe both from the inside and outside. So, that’s my motivation and my happiness:)

  • Centres d’intérêt

    Voile / bateau
    Sports d'aventure
    Sports nautiques
    Sports d’hiver
    Yoga / bien-être
    Activités en plein air
    Dev. durable
    Animaux de compagnie
    Art et design

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  • Compétences et connaissances que j'aimerais partager ou apprendre

    Ça m'intéresse :  

    Travail associatif
    Projets artistiques
    S’occuper des animaux
    Aider dans une ferme
    Accueil / tourisme
    Entretien général

    J'ai des connaissances :  

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Aider à la maison

    Je peux apprendre aux autres :  

    Pratique des langues
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    My biggest skill is adaptability. Bearing this in mind, I can be of help in many different areas. So, if you show me the process of some job that needs to be done, I am pretty sure I will be able to follow.

    Quite recently, I’ve started my journey to hatha yoga. It very quickly entered my daily life as I try to follow the Yamas and the Niyamas (ethical rules, basically). So I have experience in practicing asanas, breathing techniques, shatkarmas and meditation. I also sometimes help others to know themselves from this perspective. I like sharing the knowledge I have and also gain experience through practicing together in groups with other people.

    I have a Bachelor in English-Ukrainian translation, so I really admire to work as interpreter and translator.
    Moreover, I’ve been teaching English to adults for more than 4 years now, so I am quite experienced in that and can help you improve this language :)

    Also, one of the important parts of my life occupies art. I like to use my creative side to make any task more enjoyable and inspiring. I am good at drawing, painting, designing, photoshooting and photoediting, and simply creative thinking. I like to participate in creative workshops, meet artistic people, and be a part of art projects.

    Other experience and skills that I have are:
    - Digital literacy
    - communication
    - writing
    - problem solving skills
    - Empathy
    - active listening
    - teamwork

    By the way, I am currently doing my ESC (European solidarity corps) volunteering in Turin and I am improving my life skills incredibly. Volunteering became my objective and philosophy.

  • Langues

    Langues parlées
    Anglais: Courant
    Russe: Courant
    Ukrainian: Courant
    Allemand: Débutant
    Italien: Débutant

    Plus de détails sur les langues qui m'intéressent
    I’ve been teaching English since 18, and I have a Bachelor degree in Linguistics snd Translation. I would also like to learn Italian, French and German.

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  • Autres infos...

    I like to spend time listening to other people, ask them questions, and analyze their perception of this world. I am into psychology and a bit of philosophy.

    Also, as I previously stated, I enjoy spending time in nature, which includes going mountain hiking/climbing, picnicking, and doing breathing exercises or asanas (or both!) Swimming is something I like doing a lot as well. I enjoy being near the ocean or the sea, although I am occasionally afraid of deep water

    I love animals. If you ever meet me and see me near the cat, dog, goat, sheep, cow, or any other animal, you will see the spark in my eyes immediately! I think they are all very smart creatures and I like to communicate with them.

    I think I am also a good storyteller. My friends tell me that I can narrate the most boring and insignificant events in such a way that they might be turned into a novel. And when I was little I used to invent a lot of serious stories actually :D

    I'm now learning to play the guitar. Music brings me peace due to the special vibrations it has. I would really like to play several musical instruments.

    In conclusion, I just want to say that I am open to any opportunity to grow and it works both ways: I am there for you to share whatever I have!

  • Informations complémentaires

    • Fumeur

    • Permis de conduire

    • Allergies

    • Régime alimentaire spécial
      I am vegetarian (I also don’t eat eggs and fish)