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    My name is Agnese, and I am from Latvia.
    I studied at the Academy of Pedagogy and I am an art teacher, but I have also the qualification for the preschool that I took later. When I finished University, I didn’t want to work in a state school, so I started learning new methods (in France and in Germany) then I was looking for an alternative school in Latvia that could give me the freedom I believe in. For me, it is very important to have the freedom to be creative with the kids. I like to be with them, to follow their openness, curiosity and to respond to it in a flexible way.
    After 10 years of working with the kids, I started to feel how work is becoming routine, kind of comfortable. This is exactly what is calling me in workaway experience: I want to try out myself somewhere else, I want to step out of my comfort zone and stepping to unknown and to take new challenges.
    The first when I think about this experience, it gives me excitement. What motivates me is to experience change: in my environment, in my everyday routines that would lead to change in a higher level as well. I expect to meet people that I usually would not, to create connections that I would not have the chance. I feel that I would like to shake the way I percept the world through other people and cultures, simply to gain more colours in my life. I imagine it as an exchange – I also want to find out how I can enrich other people’s life.
    I like travelling, getting inspiration from nature. Walking in nature is healing for me.
    In the next year while travelling and volunteering, I would like to learn new things:
    - In handcrafting: I am good in general with handcrafting. It makes me happy, not only to create, but to figure out something (how to fix broken things, how to find solutions). It gives me pleasure to find out how things are build up and to be put together.
    - in movement: I have experiences in somatic movements and I am eager to learn about them more, I would be happy to be part of projects like that.
    - I feel very much a stream of creativity inside me. When I am thinking about workaway, I feel it can give me the space to discover it more: how to be more aware of my creativity, what are the channels where it could come out, and how can I share it more with others. For example, showing my works is a way of interaction for me, but I am also curious about holding workshops as an experience.
    - There was a time when I was very much in permaculture (when I had a small garden) and I would be happy to have it again part of my life. I like its philosophy.
    - I am very much into walking into nature and hiking, this is where my inspiration is coming from. I would like to try out to take groups to hike.
    - I am also open to learning about forest education, as a possible next step in my life.
    - During University, I was taking part in an art project: it was a performance group, that I really liked – interacting with people on the streets – it would be very inspiring to try out some performing art again.

    I like to ride the bike, I can play a little bit of guitar. I am OK with vegetarian / vegan food.

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    Dev. durable
    Art et design
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    Travail associatif
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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    Besides my pedagogical knowledge and skills, I love handcrafting and working with different – nature based – materials: with clay, wood or wool (knitting, crocheting). I was renovating my old apartment (I was painting the wall, doing carpentry work, restoring the window - woodwork), including restoring old furniture. When I am working, I am very much into deatils.
    I started practising urban sketching one year ago, and I am very much into exploring it, I would like more to sketch.
    I have experiences in travelling and hitchhiking (France, Germany, Romania and Italy).
    During University, I was working in a small coffee place as a waitress for one year. Besides practical knowledge (how to make coffee, cocktails or food decoration) there I learned how to talk with people at the first moment. I liked being part of the team, to experience equal relationship, supporting my colleagues in the kitchen or in other ways. What I liked the most is to create a relationship with people who were coming frequently.
    Also during University years, I was working a night shift in a hostel (receiving the guest, preparing the room and making breakfast) it was for one year.

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    Latvian (Lettish): Courant
    Russe: Courant
    Anglais: Intermédiaire
    Allemand: Débutant

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