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Volunteer at a international art research location in Germany

Country: Germany

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please read first our information on the platform. please look more often to our calendar, because there are often changes of volunteers as well. so sometime there is unexpected changes and free place.

If you have any specific skills we would love to hear from you as we plan to do some renovations. If not, we would still love to hear from you; many hands make light work :)

We are a registered non for profit association, founded in 1992. Our purpose is the establishment and running of an international production and research centre for interdisciplinary arts. We are located close to the town of Pasewalk in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Covering an area of 53,000m², with 12,000m² of interior space in historic buildings, our estate is located on the northern edge of Uckermark.

Formerly a country estate, it has been transformed into one of the largest venues in Germany for interdisciplinary arts, cultural events and performances.

The activities include:

o international cultural exchange, art production and research
o cultural work and socio-cultural youth work
o maintenance and reconstruction of buildings on the castle site

Our castle is a place where people have a free living space and are able to meet many people from different countries from all over the world. Art and youth projects take place all over the year and you are welcome to participate in the projects in your spare time.



Type of help

Cooking / shopping,
General Maintenance,
Help with Eco project,
Help in the house,
Helping with Tourists,
Art project


You are interested in construction etc.? We keep renovating and rebuilding our huge fieldstone buildings, which formerly were used as barns and stables.
We transform them into studios, ateliers and living space.
For this year we have an extra huge work. We start to modernise one of our main building.
We will have a new electrical system, heading system, roof, windows and and and…..
So for that we need extra help. Real construction skill is very welcome.

Our castle is surrounded by a spacious garden and fields with crops. The inner yard has some small ponds and many meadows for recreation. These spaces have to be maintained and partly redesigned. Ideas are always welcome. We are create a garden for fruit and vegetables. This needs help. At the moment is a lot of grass to cut and has to be colleted.

Year round we host many artists and youth groups from all over the world and the cook always needs a helping hand in the kitchen and around.
Also when there are no groups, we take it in turns to cook for everyone. This can be from 2-15 people depending on the night. You are welcome to use your creativity and introduce us to new meals. We love learning about new people and their cultures through what they cook. We often cook together as well.

Taking care of our guests:
You can help our booking staff taking care of our artists. There is work to do in the office as well as in the guest relation. Taking care of the guests also requires preparation of the rooms, and cleaning after they leave.

As well as taking it in turns to cook; we also work together to maintain a clean and tidy living area. This includes washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, and bathrooms.

Art project:
Mainly we support artwork because artist need always help.
There is sometimes the possibility to participate in a running art project. Please ask!
Be aware that it is not an automatism that Artist need help. Mainly your are here to help for the infrastructures.
In case you are artist by your self than for your own artistic interest you have to use your free time. Be aware as well, that you are not a selected artist or art project. If you expect that, than you have to apply as an artist. Workaway is not a platform to apply for your project, but we need you to help the system and to bring forward our vision of an artspace.
But of course in you free time you can do your project by your own.

IMPORTANT notices:
It takes some time to get used to everything and the processes. That’s why we feel, it makes sense to work with us if you would like to spend more than 2-3 months. We want people take responsibility and as well easing our daily duties. In a short stay it’s nearly impossible to come to that point. That’s why we like longer stay terms. And we like, that volunteer are develop them self and this needs time as well.
We would still like to hear from you if you are available for a shorter period of time. We are flexible if you are flexible.
For the colder months: As we do not have central heating, you can warm your room to the temperature you like - with an oven.

Languages spoken:
German, English

Languages spoken

German, English


Single room with wood and coal stove in the castle with community bathroom, food included. Only on some exceptions days we are totally full and that mean,we have to move a bit.

What else ...

driver's license is helpful.
clothes for outdoor work and workshop can make things more easy. good shoes for work is more then helpful. a torch for dark nights as well.
look for an travel insurance. they are cheap and make life easy.

We like to provide you with some more information about our Association. This is an art production place that is quite busy during the summer months. Mainly dancers, choreographers, actors, visual artists or groups of such branches come here to rehearse outside a big city, in order to have the freedom and peace to do so at any time of day and night.

So we have to organize the whole work around art productions and to take care about them. In summer there is as well a lot of gardening work and we try to work on development of the infrastructure of our place. During winter months, it is much more quiet here. That means at this time of the year we try to get things done that had to be put off during summer. This involves work such as maintenance of the buildings, renovating, cleaning and cooking together.
We take it in turns and cook together when there is no chef here- he only comes here when we have bigger groups to host. At this time there is more work in the kitchen and bathroom.
The people who work here permanently or semi-permanently also live here. It is similar to living in a shared flat. We have our own rooms but share bathroom and kitchen facilities as well as the community room (TV). This can be between 6 to 15 people.
Please let us know if you have driving license. It is not necessary, but it helps.

Some more information

Internet access
Limited internet access
We have pets
We are smokers

Volunteering hours expected

5 days a week, 5 hours



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