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Whether you are interested in cultural exchange and learning, need help within a family environment, a specific project, or another pair of hands on an ongoing basis, if you have extra space and are interested in meeting new people from all over the world  then why not  invite people to come and help via Workaway?

Volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and bring with them a variety of abilities and skills. Typical exchanges might involve helping with an eco-building project, language learning and practice, child-minding, helping in the garden, helping with animals, web design and promotion, the list is endless.

Workawayers typically are interested in cultural exchange and learning and will help out for a few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation, with visits lasting anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Travel cheaply and stay for free, whilst making a difference to the communities you visit. Put your existing skills to good use, or try something new you‘d never normally get to do and pick up new skills along the way.

There is an ever growing list of 1000s of active hosts in over 155 countries offering all kinds of places to stay.

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Photo Contest Winners

On my bike
Uploaded by Joanna
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Uploaded by Andreas
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Freedom! Three little girls at school in Africa
Uploaded by Veronica
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counting stars
Uploaded by Aleksandra
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Greenlandic Horse Transport
Uploaded by Saul
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The Li river at sunset
Uploaded by Chris
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Taking a Short Break from Volunteer Work to Give DeeDee a Bath!
Uploaded by Kayti
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Soul Sisters
Uploaded by Esmeralda Del Carmen
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The little things
Uploaded by Shelby
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Letting go
Uploaded by Gytis
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Breathing in Bagan
Uploaded by Molly
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Sunset Swims in Turkey
Uploaded by Jess
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Amazonian girl
Uploaded by Marcello
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When we share our food, we are sharing our Culture
Uploaded by Daniella
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Jumping from the rope
Uploaded by Victor
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Feeding the horses at sunrise
Uploaded by Maria
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W trekking in Torres del Paine
Uploaded by alvaro
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Two tickets please
Uploaded by Kelly
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knocking on heaven's door
Uploaded by Aleksandra
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Llama in Machu Picchu
Uploaded by Carlos
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Hanging out after my workaway shift
Uploaded by Mark
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Pon Pon
Uploaded by Stefano Giasone
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Uploaded by peter
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Nature Laughing ( Tillupo Village, Thailand)
Uploaded by özüm
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Uploaded by Alexandre
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Sunset while on tour with Huskies
Uploaded by Eduard
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Meditation in the forest of Czech Republic
Uploaded by Christiane
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Señor Cholo from Tradicion Colc
Uploaded by Marie
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Rainbow in the mountains
Uploaded by Magdalena
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Uploaded by Suria
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Traditions all the way!
Uploaded by Csilla
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Farming with Eleanor
Uploaded by Alba
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Uploaded by Emma
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Teaching to count is fine, but teaching what counts is best.
Uploaded by Monica
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curious for love
Uploaded by Adam
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A day in Chinchero
Uploaded by MANUEL LUIS
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Mayan Ruins
Uploaded by Stephen
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Midsummer day
Uploaded by Elad
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My little friend
Uploaded by Laura
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Lake side plastering
Uploaded by Rachel
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Camineta en el volcano Imbabura con los hospedadores, buena vista sobre san pablo
Uploaded by Anne-Marie
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On the Edge of the World
Uploaded by Leela
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Hugging camels in Morocco
Uploaded by Anne Rye
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Maracuya und Lisa
Uploaded by Vera
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Let's go Cycling
Uploaded by JoJo
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Floating along the Amazon
Uploaded by Alice
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Pelican Yawn))) Island Isla, Mexico
Uploaded by Irina
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Earth children
Uploaded by Quentin
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Uploaded by Laurens
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Sunset at Railay Beach
Uploaded by Tessa Luisa
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Investigating the Catch of the Day
Uploaded by Brooke
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Donkey love!
Uploaded by Milena
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Uploaded by Elena
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Fichi d'India
Uploaded by Stefano Giasone
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Happy seal
Uploaded by Clement
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Uploaded by Ahmad
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Steve and Jazz chill on the jetty he built
Uploaded by veronica
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Don Quijote the Red Howler Monkey
Uploaded by Julian
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Kids from the orphanage school I was volunteering in
Uploaded by Munise Nilay
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Apparently the giant robot that our host, Paul, had made isn't just for kids!
Uploaded by michael
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Rebecca at the boys
Uploaded by Celeste
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Morgan and Jake workawaying
Uploaded by Linsey
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Hold me darlings, I'm landing!
Uploaded by Bruno
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Uploaded by Carlos
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Painting Boats in Paradise
Uploaded by Julie
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What better to do on a day off than to explore the beautiful sand beaches of Wales, inhaling the sea breeze and renewing your energy under a warm October sun
Uploaded by Yasmine
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Uploaded by TAATA
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When belly rules the mind
Uploaded by Allen
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Aura Helping in the Garden
Uploaded by Amit
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Student thinking the answer of teachers question
Uploaded by Rasmil
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Uploaded by Mats and Karin
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Scorpion, Black Widow and Tarantula in the Jungle
Uploaded by Braydon
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Tag you're it!
Uploaded by Connie
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Friendly cows
Uploaded by Hannah
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Uploaded by Cindy
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Nico and Friend
Uploaded by Teresa
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Naturalmente libre
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