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Registering with is just 29.00 USD for an individual account and 38.00 USD for a couple account. Accounts are valid for two years enabling you to contact any of the hosts on the host list.
Payment can be made by all major credit cards or from your bank account using Paypal.
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Price: 29.00 USD for two years

What's this?

Individual accounts are for people who are travelling and volunteering individually. This means you should not apply to hosts for anyone but yourself.

There is an option to link profiles with other volunteers if you will be travelling together for just a determined period of time.

If you are a single parent who wants to travel with children (under 16) then you also may sign up for an individual account.

Price: 38.00 USD for two years

What's this?

Couples accounts are made for either friends, couples or families that always travel and apply together.

If you are planning to just travel for a certain period of time with your friend, you need to sign up as an individual and then link your profiles together so hosts know you are traveling together during that period of time.

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