Information for Workawayers

As a traveller or language learner (or in many cases both!) volunteering with a family or for a small organization is an ideal way to get to know the real side of a foreign country or to immerse yourself completely in a foreign language. You know that you will have the security of a place to stay with welcoming people.

However, remember it takes a lot of thought for someone to invite you into their home, so be prepared to volunteer and help as much as you can! It is not a hotel or a youth hostel it is an exchange- a few hours volunteering per day in exchange for food and board. Housework i.e. cooking, washing-up, etc should be shared.

The possibilities for exchanges are endless - You can use it to enable you to travel around a country for very low cost, you can use it to practice a language you have spent many years learning, but have never had the opportunity to practice with native speakers, or use it to learn new skills and meet new people!

Remember though, is not an agency. We enable you to find placements. It is up to you to write yourself a great profile, to make the contact, to introduce yourselves with an e-mail, to organize your travel arrangements, to arrange your travel visas, and to discuss directly with your host the ways in which you can volunteer and help.

Once you've signed up, as well as being able to contact hosts, you will be searchable as a volunteer by the hosts on the site. Hosts often look for volunteers with specific skills such as a certain language or practical skill. You will be able to fill in a brief profile about yourself and what you can offer.

What you can do as a member of Workaway:

  • Contact 1000s of hosts in over 135 countries.
  • Create a unique profile telling hosts all about your skills and enthusiasm for helping.
  • Upload photos in your profile showing yourself and your skills.
  • Upload your own short video to show on your profile page.
  • Join your account with a friend’s to visit hosts and apply together. Whenever wherever
  • Create your own personalized host list of all your favorite hosts.
  • Find hosts on a map in your area or the area you are planning on travelling to.
  • Use your smart phone and login to the mobile site to make changes or apply on the move.
  • Add yourself to our last minute Workawayer list so hosts can contact you for immediate volunteering opportunities.
  • Get and give feedbacks to and from hosts to build up your Workaway profile.
  • Contact other members to ask about their stay with hosts.
  • Link your travel blog to ours to share your interesting Workaway journey with our readers
  • Get to know like-minded travelers on the road with our “Meet up” function.
  • Enter our monthly photo competition and win money to extend your travels.
  • Help the Workaway Foundation Project and watch them grow (For more info see
  • Be a member of our unique travelling community and exchange amazing stories and ideas!

Frequently asked questions.


Once I am in contact with the hosts that interest me, how do I organize my stay with them?

You make contact via e-mail with the hosts that interest you. If the host has a place available then they will contact you with their telephone number or skype and address so that a placement can be mutually arranged.


How do I register with

Just fill complete the registration form with your personal details and press the send button. You will then be able to access and edit your profile and be to view the contact details of our registered hosts.


How much does it cost?

To become a member of costs 23 Euros for 2 years or 30 euros for a couple or friends travelling and volunteering together. The most common and easiest, quickest form of payment is by credit card with PAYPAL. This means that upon payment that you can directly email any of the hosts on the list.


How long am I expected to work for?

The standard Workaway volunteer rate is 5 hours per day 5 days a week in exchange for food and board. Of course, this is negotiable with your hosts upon your arrival.


Is there a minimum time that I must stay for?



What is the maximum time I can stay for?

This depends on the work that your hosts are willing to offer you and of course on your visa requirements (if applicable!)


Are there any jobs I should refuse to do?

This problem should be avoidable by speaking in advance of your exchange conditions with your host. Obviously though, be sensible, don´t attempt anything that is obviously dangerous or should really be carried out by a qualified professional.  We also strongly advise against working with pesticides should you be carrying out farm work.


Apart from the work what else is expected from me?

You are expected to share in any household tasks where you are living, and generally clear up after yourself!


Can you organise my visa for me?

Workaway can not advise or organise travel or working visas.


What is the minimum and maximum age for a workawayer?

There is no minimum or maximum age to sign up for work away. Some hosts like to receive families, some don't ! It's just a matter of contacting hosts on the list and asking!

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