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Help us in near Springfield, Missouri

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Our Farm is a 20 acre organic farm 4 miles north of Springfield, in southwest Missouri. We have a diverse operation, including pigs, chickens, turkeys, a 6,000 s.f. greenhouse, 5,000 s.f. of solar heated hoop houses, 5 acres of vegetables, a beginning orchard, forest, ponds, etc. on our 20 acres, plus 10 acres of leased land. The farm is managed organically, meaning we focus on soil health, using compost, cover crops, and manure as our primary fertility sources, and avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Our farm is located close enough to a metropolitan area that we get to host many tours a year, from beginning farmers to preschools, and education is a big part of the reason we do what we do. We believe that its important for eaters to re-connect with the source of their food, and thats what were here for. We sell our produce through our 75 member Community Supported Agriculture program, three grocery stores (Mama Jeans and Homegrown Food), an on-farm market, and the Greater Springfield farmers market. We have a large family with 8 kids, 4 of them biological and 4 of them adopted through foster care.

Community is also a big part of what we do here on the farm; at any given time we have at least 3 families living on the farm,and we hope in the long term to have at least 4 families in full-time residency. In addition to these permenant residents, we host a number of guest workers and volunteers through the season, including volunteersers from all over the world, interns and apprentices, and daily volunteers from the Springfield metro area.

We are currently working on many projects involving working along side us in the field to harvest vegetables for a 75 member CSA and several farmers markets, along with seeding, transplanting, weeding and pest control. Animal care including feeding, watering, fencing, butchering (poultry) and record keeping. Construction and tractor work to include construction of a hoop house, field renovation, cutting firewood, clearing trees, and animal housing. Marketing including our CSA (community supported agriculture) program, our on-farm produce stand and bedding plants, and several farmers markets a week. A Tiny House is currently under construction including "green" building techniques. And are always working on high tunnels, low tunnels or green houses.

Couples and families are welcome, depending on housing availability.

We take volunteers year round, and love having you stay, learn and work. We have learned so much from our volunteers, it is a delight to think back at all the wonderful people we have gotten to know through this. We can pick you up, locally at the greyhound, or we have had a few hitch hikers which we have picked up where ever they had gotten dropped off. Our longest volunteer was with us for about 5 months, and the shortest stay has been a few days, we find that 2 weeks, gives you a chance to really understand what we are doing here, but hey we are flexible, and before we farmed, loved to travel, now we love that the world comes to us through our wwoofers! We speak English. There is a cave that give tours within walking distance, a couple of lakes, we have been known to take volunteers with us and you get to experience life in the Ozarks with the Millsap's. We have 8 little girls, that can be quite the experience. We have a bike available if you want to ride around. If you need a special diet, please let us know before you come and we will try and accommodate. The # of wwoofers at a time depends of housing, but we love hosting you, and love what you bring to our family and community.

Apprenticeships or internships are also a possibility



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We have 8 kids so there is plenty of work inside as well as outside. We have laundry going all the time, meals to prepare and mess to clean on an ongoing basis. We would love someone who like to flower garden as this task gets overlooked due to more pressing things. You have a set of skills, and desires that we want to encourage and harness for the good of our farm family and you. So let us know what you want and we will see how to work you in.

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We have a number of housing situations, long-term apprentice housing is in the Stuga, a small cabin with full facilities, near the main farm house. Summer housing is in the Chateau, a two bedroom shack in the woods, with no electricity or running water; kitchen and bath facilities are rustic. Breakfast and supper are on your own, with full access to the farm house pantry, freezers, etc. Lunch is provided at the farm house, eating with our farm community. On occasion wwooffers have stayed with us in the house, in hammock in the woods, in a tent or even in a travel trailer.


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veggies early march
veggies early march
The Stuga, intern, wwoofer, or workaway housing.
The Stuga, intern, wwoofer, or workaway housing.
Ian and Erica, wwoofers, digging a big hole.
Ian and Erica, wwoofers, digging a big hole.
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