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Come and volunteer as a shepherd in the Austrian alps !!

Pays: Autriche

Évaluation d'hôte Workaway
Activité récente


Hans is nomadic shepherd in Austria since 35 years, singer and songwriter, living in opposition to the socalled normality
Mingo works and lives with Hans since 2009, most of the time there is some helpers joining the life and work as a little group, that lives from the flock of about thousand sheep and shares good and bad days
hans likes very much to share songs and music


Type d'aide

Cuisine / courses,
Aide à la maison,
Aide avec les animaux,


In june, july, august: daily carrying of salt for the sheep and food for us and fence and tent from one mountain to the next
From september to june we need also to drive our van and trailer every day, load sheep that got lambs, set and take down fences and load them on the trailer, drive the lambs after the ewes...

Langues parlées

yiddish, francais, english, deutsch, globish


summer: tent and mountain hut autumn and spring: caravan and van winter: big trailer with wood-fired stove


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