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Volunteer in Luz Del Mundo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Pays: Bolivie

Évaluation d'hôte Workaway
Activité récente


Home/child minding centre in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Local children attend and are offered English classes as well as other extra curricular activities such as theatre, music and cultural studies. There is no cultural centre in Santa Cruz and the aim of these classes is to provide the children with a rich knowledge of their culture and enable them to demonstrate what they learn to others through performance.


Type d'aide

Baby-sitting / garde d’enfant,
Entretien / Bricolage,
Travail associatif,
Aide avec les langues,


The Centre is open 4 days per week, for 4 hours in the morning only (the children go to school around mid-day). As a volunteer expect to play with the kids, teach English, Computers, help the children with their homework, help in running the centre, etc. Activities initiated by the volunteers are very welcome.

It’s not essential that volunteers are qualified teachers, we would prefer native English speakers for teaching English, however a high level of English as a second language would be OK. The level of the kids is very basic and one of the most important things that they learn is pronunciation since in many cases these classes are the only chance they get at hearing English when they don’t have television or stereos in their homes.

Volunteers should be aware that while working with us they may be the only foreign volunteer on-site. Volunteers need to be independent and capable of organising their own work, unsupervised.

Langues parlées

Spanish, English


Volunteers must organise and pay for their own accommodation.

Nombre d'heures d'aide bénévole attendues

The Centre is open 4 days per week, for 4 hours in the morning only.


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