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Ecological project needs helpers in Asturias, Spain

Country: Spain


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At Fontebona we try to live as natural and self-sustaining as possible. We are starting up a small ecological project, farm and retreat centre for nature lovers near Infiesto (Asturias), Spain. Fontebona is a beautiful place with a magnificent mixture of forest, bush and grassland situated in the green Asturian mountains. It's just that our mini natural paradise still needs quite some fine-tuning. That's where you come in.

Who are we looking for?

The helpers (max. 2) we are looking for should be, like us, motivated to dare to pioneer and be prepared to live according to a low standard of living. We are looking for helpers that respect our way of life, have a great love for nature, are not afraid in the dark nor afraid of some dirt, and enjoy working outside in all weathers. Have you been a scout? That must mean you will find Fontebona wonderful. Keep in mind that we work hard and that we expect that from you as well (30 hours a week).

In concrete we are looking for people with working experience in forestry or horticulture, that run their own home. Also (technical) odd-job (wo)man are very welcome. Can you combine that with a positive, creative and pro-active attitude? Then you're more than welcome!

How long?

We understand perfectly well that you want to travel, but you will only feel at home if you really want to stay at Fontebona. That's why we ask you to commit yourself for at least a month to our project. This gives us time to invest in you, so you don't only learn where to find the biscuit tin, but we can also show you the ropes so you can work solo.

In other words, we are very pleased to invest time and effort in you, but we ask this same attitude from you. In return? In return we love to share our knowledge and experiences, if needed with a beer or a (home made) cider next to a camp fire. We know a lot about living a live as self-sustaining as possible, but we can also brush up your knowledge about art, mushrooms, philosophy or the pruning of your sweet chestnut tree. Or about whatever that makes you tick. We like to go on an excursion with you, if time allows that and you like our company.

What's to be done?

In the coming season we hope to realise the next projects: a chicken run, roof covering, sturdy outdoor equipment for children (and adults), sanitary work. We will also ask you to take over some of the routine jobs, like removing bracken and gorse, watering and weeding the vegetable garden, taking care of the donkeys and their crap, lugging wood, cooking (if you know how to work with our seasonal supply of food). Sometimes you can help us make our homemade products like jam, chutney, gherkins, sauerkraut or cider.

What are you getting into?

Though Infiesto with all basic facilities is only 4 or 5 beautiful hiking kilometers away, a stay at Fontebona is quite isolated. There are no next-door neighbours. At Fontebona it's usually only us and our very modest livestock (1 dog, 1 cat, 2 donkeys, 2 sheep). You have much more chance of meeting yourself than someone else.

We sleep in an old German wagon. For you we have an unheated sleeping place (hot water bottles and 1 warming cat available) in our old camper van. We have only very limited internet at your disposal. Checking your e-mail is usually no problem, but for other purposes we ask you to go to Infiesto where the Telecentro has free broadband internet for you. We have very limited solar power, so you cannot automatically recharge your equipment. We ask you to bring your own workclothes and rainwear. For language lessons we advise you to rather invest in a recognised language institute. The good news is that we have warm water in the panoramic shower.

Who we are?

We are Thomas and Astrid. A Dutch (no, that's not German, look it up) couple in their forties that settled for this independent lifestyle a few years ago. We enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from them in a companiable atmosphere, in which team effort plays a big role. We do not smoke, do like a beer, wine or cider, but don't do other drugs.

To conclude

Not scared off by our wish list? Please tell us in your e-mail why you want to come to Fontebona, which specific skills you have that could help us out, and in which month you are available.


Asturias, Spain

Type of help.

Language practise,
Helping with Tourists,
Animal care,
Help in the house,
Help with Eco project,
General Maintenance,
Cooking / shopping,


NB! The 1st compilation photo shows the land as it is NOW. The 2nd compilation photo shows the land as it is GOING TO BE (and in some aspects already is).

Languages spoken

dutch, english, spanish, german, french


For you we have a sleeping place in our little camper van.

What else ...

We usually do not mind if you bring your dog.

Town (Infiesto) is 4 km away. We're in the mountains, but not too high (250m). The National Park Picos de Europa is about 20 km's away. Beach is half an hour drive, and also to be reached by train or bus. The bigger cities (Oviedo, Gijón) are about 45 car/bus/train minutes away.



An impression of our place

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Astrid and Thomas. Our dog Sita in the foreground and our donkeys in the background.
Astrid and Thomas. Our dog Sita in the foreground and our donkeys in the background.
The central service area
The central service area
Resting in a hammock
Resting in a hammock
Lola and Añes
Lola and Añes
Sweet chestnuts on one of our camp fires
Sweet chestnuts on one of our camp fires
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