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    En los países en vías de desarrollo (donde la mayoría de los anfitriones que están involucrados trabajan en obras de caridad, programas de desarrollo, educación entre otros), Workaway permite que algunos de nuestros anfitriones bajo este perfil, pidan a los voluntarios una pequeña donación para ayudar a la familia con las que se quedarán, a menudo menos de 5 dólares por día. Workaway permite el cargo solo cuando la donación está dirigida directamente a la familia o programas de caridad y es sólo para cubrir el costo de la estancia los voluntarios. (Todo anfitriones que haya declarado algún cargo estará claramente marcado en su listado).
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    5 dollars per day
  • Descripción


    An orphanage with ten children. Far away from urban areas where the infrastructure have never been. Education seems almost impossible in those areas. We tried our best to mover around those place,choose children and bring them down to capital city Kathmandu. We admitted them to an English medium Boarding school,fulfilled all their basic needs from food to clothes, books to knowledge but are working hard sloe in this project without any help of foreign doners or governmental aids.
    We uplift our self from this commercial and selfish world to prove that there are still some humans who really want to do something to the same world in which everyone is equal and special.. If opportunity is given each and every one of us can be a great ones. So in our project we provide children practical education,family environment,balance diet. We prepare them from this younger age to make them fit to walk in this world morally,physically and socially.
    so it's your choice to feel difference, to make something different.. stand above....rather asking what you will get ask what you gave to the world..come with us and experience something new,some thing special and unique..let put our hand to change the world. your small contribution will be a brighter life for them.

  • Tipo de ayuda.

    Tipo de ayuda.

    Niñera / cuidado de niños
    Cocinar / compras
    Mantenimiento Bricolage
    Ayuda en una granja
    Ayuda con un proyecto ecologico
    Ayuda en casa
    Ayuda con animales
    Ayuda de caridad
    Ayuda con idiomas
    Projecto artístico

  • Ayuda


    we don't have any hard and tough rules. You can help children with their home work,culture and tradition exchange. You teach them new things any thing from which children can increase their creativity. You can go to the school where our children go and see the educating system in Nepal,teach the student in which subject you are interested, don't worry about this stuff cause there will be Nepali teacher to help you you out. Go outing with children to city,cinema,fun parks,etc to make them happy and see their smiley face believe me it is so much valuable thing in this world. I think it feel much more great when you make someone happy.

  • Idiomas hablados

    Idiomas hablados

    English , Hindi, Nepali

  • Alojamiento


    We provide accommodation for volunteer as available like Two bed room in one room , common bed room if more than 3 volunteers are present in same time. We provide Nepali food two times as a lunch and dinner and also some breakfast , tea etc.

  • Algo más...

    Algo más...

    Our usual working hour is morning from 6.30 to 10.30 and 11 am to 5 Pm . In these working hour we can participate managing our time for 2 or 3 hours / day.


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